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I know some you still have a day or few hours until 2017, but I still wish you a happy new year! (early happy new year) This year has been far from a smooth ride for the Depphead fandom (with the whole ‘one who shall not be named’ debacle) in the last few months of this pretty cruddy year. We have lost many legends and heros along the way but we are lucky enough to still have ours, happier and stronger than ever! This fandom has matured due to the events that have unfolded this year. This year has shown us just how gosh darn far the media, and some people, will go for an extra few zeros on their pay check. Sadly some people in this fandom were easily corrupted by the media and have been, if anything, weeded out of this fandom to leave a true family, striving endlessly for the truth. I’m once again, proud to be call myself a Depphead for the 11th year in a row. I’m forever greatful for the individuals who stood up for our John, and for the fellow relatives who kept sending him the love he deserves. Here’s to a new successful year filled with love, happiness and laughter for Johnny and everyone who reads this. Happy New Year Depphead fandom!

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September 3rd Boston Massachusetts - Sinclair 😥
😥 I couldn’t find a picture for this one but if you have one please send it to me ❤️

September 9th Philadelphia Pennsylvania -world café
✨ pooh bear inspired outfit , bottom right corner✨

September 10th Hamden Connecticut - college st. Music hall
✨couldn’t find a better picture 🙁 please send me one if you have one ( middle picture on the bottom row)✨

September 11th New York - highline ballroom
✨the red cage outfit , top left ✨

September 13th Washington, D.C. - U street music hall
✨the orange dress and yellow jacket ( bottom left )✨

September 14th Cleveland Ohio - house of blues - Cambridge
✨also wore the orange dress with the yellow jacket ✨

September 15th Pittsburg Pennsylvania - stage AE
✨the candy white dress and bunny ears ( top right) ✨

For the 11th year in a row, Central American mothers march north to Mexico in search of their disappeared children:

Las madres iniciaron la caravana en el puerto fronterizo El Ceibo, ubicado entre los poblados de Flores (Tikal, Guatemala) y Tenosique (Tabasco, México). En 19 días la caravana recorrió siete estados: Tabasco, Veracruz, Puebla, Tlaxcala, Ciudad de México, Oaxaca y Chiapas.

Por undécimo año consecutivo, madres procedentes de El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala y Nicaragua atravesaron México para preguntar por el paradero de sus hijos. Ellas buscan a los migrantes centroamericanos que se perdieron en un camino de más de 5 mil kilómetros hacia los Estados Unidos. Este año la caravana estuvo conformada por 38 mujeres y dos hombres. De nuevo se reunieron con funcionarios, visitaron morgues y cementerios y pasearon por la ruta del migrante cargando las fotografías de sus desaparecidos. Se estima que cada año, por México pasan 250,000 indocumentados buscando la frontera norte. Aunque la caravana es un acto simbólico contra la impunidad y una protesta contra la falta de respuestas y apoyos del estado mexicano, a través del apoyo de organziaciones no gubernamentales ya han logrado reencuentros. En esta ocasión, cuatro madres se reencontraron con sus familiares, y una más se topó con su pariente de manera fortuita.


I AM PROUD TO PRESENT TO YOU: 1989 TOUR COSTUME #2! I am the Haters Gonna Hate Light Up Rainbow Unicorn!!! I created this costume first off because I am in love with unicorns, and second because I adored this shirt taylorswift performed in at the Billboard Music awards 2 years ago!! And also Of course because these are the lyrics in SHAKE IT OFF!!! ✨

Dear Taylor, I hope this light up rainbow display of love for you catches your eye in the crowd and I can hopefully get to meet you!! I will be at the June 13th Philly show B stage Pit, July 10th MetLife NJ F3 row 5 seat 10 and also July 11th section 124 row 15 !! Not sure which costume I will be wearing yet each day either this or the Starbucks lovers one, but please look out for me! I love you so much!! I hope you follow me soon so I have a chance of meeting you!! Thank you I love you!!!





So I’ll be seeing you at the Melbourne shows about 11 days after my birthday do this is what I’ll wearing to the tour, considering one of Tays favourite show is greys anatomy I thought, I’d go as a ‘made-up’ character from the show.

Keep an eye out for my poster Tay :)


10th Dec - Level 1, Aisle 35, Row Z & Seat 252
11th Dec - Section D4, Row G, Seat 1
12th Dec - Section A6, Row O, Seat 9



Jacinda is seeing the 1989 tour in Melbourne, Australia.

I am so excited to be attending all three nights of the tour in Melbourne, Australia in December. I have no words to explain how much I need to see Taylor live again and this tour will mark my 13th time seeing her by the last concert.

If you guys are going to any of the Melbourne shows, here are my seats each night so please come and say hello to me. You’ll find me in the costumes I have posted above. I am looking forward to catching up with old friends as well as making new ones!

Thursday 10th: B-stage (Feat. @tinylou-13​)

Friday 11th: Section C4, row N, seats 19 & 20 - on the floor (Feat. Mama Bev)

Saturday 12th: B-stage (rocking it solo)

I cannot wait to have the time of my life as 1989 has been the soundtrack to my life since the day it was released. There will probably be a lot of ugly crying as I sing along and dance the nights away!

taylorswift this is me, ruby, and I just want to let you know that you’ve changed my life. you’ve been there for me during the good, the bad, and every time in between, and I couldn’t be more grateful. from the days when I’d listen to all too well on repeat, to now where I know I’m clean, and now being able to relate to bad blood I just want to say thankyou for being able to console me and help me get through the tough times. I’ve never met you, but I hope I can thank you in person one day. for now, I hope this is enough. I’m going to be jamming at the 1989 world tour on the 11th of December in melbourne, and I am so excited I just can’t wait!

you’re everything to me babe, and I hope you know that I’m the person I am today because of YOU

I love you like a best friend taylorswift

(you are my best friend)


Family squad goals?! 

