Then Came You

Chapters: 11+
Paring(s): Hunhan | Taoris | Baekyeol | Kaisoo | Xiuchen | Sulay
Genre: Romance | Comedy | Fluff
Rating: PG | PG-13

Summary: Chanyeol’s life was perfect until… “And why would I let someone I don’t even know move in with me?” He asked incredulously. “Because I gave you my first kiss.” Baekhyun answered. “I didn’t ask for it!” Chanyeol exclaimed, certain that he was blushing like a school girl.

Office Antics

Chapters: 14
Pairing(s): Hunhan | Baekyeol | Kaisoo | OT12
Genre: Comedy | AU
Rating: PG | PG-13

Summary: Twelve guys and one software startup. Baekhyun’s that new guy, Chanyeol’s the guy who falls for the new guy, Kyungsoo has pedo problems, Junmyeon’s the oblivious CEO, Kris is the cutthroat CFO, Yixing’s out to get more vacation time, Tao’s a receptionist (sorta), Minseok is a closeted romantic, Jongin’s the intern that actually does stuff, Sehun’s the intern that doesn’t, and Luhan and Jongdae just like messing around.