11th moon

Self Care with the Moon (Astrology)

Nurturing, Self care and your Moon sign/placement

The moon in a natal chart represents how we nurture, how we want to be nurtured, our habits and our receptivity.

If you’re feeling tense, anxious or in need of self care and nurturing, look to your moon sign for some help as to how you can take better care of your emotional well being.

Moon in Aries/1st House/conjunct the AC from the 12th
- Express your emotions to others upfront
- Take care of your appearance
- Do jobs for yourself, you’ll feel better being independent
- Have that emotional blow up, don’t hold it in
- Don’t sit around wallowing in your emotions. Get up, and go DO something, take initiative
- You want to cry? Do it….
- Be in solitude sometimes (if your moons in the first house, you’re quite receptive to other people’s emotions. You need to get away from that from time to time)

Moon in Taurus/2nd House
- Material comforts such as good food, a soft bed, and comfy clothes will greatly help nurture you
- Having a well balanced bank account
- Write down 5 things a day that you value (about yourself, and/or what you have - not what you want). A gratitude diary would be great!
- Listening to music (or making music if you like to) will help you relax. Also painting and sculpting
- Hugs! Physically holding another will help you relax
- Nice smelling perfumes on your body or in your house
- Using Body moisturiser and beauty products

Moon in Gemini/3rd House
- Talk about your feelings
- Get out of the house and go for short trips around your neighbourhood/local area. Being in your house for too long will make you agitated
- Talk to others, In real life or online. Prolonged solitude can make you feel lonely very quickly (Facebook/Snapchat/Skype people when you can)
- Hang out with your siblings (if you have any/if your moon isn’t afflicted). If you don’t have any siblings, cousins and neighbours you’re close to is also great!
- Write things down, especially about how your feeling. You may enjoy journaling

Moon in Cancer/4th House/Conjunct the Ic (possibly from the 3rd House)
- Hugs Hugs Hugs!
- Cook/eat your favourite food
- Spend time at home (if you’re a 3rd House moon conjunct the IC, go out for short trips then come home to relax - you kinda need both)
- Be with your mother/family (if your mother is present/if your moon isn’t afflicted)
- Nurture others
- Be with children
- Cry on someone’s shoulder, it’s ok!
- Snuggle in bed

Moon in Leo/5th House
- Be generous and spread happiness to others
- Take the spotlight (but don’t be too greedy)
- Let people know how you really feel (don’t be too pushy about it)
- Express your creativity!
- Dance if you want to!
- Watch a comedy or joke around with friends
- Play games with children/Release your inner child
- Party 🎉
- Play games!
- Express your love to your lover. Give and get kisses and cuddles you deserve

Moon in Virgo/6th House
- Take care of your health. Take your medication, eat healthy and exercise
- Do yoga
- Make a ‘To-do’ list and calendars. You’re naturally emotionally stressed, make it easy for yourself by planning things
- Keep your house and environment organised and clean
- Pamper yourself by being well groomed and hygienic
- Relax in a spa bath
- Enjoy a healthy meal
- Make goals for yourself and aim to achieve them
- Help someone else out. Be of service
- If you aren’t feeling great, ask someone to do some jobs for you. It’s only fair

Moon in Libra/7th House/Conjunct the DES from the 6th
- Make art. Draw and paint
- Make yourself look beautiful. Wear your favourite outfit, get your hair/makeup done
- Listen to music
- Talk to others and close friends
- Spend time with a romantic lover
- Do something nice for someone
- Settle/balance an argument
- Weigh the pros and cons to making a decision
- Beautify your home and environment

Moon in Scorpio/8th House
- You’re emotions are so intense, you may need to seclude yourself fairly often from people. Take time out with yourself to avoid emotional strain
- Spend time 'going within’ yourself. You can do this through mediation or simply self contemplation. You have a need to know yourself.
- You need to protect your vulnerability. Find someone you can trust 100% to tell your feelings to, for you need a channeled way of release
- You can purge excess emotion and passion through sex and connecting with someone on a higher level
- Share your feelings with those you truly trust

Moon in Sagittarius/9th House
- Go for a long drive/bus/train trip. Explore your local area, or if you can, take a trip to a nearby town. Explore your sense of adventure
- You probably generally don’t like to think/talk about your emotions, and your resilience allows you to support yourself
- Enjoy the company of good friends. Laugh and have a good time
- You may enjoy watching a comedy
- Ask yourself the biggest questions of life and let your mind wander in the possibilities. It brings you ease knowing that everything happens for a reason, allowing you to maintain your optimism