After the 372 day wait I can’t believe I am finally making my tour post but we will be seeing Taylor in 11 days for the last three shows of the tour in Melbourne, Australia! 

We’re so super excited to be seeing Taylor again as it has been the longest two years since the Red tour. And my parents are excited about it too. I’ve been hearing so many terrible Taylor related puns in preparation. 

Melbourne Night 1 (December 10th): 

Floor Section E2 Row A Seats 19-22

Melbourne Night 2 (December 11th):

Floor Section C4 Row N Seats 17-18

Melbourne Night 3 (December 12th):

Floor Section A1 Row A Seats 8-9

If anyone is going to the Melbourne shows please come and say hi so we can excitedly freak out together and get selfies! :)

Only 11 days to go! I can’t believe it’s actually finally happening!!!


“Darling I’m a nightmare dressed like a daydream”

@taylorswift this is our costumes for Night 1 in Melbourne on the 10th!

I will be dressed as the daydream, and grace @paper-airplanes-flyin will be dressed as the nightmare, but as she lives in Brisbane and I Perth, I had to wear it for the photo!!

You can’t see our wings properly in the photo but they are covered in colourful lights!!! I did try and take a photo of my back but it was near impossible!

We are so excited to see you finally after waiting so long. This will be a spectacular night!

Our seats are:

10th - Section A3 Row L Seats 23/24 RIGHT ON THE CATWALK

11th - Section D4 Row J Seats 2/3

12th -Section D4 Row J Seats 6/7




Dear Taylor, I love you so much and I just want to thank you for all the times you did notice me on Instagram and for tweeting 2 pics of me as well back in October. These acts of kindness mean so much to me and I will keep them in my heart forever, I even have all the screen shots taped on my wall by my bed to make me smile :) I miss you so much! Sadly I can’t seem to get you to notice me on Tumblr yet! :( I want you to know that I will be at your:

🔹June 13th Philly show alone in the B stage Pit dressed as a light up Unicorn!
🔹July 10th show F3 Row 5 seat 10 also alone dressed as a light up Starbucks lover!
🔹July 11th section 124 row 15 seats 14-18 with 3 other people also dressed as Starbucks lovers with big light up signs!

I really hope by some miracle you find my Tumblr before my tour dates! I really hope we can finally meet after all these years! Sadly I was not lucky enough to meet you on the Speak Now or Red tour, so I am hoping this era I will finally have some luck!! I hope you love my light up costumes, I worked hard on them for ya! I love you taylorswift thanks for making the best music on the planet, and also for being the best person on the planet!!! You have a big heart for all your fans and I am hoping to finally be able to give you a hug and share my stories with you! I love you Taylor, see you at the shows?

Love love love Sam!

“Say you’ll remember me…” ✨💕

Claire’s Tour Dates!

Hey everyone!

Since everyone is making costume and seating posts I thought I should join in! Here are my details. 

*note* I don’t physically have the 12th of December tickets with me so I can’t specifically refer to my seats! 

Melbourne 11th December:

Section: 83                                                                                                           Row:  W                                                                                                               Seats: 292-291

Melbourne 12th December:

Section: D2                                                                                                          Row: (forgot specification ahah)                                                                           Seats: (forgot specification)

I saw Hamilton AGAIN yesterday AND met Lin and I’m still screaming

Before y’all even start I know how lucky I am oh my god do I know. I cannot believe I have been blessed enough to see this incredible show not only once, but TWICE. I saw it for the first time two months ago when my friend and I waited in the cancellation line for tickets for 12 hours in the freezing cold, and my friend and I were second in line and we got 11th row center orchestra tickets for the face value price of $177 each and it was the best time and money I’ve ever spent. How I got tickets this time and my photos from stage door last night are under the cut!

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Taylor!! I present to you some shots from my squad’s SWIFTIE PHOTO SHOOT!!

We love you so much and wanted to show you our appreciated and make You smile with some cool and fun pics!

We will be at MetLife Saturday July 11th in section 124 row 15 seats 15 -18 and we are SO EXCITED!!!!!!

We love you Taylor! And we would love to meet you share some laughs and hugs!!




 okay im super excited so 

the days have finally arrived, and I already know they’re gonna be two of the greatest days of my life. im so, so beyond excited to see taylor after watching so many people go to her tour and come away smiling and happy. this is the perfect end to a long, stressful and exciting year; just what I need after finishing year 12! 😁 


Friday 11th- 

Block: A6
Row: U
Seat: 10 

• ill be wearing my “taylor through the eras” shirt which im in love with and will probably never take off tbh

Saturday 12th- 

Level 1
Aisle: 34
Row: W
Seat: 223 

• different top for this one. and a lot of fairy lights

please feel free to come talk to me if you see me, ill be the one awkwardly dad dancing / mum crooning to every single song! @taylorswift i can’t wait to see you! 😻 @tree-paine 


So I will be attending two of your upcoming Melbourne shows 💕
10th - section B2, row C, seat 24
11th - section C4, row B, seat 24

I’ve finally finished my costume as a baker, cause bakers gonna bake right? 😉
I don’t even know what I’m saying, I’m just really excited to see you!

This will be my 3rd time seeing you live, though this time around I get to meet up with the beautiful group of Melbourne Swifties who are just balls of sunshines ☀️

I’ll never be able to thank you enough for existing and filling me life with so much happiness. I hope you enjoy the rest of your time in Australia! Again, I’m so excited to see you 💗🎉

Love you always,