i just realized something graham o’brien has the same last name as cassandra does that mean one of graham’s future decedents is gonna be a bitchy trampoline or am i going insane i think i’m going insane definitively going insane don’t listen to be it’s probably just some stupid coincidence 

My lil epiphany

I think that 13 is the doctors self love stage. The thing I remember most about 11 is how guilty he was about all the hard decisions he had to make and how his upbeat personality seemed like a way for him to cope with the pain. When I get depressed I tend to act more happy and upbeat as a way to ignore it as best I can but it always catches up to me, like 11s guilt. And 12 was the stage where it’s still shit, but there’s hope. And you’re slowly but surely getting better. And it’s fine, it’ll be okay.

But 13 is my favorite by far. She’s the stage where one day you notice that you’re happy… And you were happy yesterday too. And you’re just so content with yourself. And you’re at peace with your anxieties and fears because you’re doing your best and that’s amazing. And it feels like getting a breath of fresh air. I love that feeling so much, and that’s how 13 feels to me.

OK, how is this for a theory.
I know the whole Rover Song story was Steven Mofatt’s thing but this episode just seemed to be well… to much of her. The fez, the random “help me” message, “relatives of the first lady”, the fact that Ryan popped the bubble wrap in the TARDIS and nothing happend…? It could mean nothing: just a reference, just “the system”, some first lady, the package was ordered a long time ago so it had another wrapping paper.
So how about this. River was stored as the core of the biggest library in the universe. A huuge system, wasn’t it? What if someone decided to comercialise it and changed the system (with IRver in it) to be at the core of Karlam? So the message would actually be from River, asking the doctor to help her. And with what else better than a fez. Just a thought…


doctor who text posts 2/?

seeing as I’m taking forever with the icons I’m making, I thought I’d present y’all with this shit in the meantime


Guess who’s a Whovian? Nah, don’t guess, it’s pretty obvious. Anyway I actually forgot to upload the things I did for the convention months back. These badge designs were some from then. Thought I’d best put em up before I forgot again. Have a good day folks! I’ll be around. 

I love Doctor Who because it’s literally a show about a guy who stole a time machine and has spent billions of years running away from his responsibilities