Moon in Capricorn/10th House/Conjunct the MC from the 9th
- You like Scorpio moon folk, tend to prefer to keep your emotions under wraps
- You make like to literally 'work’ your problems out. Doing jobs and focusing on goals allows you to gain satisfaction of achievement
- At times, you may feel lonely and cut off from others. This is often self imposed. Don’t be afraid to open to others who you feel comfortable with
- Like Virgo moons, setting your self job lists can help give you direction, removing any feelings of being at a loss with life
- Spend sometime away from people who try to pry you open all the time as this can really stress you out

Moon in Aquarius/11th House
- You’re emotional wellbeing may not be the focus of your life, and you have great difficulty expressing your feelings to others
- You have the ability to logically analyse your emotions and fix things in your external environment that’s causing you problems
- Change things in your home/environment often to keep yourself stimulated
- Perhaps spend time partaking in humanitarian causes
- Talk to anyone and everyone. Being part of society can make you feel quite buzzed

Moon in Pisces/12th House
- Your emotions are highly sensitive and you are greatly sensitive to the emotions of others. Surround yourself with loving and supportive people or if that’s not possible, find a secluded space
- You react to emotional stimulus quite easy. Listen to happy music or watch a funny, lighthearted movie
- Never blame yourself for something you know you didn’t do. Don’t give into pieces victim mentality. Tell yourself the truth always
- Learn how to set yourself boundaries and don’t give into everyone all of the time. It’s great to be loving and generous, but you need to also take care of yourself
- Watch movies or play games that really draws you in and allows your imagination to run freely in a channeled way

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☽ Emotional Comfort: The Moon In The Houses
  • -☽-☽-☽ What Makes You Happy
  • Moon in the 1st House: Expressing yourself freely
  • Moon in the 2nd House: Protecting the things you value
  • Moon in the 3rd House: Sharing your ideas with others
  • Moon in the 4th House: Spending some time at home
  • Moon in the 5th House: Going out just to have fun
  • Moon in the 6th House: Feeling needed and useful
  • Moon in the 7th House: Spending time with your friends
  • Moon in the 8th House: Realizing how much you've grown
  • Moon in the 9th House: Travelling & chatting with foreigners
  • Moon in the 10th House: Being respected and admired
  • Moon in the 11th House: Feeling like you made a difference
  • Moon in the 12th House: Understanding yourself a little better
Moon In The Houses

Moon In First House
- You wear your heart on your sleeve
- You react emotionally
- To feel happy, you need emotional stimulation
- Your moods change quickly
- You take things personally

Moon In Second House
- You are afraid of being in debt
- You need to pay your bills and have a large savings account to feel secure
- You do spend impulsively when you are emotionally frustrated
- You cling to people
- You look for admiration from others

Moon In Third House
- You are very curious
- You have a talent for picking up languages
- You rapidly swing between intellectualizing your emotions and communicating with excessive emotion
- Your opinions change often due to the people around you
- You are restless and require frequent change

Moon In Fourth House
- You long to belong
- You change frequently, either where you live or your style of home
- You are emotionally immature
- You have a strong attachment to the past

Moon In Fifth House
- You have a flair for the dramatic
- Your love affairs are intense
- You don’t take love lightly
- You are attached to children
- You have an innate artistic talent
- You daydream often

Moon In Sixth House
- You need to feel useful
- You need to lead a healthy life
- You need a lot of variety on your job
- You switch jobs often
- You are very sensitive to even the most minor health annoyances
- You tend to exaggerate illnesses to gain sympathy

Moon In Seventh House
- You are drawn to partnerships
- You like to be with a companion
- You have many relationships, believing each is the one
- You are very likeable

Moon In Eighth House
- You like to push your own limits
- You are fascinated by how people work
- You have a sexual unrest
- You desire to connect with another person intimately
- You tend to be jealous and possessive

Moon In Ninth House
- You have a deep longing for something more than the mundane routine
- You are philosophical
- You are curious about the world
- You need a goal in mind

Moon In Tenth House
- You need recognition and popularity
- You are quite charismatic
- You are at your best with a structured and responsible life
- You change your goals often
- You worry about living up to expectations
- You act on emotional whims

Moon In Eleventh House
- You need to belong somewhere
- You turn to friends for support
- You are filled with dreams and wishes for an altruistic future

Moon In Twelfth House
- You are sensitive to ethereal concepts
- You have delayed reactions to your own emotional experiences
- You need to be alone to recharge
- You can either be overwhelmed with your emotions, or out of touch

The Moon in the houses

Moon in the 1st house:

Do not think that you can hide or disguise your emotions: they are obvious to everyone. Your well-being depends strangely on your appearance and how people perceive you.

Moon in the 2nd house:

Although you have a lifetime of financial ups and downs, you become increasingly persistent and you learn to manage your money. Perhaps you do not consider yourself a materialistic person; Yet money matters.

Moon in the 3rd house:

You have a curious mind, a strong attachment to your brothers and sisters, and the ability to easily establish emotional ties. You have a sense of communication, both verbal and written.

