11x17 prints!

KERA magazine feat. Yuri Plisetsky

Will be selling this as an 11x17″ print at BishounenCon! Come visit! <3


I know I’m super late, but here’s my contribution for #pokemon20!! Pokemon has been there for me my entire life, and gen 1 especially has a really special place in my heart, so I wanted to do something special for it!

It’s a 11x17″ print, and will be available in 3 palette for otakuthon and san francisco comic con; and then hopefully online! I worked on this for 71 hours in 14 days, I’m so glad it’s done you don’t understand.

Okay so I finished this a bit late. It’s an 11x17 print I did for selling at Anime North this year… even though Dragon Age stuff is not exactly anime. :P I’m heading over to my table(friend’s table) hopefully soon. I should be there all weekend.

***I am NOT in Artist’s Alley. I sell my prints along with my friend’s stuff(wigs, shotglasses and other neat stuff) in the vendor area! The store is called “Cactus Mafia”.***

Also, the reason behind the key and ribbon is pretty much every playthrough I’ve done ever on DA2… I am always romancing both Fenris and Anders… but can’t help staying with Anders in the end.  :P It’s hard to see because it’s small, but the key is Hawke’s housekey. It has his Family crest on it.


Adventures in deck photography and paper stocks. Top is on a cotton finish, middle is on a holographic stock (so the effect moves and shifts), and the bottom is on a linen-type paper.

Like I said before the print quality is absolutely stunning and as someone who utilizes either 1 or 10 million colors, both results look great.

Each print is 11x17 and can be purchased for $20 (plus S&H). If interested or if you have any questions, please shoot me a message.