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[JP] Upcoming Story Update

A new world (Enchanted Dominion) and a new Keyblade (Fairy Stars) is coming on May 11th!

A campaign is in effect: Clear quest 675 by May 8th, 15:00, and you will be gifted 900 jewels on May 9th, 15:00.

Fanfiction Prize!

I’ve been getting some inspiration to write some OT3 but need some ideas! And I wanna give you guys a little thank-you for being such amazing followers. Sooo before I start working on my other fics, I decided to set up this little contest. (If you can call it a contest. I mean, you don’t have to do much to win XD)

To win:
-be following me
-like this post!

Entering will be open until May 11th, so you have about two weeks. Then I’ll pick random three winners and post who won over the following weekend (when school finally ends for me. I’m celebrating that too XD)

-3rd Place: you’ll get a post of headcanons about the OT3, in any AU/scenarios you want (it’ll be pretty long, I’ll make sure)
-2nd Place: mini fic posted on here, in any AU you choose.
-1st Place: a full fic posted on AO3 (but with a link here for you)

I’ll message you to let you know you won, and you can send me what AU or fic you’d like! I’m ok with nsfw fics, but nothing very graphic. :3

I can’t wait to write more for you guys!


Rules are simple: this week will be up on twitter too, with the hashtag #RenewTheGetDown (the boss on twitter is @justicefiguero). Everyday a new theme, please keep up and show to Netflix how much we need a Season 2 for the get down.

Day 1 (May 8th): Favorite male character
Day 2 (May 9th): Favorite female character
Day 3 (May 10th): Favorite relationship
Day 4 (May 11th): Favorite scene
Day 5 (May 12th): Favorite quote
Day 6 (May 13th): Favorite song from Part 2
Day 7 (May 14th): Free choice.

I’ll personally track the tag #renewthegetdown, please make sure this tag is one of your first five. Make sure we get a season 2, guys!
SF9 Personalities

Ultimate Masterlist

SF9 Masterlist

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Okay well SF9 is a 9 member boy group under FNC Entertainment. The group debuted on 3 October, 2016. So fairly recent. In my opinion this group is very loving and funny and deserve a lot of attention. I love them so now I will explain each member as fully as I can.

Recently on a V-Live they boys announced the Fandom name after many discussions and the fandom together have come up with Fantasy. So now this fandom is called Fantasy.








Another meaning to why we are called Fantasy is-

“A wish coming true in one’s imagination”. Sf9 fans will be apart of making SF9′s wish come true and that every moment SF9 and FANTASY spends together will be like a fantasy.




Roar (Just released today!! SO HYPED)

So beautiful



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Stage Name: Youngbin

Real Name: Kim Youngbin

Position: Leader,  Lead Rapper and Dancer.

Birthday: 23rd November, 1993

Nationality: Korean

Youngbin is the leader and he is constantly supporting and loving his members. He has he cutest eyes smile possible. He is also extremely hard working and passionate about what he does and that is clear. Although being the leader he is known for messing around and just acting silly along with his members showing off that he is a child at heart. He loves amusement parks and can’t help his excitement. He motivates and fills every member with confidence. He loves and adores his members and constantly shows his gratitude towards his members.


Originally posted by fy-sf9

Stage Name: Inseong

Real Name: Kim Inseong

Position: Main Vocalist, Dancer

Birthday: 12th July, 1993

Nationality: Korean

Inseong is SF9′s English speaker as he studied in London for a year. Inseong is loving and caring with all of his members and is no where near afraid to show them his love for them. Inseong tends to be shy and sometimes has an awkward personality and that just makes him even more adorable. His voice is quite deep but very soft and soothing. Calls himself ‘Fennic Fox’ because of his eyes. Also Inseong loves to draw like really loves to draw especially manga.