Moon in the 4th house:

Your parents and the patrimony of the family are very important to you, and the past has a charm that you can hardly resist. You have very strong security needs. It is essential to have a home in which you feel good. In your search for the perfect home, you will most likely change residence.

Moon in the 5th house:

You are romantic, theatrical and emotional, especially with regards to heart stories. You are also creative and talented, perhaps in more than one field. Risk-taker, especially in love, you easily establish contact with children, whether yours or those of others. (That’s why you have to become professors guys)

Moon in the 6th house:

It is likely that you will often change jobs, until you find a job that really satisfies you. It is not enough to work for money; You need to be productive and realize yourself. The professions of service or health will give you great satisfaction. You also worry about your health, which may be affected by your reactions at work.

Moon in the 7th house:

Marriage and other associations play an important role for you, although you may be undecided about relationships. Once you get involved, you run the risk of becoming too dependent. In business, people are looking for you.

Moon in the 8th house:

You have emotions that fluctuate strongly, the ability to heal your emotional wounds yourself, and possibly even those of others. On the emotional level, you are courageous and ready to confront reality in the face. In the financial field, you experience ups and downs, especially through a romantic relationship.

Moon in the 9th house:

The more you push the limits of your life by looking for new experiences, the happier you are. You have an active imagination and a desire for knowledge. You may explore many religions and philosophies before finding the one that will satisfy you. Journeys soothe your soul.

Moon in the 10th house:

The peace of your mind goes hand in hand with your professional success. Career plays an essential role for you, but you may change professionally often before finding the right field. Once you have found it, you will immerse yourself in it. Your privacy suffers. Fortunately, if you like what you do, it does not matter to you.

Moon in the 11th house:

On the social level, you are popular and at ease, with a great aptitude for friendship. You possess an instinctive understanding of other people, and friends play a central role in your life. It’s possible that your goals and aspirations change often, so your circle of friends may change.

Moon in the 12th house:

It is not easy to update your secrets. You are in a changing, sensitive mood, and attracted by the secret side of life. Your mode is that of withdrawal. You prefer to conceal your emotions. You might be engaged in institutions like hospitals or prisons. Clandestine relationships may offer you a form of emotional food that you can not find elsewhere.

Astro Notes pt 4🔵〰⚫️

•the energy in a composite chart is felt among both parties and each aspect is no longer dispensed in a planet person format but more in a sense of how it would act out in a natal chart. The variance here is that instead of it being a sole person that would feel those aspects it’s two people. This is why composite charts refer to a relationship that has been going on for years as the energies between two people would’ve had enough time to merge.

•Saturn in the 12th house people tend to desire isolation and may as they age prefer to live somewhere quiet and away from hustle and bustle of the real world. Somewhere where they can in a sense be free.

•Saturn in the 11th house people tend to fantasize the perfect “Friend group” but often times they get let down by what is right in front of them.

•mars in the 5th house is a more animalistic sex drive, Pluto in the 5th house is a more instinctual sex drive.

•depending on where your house rulers are placed the influence and traits attributed with the particular house or sign can be completely augmented or changed. Ex a empty sag in the 8th house with Jupiter in Pisces in the 11th house might be more Piscean in nature when it comes to intimacy and deep sex but also might have a more detached and electric energy about them.

•the 1st decan of a sign can be more self centered and immature-it takes them longer for their sign to progress into another sign.

The 2nd decan of a sign can be cooler in nature and can have a bit of a sensitive undertone to them-more easily emotionally aroused.

The third decan of a sign is a bit more on the observant side of things and as mature as they can be there is a slightly cold nature about them.

•you’re second house is more indicative of how you dress than your venus.

•your 2nd house is also your inner venus and your 7th house is your partnered venus while your natal venus is your projected venus-the house venus falls in is how it is expressed and where it is expressed.

•mars in the 8th house individuals have a strong brain to nerve connection which allows them to have very serpent like and easily seductive movements.

•people with a lot of planets in the fire houses tend to have a warmer body and be usually the types to have racing hearts. Those with houses in the water houses, especially the 8th tend to have colder bodies and ligaments. There heart beats are usually faint and hard to hear.

•Neptune in the 8th/12th and 6th can be harder to put under stimulants including anesthesia.

•Capricorn rising usually maintain lean bodies! And even when weight is gained it goes away usually very easy. Even when in the Taurus decan.

•Taurus rising can have aggressive movements and seem a bit easily irritable once you get to know them-due to having Aries on their 12th house cups.

•5th house is how you date, the mood you have to be in to make a baby, and your immediate turn ons. “The first date” so to speak.

•the 8th house is how you are after years of being with someone. How you really have sex. How you act when something scares you. And your secret self. How you deal with money in relation to others and your feelings towards occult matters and death while also in a minor way giving you some insight on how you may pass.

