anonymous asked:

11trinkets said that she would be back in a few months because she wanted to continue learning how to knit,and go running as she used to do,read more,she said,and make more short films. D:

Ah okay thanks anon! :)

yesterday 11trinkets asked me if i were any object, what would i be?

i was thinking about this question today and i decided what i would like to be. i would like to be a chandelier. i would want to be a chandelier because i would want to be relished in beauty, and always shining brightly, bringing class to even the most unlikely of groups. i want to be able to see the and feel the vibes of the people who dance below me. i would love to experience the energy of those who embellished themselves in my glory as i hang high above them. as a chandelier, i could brighten up the room in both beauty and light. and i think that’s wonderful.