Originally posted by foxyins

Stage Name: Jaeyoon

Real Name: Lee Jaeyoon

Position: Lead Vocalist, Dancer (*Cough* Bias Wrecker *Cough*)

Birthday: 9th August, 1994

Nationality: Korean

Jaeyoon is a big baby, he is scared of absolutely everything, heights roller coasters or anything scary but doesn’t that just make him so cute?! Mr sunshine straight up like he is always smiling or laughing or attached to Inseong, I’m sure they are in love. Has a beautiful smile like look at him! Very powerful vocals. He’s funny and cute and JUST SO SASSY LIKE DAMN!


Originally posted by bureureung

Stage Name: Dawon

Real Name: Lee Sanghyuk

Position: Lead Vocalist, Dancer

Birthday: 25th July, 1995

Nationality: Korean

Dawon is the lovable ball of fluff along with energy like its a never ending pit. Dawon has the skills to be an MC and normally hosts most of the little competitions on their YouTube channel. Complete meme, like his existence forms a meme. Dawon needs an award for how extra he is like he is extra as all hell. He is the ultimate mood maker and can cheer anyone up. Love this man.


Originally posted by w00nkiee

Stage Name: Zuho

Real Name: Baek Juho

Position: Main Rapper, Dancer

Birthday: 4th July, 1996

Nationality: Korean

This man is a trickster like in mv’s he is this mysterious, rough guy with an aura of intimidation with a low voice but don’t be fooled as he is really just fuzzy teddy bear like he just wants some cuddling and some loving and he will be pleased. Like this guy is very loving, caring and romantic. Like he is just the perfect combination yet he isn’t my bias. Yet somehow if he still seems intimidating just remember that he can’t go to the toilet in the dark alone, he always needs another member with him.


Originally posted by malegroups

Stage Name: Rowoon

Real Name: Kim Seokwoo

Position: Main Vocalist, Visual, Dancer

Birthday: 7th August, 1996

Nationality: Korean

Rowoon is Mr Mummy, like he looks after all his members and takes care of them. He protects the younger ones with his life and that is so adorable. He loves to cook which you could see in the cook off he has with Zuho and Inseong. This mummy is very clinging with his members and loves cuddles as well and when he gets excited and happy he jumps up and down. Also very giant and athletic.


Originally posted by dangchanhee

Stage Name: Taeyang

Real Name: Yoo Taeyang

Position: Main Dancer, Main Vocalist

Birthday: 28th February, 1997

Nationality: Korean

Mr puppy like I don’t care what anyone says he is a puppy. Taeyang calls himself “Sexy & Charismatic” which is completely true because I am sure that when you start liking SF9 the first person you bias is Taeyang because look at him with those sweater paws!! One of the more silent types but he is a flirt when he does talk like never ending flirting. Taeyang definitely overworks himself and will stay up late dancing and practising so this man needs to be shown all the love and support because he deserves it just like the other members.


Originally posted by forsf9

Stage Name: Hwiyoung

Real Name: Kim Youngkyun

Position: Rapper, Supporting Vocalist, Dancer (MY BIAS LIKE LOOK AT HIM)

Birthday: 11th May, 1999

Nationality: Korean

This my boo!! Anyways, he is extremely confident with his looks because he has all right to be. But don’t take that as if he is self centred because he isn’t. In fact he has one of the shy personalities but has energy bursts and acts crazy with everyone else. Constant aegyo because he is an adorable bunny. Works out a bit and likes to keep fit. Definitely has his savage moments. Extremely emotional as well, once cried in dance practice because of something Youngbin said but have worked that out straight away.


Originally posted by kangchaneee

Stage Name: Chani

Real Name: Kang Chanhee

Position: Vocalist, Main Dancer and Maknae

Birthday: 17th January, 2000

Nationality: Korean

Do not mistake this he is definitely the youngest despite his deep voice. He has the cutest smile and does aegyo a whole lot as you can see fro the gif. Also a young cliche is scared of absolutely everything just like Jaeyoon. He also has a very quiet personality and is also very cute. Even though he is younger than the rest he is one of the more mature ones but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t muck around a lot because he does! Looked after by all members and also looks after them too.

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Thats is all of them and I hope you love them as much as I do! Tell me who your bias is if you have one!! Don’t forget to request something!!!