•the 12th house is who you are when you’re by yourself. This is the sleepy you. The intoxicated you! The you you’re not always aware of. This is the you that unconsciously comes out that people always tell you about. Your fantasies and the things you dream about. This is also your secret kinks and hidden sexual nature. This is your instinctual sex style that comes out with out you knowing.

•the 4th house is your fam bam! This is your family get togethers! This is a little more about how your mommy was. This is getting grounded. And the rules you were raised with. This is your ingrained traits and genes. This is your manners or lack of. This is what makes you feel safe. This is what you need in a relationship. This is what you cry about on a deep deep level. Lovers that have any planets here especially moon/mercury/venus hit you deep.

•Saturn/mercury/Jupiter/Uranus/Pluto are often a focal focus in many fashion designers and models of many.

•strong Neptune and 10th house focus are usually in heavy focus in the charts of actors and film makers as well as strong water dominance.

•strong venus/Lilith/Eros and 2nd-12th House focus is noticed in the charts of singers! As well as Uranus especially aspect to mercury.(for the changes in vocal tones) this rings true for rappers as well who tend to have strong Gemini or 3rd house influence!

•usually having aspects that you have nataly show up in your synastry will show that it’s a relationship that will effect you deeply as you see them and their actions in yourself and feel deeply understood and connected to them.

•synastry with water signs are receptive and tend to go both ways even in overlays because of the nature of water to reflect.

•synastry with fire signs is more “I” based and can be one sided due to the fact that it’s more about how each person is individually being affected.

•synastry with earth signs can be more energy based and can feel like a pendulum affect! It can often times switch between who feels it more based on how the energy is flowing.

•synastry with air signs is more about the atmosphere. Usually its felt mentally before emotionally and because of this there is an imbalance of one person thinking about it and the other feeling it.

•saturn square Pluto people are extremely intense and hate any idea of being controlled-usually they despise politics and hate enforcement of any kind especially by the law.

•Moon in Aquarius due to being ruled by Saturn usually are bubbly and talkative and often times odd one moment then they’re serious and observant, more on the quiet side of things from out of nowhere.

•Aries moons are extremely honest. They’re not the types to beat around the bush and if they are this usually is only done if it’s someone they care for and feel a need to be more cautious about approaching because of this.

•Aries venus and Scorpio Venus are turned on by rough housing and provoked arguments. They love seeing you fein for them-that desire is like sex for them without actually having it. This is because of the confrontational energy presented in both mars and Pluto.

•Moon in Virgo never feel completely comfortable in social situations and always keep a huge chunk of themselves in a black box so to speak as they tend to not like to over share.

•many water signs from now till the end of 2018 along with Leo/Taurus/Aquarius/Aries/Gemini are going to be undergoing some big changes and may even be entirely different people following-due to Jupiter in Scorpio. Your feathers will indeed be ruffled.

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Planets in their opposite houses

Sun in the 11th: who am i, really? why do I express my individuality in groups? why do i love people, but at the same time drive them away? how are some people so sure of who they are? 

Moon in the 10th: do i give enough time to myself? why does everyone tell me to relax? why do i feel so much pressure? what is privacy? should i visit home?

Mercury in the 9th: why are we here? how can i learn more? was that offensive? why is everyone else so shallow? what’s the next flight i can get on? 

Mercury in the 12th: can i trust myself? should i say that? can i be alone? did anyone else feel that? do i daydream too much? what else is out there? wait, what?

Venus in the 1st: why do i care so much? why does everyone come to me? am i genuine? isn’t this beautiful?

Venus in the 8th: why is everyone so superficial? why is everyone i like bad for me? did that make me sound creepy? is this too intense? who am i anymore? 

Mars in the 7th: do i love them or hate them? do we fight too much? why can’t i let go? is it too soon to be in love? 

Planets, Houses and Physical Appearance
  • 1st House: Head, forehead,
  • 2nd House: Entire self/body, throat, neck
  • 3rd House: Arms, hands, shoulders
  • 4th House: Chest, breasts
  • 5th House: Heart, back,
  • 6th House: Stomach
  • 7th House: Hips, butt
  • 8th House: Genitals
  • 9th House: Thighs
  • 10th House: Knees, skeletal system (entire body, like 2nd)
  • 11th House: Calves, ankles
  • 12th House: Feet
  • The house that a planet is in will change its appearance in the way described below. If there are planets in the same house, they will harmonize and will still affect each planet the same, although if both are in Jupiter and Saturn they will cancel out. (Ex: Jupiter in 8th and Saturn in 8th)
  • Sun: Increases masculinity
  • Moon: Increases femininity
  • Mercury: Makes it more angular, thin or easily affected
  • Venus: Makes it more aesthetically pleasing
  • Mars: Makes it more muscular/defined or rough
  • Jupiter: Increases size
  • Saturn: Decreases size
  • Uranus: Makes it look unconventional or complete opposite of described
  • Neptune: Makes it look better than it really is
  • Pluto: Makes it more square or subtly defined/prominent
  • To find out more info on the planets in the houses go here: http://www.horoscopeswithin.com/planetsinhouses.php
  • Sun in the 11th: Best friend
  • Moon in the 11th: Mothers friends
  • Mercury in the 11th: Interesting and comedic friend
  • Venus in the 11th: Cherished friend
  • Mars in the 11th: Protective and supportive friend
  • Jupiter in the 11th: Generous friend
  • Saturn in the 11th: Long term friend
  • Uranus in the 11th: Unpredictable friend
  • Neptune in the 11th: Intriguing friend
  • Pluto in the 11th: Life changing friend
Where does your Moon live?

