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The kind of friends they are

Aries: They make good friends, durable and loyal, even if they get upset or get angry easily.

Taurus: Sometimes a bit too individualistic, but still there if you need them.

Gemini: Cool, friendly, funny, engaging, but not always present for serious things.

Cancer: Soft, nice, but with a tendency to be overbooked, even for you.

Leo: The perfect mate to party until the end of the night, a little less to help you put away after.

Virgo: If you respect them, they will be the best friend in the world, otherwise they can be infernal.

Libra: Often very busy, sometimes for unnecessary things, but once with you they stay with you.

Scorpio: fabulous friends who always pay attention to you. They can also be your best enemies.

Sagittarius: Someone always happy and positive, a little immature, they will make you laugh or make you crazy.

Capricorn: The quiet buddies, who get fucked a bit but not too much, just what it takes to be cool.

Aquarius: They make great friends but their sharp opinions can sometimes cause tension.

Pisces: The kind to repair your computer if it caught a virus, always there to give you a hand.


He just knew Choi Ae Ra wasn’t ready to take their relationship to the next level (Aka sex) and was only being so forward to make sure she is out of the friend zone for good. Go Gong Man was able to read that and reassure her that he sees her as a woman and doesn’t need her to prove anything. Damn. I am shook. I am alive.


SLBP x Harry Potter AU

Ahh finally finished all the 12 lords tonight and I’m tired now _(:3 」∠)_ ah maybe you’ll ask me why I put Masamune in Syltherin house, well according to some history I’ve read he’s known as young and (kinda)ambitious person while Syltherins’ are ‘cunning’; 'ambitious’; and 'determinded’ ( *´︶`*) but I feel bad for separating Kojuro from Masamune since Kojuro is Masamune’s most loyal retrainer hehe~ (´^∀^`) anyway if you have a thought or critics on these fanarts, feel free to comment here, I’d like tou hear yours~ What about the MC herself? I suppose she’ll be in Griffyndor house because she’s very brave enough to replace her little brother’s position to be poison tester~

Experiment Time

Okay, after seeing all these posts on @criminal-minds-fanfiction ‘s blog about NSFW fanfiction/smut, I’m curious now.  Reblog this post with the age you started reading smut and/or the age you started writing it.  This is an interesting topic and I’d like to see the results of this experiment.

It’s science okay?

Something fans need to get through their heads.

Just because you don’t find something cool anymore, doesn’t mean other people can’t enjoy it.
The idea that if something isn’t ‘popular’ it shouldn’t be used/done has always been nonsense. So what if your friend is still playing Pokemon X and Y when Ultra Sun and Moon is coming out?

Besides!! Mark!! is!! all!! about!! playing!! indie!! games!! Do you know how they become popular??? A LOT of people play them, and some people watch slightly famous people play them!! They’re not guaranteed to sell millions of copies, because they’re not being highly advertised on T.V. or typically even sold at regular stores!!

Remember that Tyler is a fucking human being and allowed to enjoy whatever the fuck he wants.

Is it hurting you? Has he done something to upset you? No? Then shut the hell up.

If he’s not hurting himself or others, then why does it matter what he’s doing? He tried sharing something he found exciting with his fans, only for them to show a truly ugly side of the fandom. I’m sure most of them aren’t on tumblr, but I had to put my two cents in.