-Admin Kira

lilith + rejection with the self
  • lilith in the houses show where we are rejected by others but also where we empower ourselves. note that lilith is not prominent in every chart.
  • lilith in the 1st: people reject the very essence of you, making you feel like an outsider. you may try to hide yourself, or even reject your identity. however, you feel most powerful when you embrace who you really are.
  • lilith in the 2nd: people reject your values and possessions, making you feel like you are worthless. you may try to buy items secretly to make yourself feel better or you try to adjust your values. however, you feel most powerful when you flaunt what you have proudly.
  • lilith in the 3rd: people reject your mind and thoughts, making you feel like your thoughts are wrong. you may try to hide your thoughts or radically change the way you think. you are at your most powerful when you reveal your real, genuine thoughts.
  • lilith in the 4th: the people in your family may reject you. you may try to search for other families, or you can try to reject them back. you are at your most powerful when you can finally establish and strongly the family roots you've made for yourself.
  • lilith in the 5th: you may find yourself rejected when you try to have fun. you may feel that your children reject you. you may try to make yourself like other hobbies or hide your creativity. you are at your most powerful when you can express your hidden creativity and inspiration freely.
  • lilith in the 6th: you may find yourself rejected by your coworkers or when you are required to do daily work. you may be very overcritical of yourself when you work because you don't feel competent. however, you are at your most powerful when you do your work the way you want to do it.
  • lilith in the 7th: you may find yourself feeling rejected by the people in your life or you're rejecting others. you may be very picky and shallow with your partners. you are at your most powerful when you can express your rebellious side intimately with others.
  • lilith in the 8th: you may find yourself rejecting the secrets you keep to yourself or rejected by others in intimacy. you may be manipulative and dangerously secretive. however, you are at your most powerful when you reveal your secrets without shame.
  • lilith in the 9th: you may find yourself rejected for what you believe in and for your culture. you may try to get rid of your cultural and worldly essence, but you are at your most powerful when you can show what you believe in.
  • lilith in the 10th: you may find yourself rejected by others before they meet you or you reject the world. you may try to hide from the world with resentment, but you are at your most powerful when you can stand out confidently.
  • lilith in the 11th: you may find yourself rejected by your friends and peers. you may feel lonely and detached, but you are at your most powerful when you become stronger through your solitude.
  • lilith in the 12th: you may find yourself rejecting your subconscious. you may feel there is a disconnect between your ego and subconscious due to this. you are at your most powerful when you accept your subconscious for what it is - even its dark side.

Hello everyone! Based on the recent poll, a spring GyJo week will be held! Here are the prompts:

Day 1 (May 7th) - Stand Swap / Clothes Swap / Crossovers

Day 2 (May 8th) - Rainy Day / Umbrellas / Sick Day

Day 3 (May 9th) - Birthdays (Neither of them have confirmed birthdays so you can get creative with this!)

Day 4 (May 10th) - Post SBR / Alternate Ending / Injury

Day 5 (May 11th) - Cuddling / Napping / Dreams

Day 6 (May 12th) - Modern AU / Vacation / Dancing / Racing

Day 7 (May 13th) - Free day! Any and all GyJo is welcome!

I’ll be reblogging all art and fics (and whatever else!) to this blog, so be sure to tag all your submissions with #gyjoweek17 so I can gather them all together on here. I’ll be accepting works from up to a week after the event ends (May 20th is the latest) so there is no pressure if you can’t upload something on it’s exact day. 

I look forward to seeing everyone participate! I would appreciate it if you could reblog this to spread the word to as many people as possible! The more the merrier!

Pluto in the houses

1st house- You are very intense, and others can see this in you right away. You can intimidate others, and are protective of those close to you. Everyone thinks you are confidant, and your first instinct is to rush right in. View life as a battle ground.

2nd house- You may find it hard to let go of things and can be possessive. You are very driven to make money. Excellent at strategy and planning. Very strange sense of ownership.

3rd house- Analytical is a word that comes to mind if you have Pluto in the third house. You are exceptionally persuasive by the way you communicate. You choose your words very carefully and you tend to learn through observing and self-teaching.