Moon in the 1st House: Emotions are dependent and wrapped up in the exterior world and individuality. Can be hard to balance exterior world vs. interior world. 

Moon in the 2nd House: Emotions have a direct link to your security, wealth, and possessions. 

Moon in the 3rd House: Emotions live in the house of intellect. Here logic and intelligence can block out feelings.

Moon in the 4th House: Emotional well being is extremely dependent on the home, roots, and family. 

Moon in the 5th House: Emotions are connected to creativity and have a need for self-expression. 

Moon in the 6th House: Must feel useful, typically looks to career for this need. Emotional state is wrapped up in safe routine and health. 

Moon in the 7th House: Emotions highly revolve around their relationships and connections. 

Moon in the 8th House: Emotions are intense and are connected to transformations in life. Emotional needs can even be “hidden” for a long time. 

Moon in the 9th House: Emotional well-being is tied to self-discovery and exploration of the world around them. Their emotions can also rely on a moral code. 

Moon in the 10th House: Career, success, and reputation are directly linked to emotional well-being. 

Moon in the 11th House: Emotional well-being needs a lifeline of causes, friends, and groups to belong to, support, and fight for. 

Moon in the 12th House: Emotional needs and well-being can get lost or hidden. Developed intuition creates an emotional and spiritual tie. 

Moon in the Houses

Moon in the 1st: These people may put their foot in their mouth or act too soon because they act on emotion. However they are really intuitive and very in touch with how they feel. Can sometimes only be concerned with how they feel and no one else.

Moon in the 2nd: These people emotionally need to feel secure and are very attached to their possessions. They intuitively know how to make money. Can sometimes be too concerned with how much they have or what they psychically own.

Moon in the 3rd: These people are prone to change their opinions often and feel the need to have an opinion period. They are studious, thoughtful, and curious. Can sometimes be too defensive over their opinion or idea.

Moon in the 4th: These people are very attached to their family and their mother. They are intuitive and very devoted to their roots and represent where they came from. Can sometimes become too attached to their family and/or mother and end up feeling guilty for being independent.

Moon in the 5th: These people can become engrossed in the people they love or things they create. They are fun, playful, and can laugh in even the most stressful of times. Can sometimes become too attached to play and disregard when it is time to take to be serious.

Moon in the 6th: These people are always worrying about what to do next. They are responsible productive, and intuitively know to work. Can sometimes become too attached with what needs to be done and forget to relax.

Moon in the 7th: These people are compromisers and accommodating to say the least. They can feel when they need to agree and are always ready to meet people half way. Can sometimes become too emotionally dependent on other people.

Moon in the 8th: These people are deep and may or may not need to control things. They are always looking for a deep connection. Can sometimes become too attached to having control in situations.

Moon in the 9th: These people think big and are interested in belief systems. They are philosophical and love to travel. Can sometimes become too attached to beliefs or religion in general.

Moon in the 10th: These people are very into their personal image and how they look to the general public. They are leaders and can know what’s best to do in critical situations. They can become too emotionally attached with seeming like they know what to do.

Moon in the 11th: These people are friendly and are detached in a way. They are able to make friends wherever they go and can become a part of many huge groups. Can become too obsessed with having large groups of friends or acquaintances.

Moon in the 12th: These people are deep and serious. They can be thoughtful and giving however they generally don’t have a good sense of what their emotions are. Can become too reliant on wishing they felt a certain way then actually actively working on their emotions.

Synastry Series: Moon Overlays

Moon in the 1st house:

The house person becomes encompassed by the Moon person’s emotions. Their actions start to derive towards comfort and security of the relationship. The Moon person often expresses their emotions freely to the house person with little excuse. The Moon person provides emotionally thriving interactions, often understanding what the actions of the house person are. The house person’s body language becomes more expressive.