4th house- Early experiences in your life can make you very secretive. If your parent protected you from things from a young age, you may fear change. Maybe your parents were secretive which led to you being self-protective. Early experiences could be shocking or scary and can live within you.

5th house- Possessing creative impulses you may be very involved in the arts. You take much pride into what you produce with your talents. Romance is very passionate for you and can be all-or-nothing. You may have a fear loss or betrayal.

6th house- You are a very hard worker and can be private in your work. You may have a fear of criticism because you are very attached to what you do. Very interested in improving yourself and others. Also very good at research and analytical.

7th house- This placement can make close personal relationships struggle. You may fear loss of control in your life if you get romantically attached. You discover your own power during relationships. Can bring out the worst in others. May feel trapped in a close relationship.

8th house- You have an attraction to things dark and mysterious. A natural psychologist, you get straight to the point of matters. Themes of control are probable in this placement. Very interested hypnosis, great mysterious of life, and sciences.

9th house- Extremely attached to your opinions and beliefs. Debates may turn into arguments if you aren’t careful. You are able to back up your opinions and are well-researched. Considered “deep” and “concerned” by others. You express yourself and opinions in many ways.

10th house- Something very unique about you makes you stand out from the crowd. You can be very persuasive when you need to be. You are very ambitious and career-driven. Strong sense of commitment and responsibility. Many are perfectionists and detail-oriented.

11th house- When Pluto is in the 11th house you may meet power issues within the social sphere. You may have a aversion to clubs or groups. If you don’t have strong beliefs you can become a follower under others. Once you have awakened to your own ideals you can be a very influential leader and instigator of social change.

12th house- You may be exceptionally intuitive. May be tempted to suppress emotions. May live too much in fantasy. Are impressionable and inspiring. Sympathize with others to a very high degree.

Whew, lots of announcements in a Direct that was supposed to be mainly Splatoon 2 and Arms! So here’s my usual chronological list of all the release dates of everything in the Direct.


  • Team Kirby Clash Deluxe (3DS eShop)
  • Bye-Bye Boxboy! (3DS eShop)
  • Puyo Puyo Tetris demo (Switch eShop)


  • Samurai Showdown IV Amakusa’s Revenge (Switch eShop)


  • 25th - Puyo Puyo Tetris (Switch)
  • 28th - Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (Switch)


  • 11th - Minecraft (Switch eShop)
  • 19th - Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia (3DS)
  • 19th - Standalone Switch dock
  • 23rd - Disgaea 5 Complete (Switch)
  • 26th - Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers (Switch)


  • 16th - Arms (Switch)
  • 16th - Neon Yellow Joy-Cons
  • 16th - Joy-Con battery packs
  • 23rd - Ever Oasis (3DS)
  • 23rd - 3 new Link amiibo
  • 27th - RPG Maker Fes (3DS eShop)


  • 21st - amiibo for Cloud, Corrin and Bayonetta
  • 21st - Splatoon 2 (Switch) and 3 new Inkling amiibo
  • 25th - Fate/Extella (Switch)
  • 28th - Hey! Pikmin (3DS) and Pikmin amiibo


  • Kirby’s Blowout Blast (3DS eShop)
  • Sonic Mania (Switch)
  • Project Mekuru (Switch eShop)
  • Sine Mora EX (Switch eShop)
  • Battle Chasers: Nightwar (Switch eShop)
  • Namco Museum (Switch eShop)


  • 29th - Culdcept Revolt (3DS)


  • Monster Hunter Stories (3DS)
  • Yo-kai Watch 2: Psychic Specters (3DS)
  • Monopoly (Switch)


  • Unknown Kirby multiplayer action game (3DS)
  • Sonic Forces (Switch)


  • Miitopia (3DS)
  • Rayman Legends: Definitive Edition (Switch)
  • Payday 2 (Switch)


  • Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia DLC (3DS eShop)
  • Neo Geo classic games (Switch eShop)
  • Minecraft physical release (Switch)