Moon in the 2nd house:

When someone’s Moon falls into another person’s second house, there is a lot of emotional sensuality and predictability that goes into the relationship. The comfort and security of the house person become the main focus of the Moon person. The Moon person may be seen as someone who spends based on wants and whatever emotionally fulfills them, depending on the house person, they can see this as a good or bad thing. Lots of shared cuddles and soft blankets.

Moon in the 3rd house:

Moon in someone else’s 3rd house encourages the house person to become more verbally open about their emotions. Lots of cooperation and friendly supportive nature. The Moon person occupies the 3rd house person’s mind in a way that makes them care deeply. The house person is often found saying “I feel” a lot more around the Moon person. The Moon person comforts the anxious house person.

Moon in the 4th house:

Familiarity and soul connection is felt here. The house person feels like they have found someone who understands them in a way almost no one else can. The Moon person coddles the house person soul with comfort and blankets. They entrap the house person with deep emotional exprencies, the touching of souls is common and psychic receptivity is felt through the heart.

Moon in the 5th house:

Fun times and heartfelt connection. The Moon person becomes a bearer of humor and maternal grounds to the house person. The house person feels like their creativity becomes more intuitive near this person, the heart is sensitive. Quivering to the touch. Loads of emotions are played out in almost theatrical expressions. Laughter and tears are shared from one soul to the other’s heart.

Moon in the 6th house:

Acts of service and emotional support are bound in this synastry. The Moon person becomes one who comforts at an almost daily basis, leaving the house person feeling like their days are emotionally fulfilled (or not, depending on the Moon person). The way the Moon person can go about caring for the house person is through running errands, working, cleaning, and healing the house person.

Moon in the 7th house:

A good synastry for an emotionally balanced relationship. The Moon person activates the house person’s other half by intuitive means. The house person feels as if their missing half is filled through the soul. The two become emotionally understanding companions, the Moon person sheds new insights on emotional issues of the house person, becoming like a problem solver. It’s not intense or extreme, but rather a good marriage synastry, a basic emotional understanding is inevitable.

Moon in the 8th house:

This is a tough pill to swallow in a synastry. The house person now owns the Moon person’s deepest desires and soul. Secrets pour in from the Moon person directly to the house person. The Moon is scared, and almost feels entrapped, but it’s like a horror movie and she keeps coming back for more. It’s possessive and even if the two separate, they still feel a misunderstood way of coming back to each other.

Moon in the 9th house:

A common theme with this synastry is emotional expansion. The Moon person now goes on emotional expenditures with the house person. Traveling through the soul of the house person, the Moon may find a home anywhere with them. Feelings of idealism and joy are effervescent. The house person feels like they are put on a sort of higher being type of pedestal, they feel like they are brought to higher and higher levels in everything.

Moon in the 10th house:

The house person now has a supporting role and partner in their public image. The Moon person becomes like a push for them, supporting their goals and aspirations, especially in business and career. This can be a bit of a traditional relationship, the relationship is really public and may end up being like “trophy wife” or “trophy husband” if it’s a romantic one. The base of emotional security is essential and often provided by both parties, but the Moon person may still feel uncomfortable having such private parts of them exposed like so.

Moon in the 11th house:

The universal best friends, the connection feels cosmic and like a dream that you knew was going to come from the future. The Moon person is supportive of the goals the house person has set for society, and often is there to help them reach it by intuitive means. Often secluding each other from the social scene for times of intimate soulful connection. The feeling like you can both be yourself around each other is really comforting and happy, little judgement is enacted, especially when it comes to your emotions.

Moon in the 12th house:

A bit of a murky synastry for the Moon person. The Moon is naturally a person of passive comforting nature, when they enter the house of subconscious secrets, they feel like their efforts aren’t appreciated and can cause a bit of trust issues in the process because you feel like they’re hiding something. It can create tension because the house person reacts back in suspicion. There’s almost always a sort of uneasy feeling of mistrust. It can be unlocked through the house person simply letting the Moon person into their psyche with little effort for them to exit again.

i behave (sun sign)

my behavior is (house of sun)

i feel (moon sign)

my feelings are (house of moon)

i think (mercury sign)

my thoughts are (house of mercury)

i express grace (venus sign)

my grace is (house of venus)

i act (mars signs)

my actions are (house of mars)

aries: assertively

taurus: indulgently 

gemini: dynamically

cancer: tenderly 

leo: emphatically 

virgo: conscientiously 

libra: passably

scorpio: secretively

sagittarius: righteously

capricorn: professionally 

aquarius: distinctly 

pisces: aimlessly 

1st house: apart of my embodiment 

2nd house: excessive 

3rd house: communicated 

4th house: protective

5th house: theatrical 

6th house: a service 

7th house: apart of my shadow 

8th house: a secret

9th house: perceptive 

10th house: public 

11th house: receptive 

12th house: incognizant

Lilith in the Houses

1st House: Profound connection with the occult, rebellious nature, sense of not fitting anywhere, strong sexual energy, abuse of substances, rejection of the self, Lilith’s energy becomes a part of the personality. Intense hidden passions. Conflicts with the father (especially in a female chart).

2nd House: Conflictive relationship with money (deep desire for it, yet a strong rejection too), allowing of betrayal and betraying, rejection of the self (more in a sense of one’s value), living by the approval of others, extreme self-destruction, denying oneself money or life’s pleasures. Fear of losing everytihing.

3rd House: Engage of possessions through writing or communication, sense that the world has nothing to offer but judgement and abuse, maybe someone reacted negatively against their curiosity or sense of wonder. Fascination-Fear of death, belief that one has no right to live, loss of a sibling or conflictive relationship with them.

4th House: Never feeling at home. Family is related to Lilith somehow, be it a famili member or them as a whole, they might have supressed the native’s self-expression. Wilderness, power struggles, war between sexes, violence, substance abuse, conflict and supression are recurring themes. Wound related to early year’s enviroment at home. Profound intuition, sharp perception of others emotions and motivations 

5th House: Intense desire (violent and hidden) and great repulsion or fear of motherhood/parenthood. Need for perfection, fear of not being good enough leads to not doing anything. Might have been shamed in childhood because of how they played. Fear of pain and love. If good relatiuonship woth the unconscious it can lead to great originality and unconventional creativity with a preference for dark themes.

6th House: Natural sense of duty or getting things done is judged by others. People unwilling to take the native as a student. Search for unconventional jobs that let them be “free”. Challenging authorities, going day to day without worrying about one’s role in the world or why remaining on a job.

7th House: Quest for the perfect relationship. Extreme projecton of emotional charges onto partners and close friends. Intense attractions and repulsions. Longing for the absolute. Relationships wound or heal deeply. Attracts rebellious, independent, passionate and emotiona people with the same need for absolute perfection. They project Lilith onto others. 

8th House: Instintive, primal, irrational side of the person is more comfortable in an area of intimacy and trust. Relationships require absolute honesty, power, death and other people’s money, death causes transformation and affects the native strongly. Need for extreme, sexuality is considered vital and used as a weapon. Great affinity with secret laws of nature and intuition of hidden things in life. Stronger desire to be alone. If disconnected from their psyche it can cause the contrary,   

9th House: Avoids risks and compromising or on the other hand is a complete idealist. Rejects unconventional studies and intellectuality. Profound integration of instinct and knowledge. Desires to travel and explore deeply but fears it at the same time. 

10th House: Public image is excessive, sexual and irreverent. Difficulty at work and being in public. Big potential for originality and independence at the right profession. Doesn’t like rigid stablishments. After some time people might start feeling decieved by them, thinking that they misjudged their character in a negative way. Irresponsible.

11th House: Looks for perfection in a friend. Extremely selective. Projects internal conflicts onto friendships to solve them. Only wants to give the best to the world. Extremely idealistic dreams and desires. On the other hand they can be careless about their future and show little interest on their friends unless they need something.

12th House: Find themselves hard to protect from anyone, even themeselves. Send their anger inward, as well as other emotions. Isolated, live in their heads. A lot of karma comes this natives way. At it’s best it can provide wisdom and intuition. Capable of great self-destruction and possible substance abuse.

where are your emotions tied to?
  • moon in 1st: yourself, your ego, and/or identity
  • moon in 2nd: your most valued possessions, values, and/or self-worth
  • moon in 3rd: your mind, voice, and/or siblings
  • moon in 4th: your family, upbringing, and/or past
  • moon in 5th: your hobbies, children, and/or dating affairs
  • moon in 6th: your pets, health, and/or work
  • moon in 7th: your romantic partners, "shadow side," and/or open enemies
  • moon in 8th: sex, your transformations, and/or your secrets
  • moon in 9th: your travels, learning, and/or philosophy
  • moon in 10th: your career, ambitions, and/or public image
  • moon in 11th: your friends, community, and/or hopes
  • moon in 12th: subconscious, your vulnerability, and secret enemies
Astronomical & Astrological Events in April 🌌
  • April 1st: Mercury at Greatest Eastern Elongation
  • April 2nd: Venus Retrograde enters Pisces; Jupiter biquintile Neptune
  • April 6th: Saturn enters Retrograde
  • April 7th: Jupiter at Opposition
  • April 9th: Mercury enters Retrograde
  • April 11th: Full Moon in Libra
  • April 15th: Venus Direct
  • April 19th: Sun enters Taurus
  • April 20th: Pluto enters Retrograde; Mercury Retrograde enters Aries
  • April 21st: Mars enters Gemini
  • April 22nd: Lyrids Meteor Shower
  • April 23rd: Lyrids Meteor Shower
  • April 26th: New Moon in Taurus
  • April 28th: Venus enters Aries
  • April 29th: International Astronomy Day
  • April 30th: Saturn square Chiron
Cancer Risings 🌙

All Cancer Risings were born with a glitering emotional compass made of sea-foam, and they use it to guide every step they take in this world. They feel their individuality through their ability to be loving and sensitive, mothering the whole world.

Those with Cancer on the Ascendant see the world through gleaming water lenses. Their emotions are on top of everything, and these emotions are used to measure all events and interactions between the self and the rest of the world.

Cancer and Taurus Risings are both considered passive or of yin polarity, but because Cancer Risings have cardinal water on their first house, they demonstrate their sensitivity outwardly: they are worried about bringing affection and emotional security to people around them. Taurus Risings, on the other hand, are worried about receiving or building these things for themselves, for they are the manifestation of fixed earth.

Cancer Risings are constantly managing water strings with their fingers, so it is very easy to manipulate other people through their feelings. They understand the mysterious ebb and flow of the emotional realm and may take advantage (even without intention) of those who do not have understanding of this subtle dimension. Good or evil (or both), Cancer Risings seem to have their loving ones surrounded by pools of twinkling blue water, where everything is under their tender control.

Even at first glance, they display a will to take care of the other that is independent from social status or any potential profits. This is because it is their instinct to nurture and to look after the world. When interacting with Cancer Risings, people instantly feel protected and safe.

Blessed by the gentle silver light of the Moon, those with Cancer on the Ascendant are generally felt by others as tranquil, calm and cozy, but such characteristics vary greatly depending of the conditions and position of the Moon in the natal chart:

Moon/1st house: a water spirit stands on the top of a waterfall, looking down; their feelings are reflected on the disturbances of the water down below. This is someone who is probably popular and has lots of restless emotional energy. Their feelings are troubled, changing radically over small amounts of time. There is a need to actively act upon the world and change things according to one’s emotions. This Moon is competitive and loves to lead and command over others’ emotional matters. Watery feelings stir and are a fiery source of will.

Moon/2nd house: a parent cleans their home while everyone is away, making a list of what is lacking or missing for the family. This is someone who can be stubborn but excels at managing material affairs related to the home, for this is how they achieve emotional security: through material comfort. Projects and changes are approached carefully and rather slowly; everything depends on feeling secure and dominant.

Moon/3rd house: a delighted water fairy jumps around on lily pads, talking excitedly to their animal acquaintances. This is someone drawn to nurture through talking and helping and is very interested in other people’s minds and affairs. This Moon feels great doing many things at a time and being in contact with a lot of different people.

Moon/4th house: a skilled swimmer sits calmy at the very bottom of a deep swimming pool, looking up to the surface that is twisting with light. This Moon is empowered. Probably a good cook, this is someone who is in search of emotional security and stability through its own enormous ability to feel. This is someone who is vigilant and focused in protecting one’s home and loved ones. In situations of peril, sadness or deception, this person is able to demonstrate colossal amounts of emotional energy. A massive tidal wave rising from the horizon.

Moon/5th house: a beautiful merperson sings under the moonlight between rocks; sea spirits materialize; the water sparkles. This is someone ready to be at the center of things, on the spotlight. Gorgeous emotions are well-expressed through art or through pareting. This Moon is great at analyzing other people’s feelings and giving love and affection.

Moon/6th house: a fisher looks up to the nightsky and considers surging tides on the horizon. This is someone who is methodical and excels at evaluating people’s emotions and expectations. This Moon is private and doesn’t really feel the need to express their emotions outwardly. Security is found through knowledge and being useful. Great advices are given by this Moon.

Moon/7th house: a water enchanter contemplates a watery reflection upon a dissolving silver mirror; the person on the mirror is not them. This is someone whose feelings and emotions vary greatly depending on one’s interactions with others. Being in touch with people is essential. Security comes through external approval. This is someone who has a hard time dealing with their own emotions if their dealing with it alone. Others have the impression this Moon is secure and stable. Partnerships are an important point in one’s life.

Moon/8th house: a water sprite lives in the very depths of a black cold lake; the surface is covered in thick sheets of glittering ice. This is someone who is very private about their own feelings, but is constantly trying to better understand them. There is a need to transcend one’s own emotions, specially those connected to relationships. This Moon may be constantly called to tend to other people’s affairs and material matters. This is someone who is considered responsible and confident when dealing with money or property.

Moon/9th house: an ancient spirit of the Atlantic ocean prays quietly at the center of a sunken cathedral; golden arrows pierce the shadows around. People see this person as a lighthouse, a reference in religious or philosophical matters. Security is achieved through guiding other people through these subtle subjects and distributing knowledge.

Moon/10th house: a skillful architect considers the structure of the dam they’ve planned on building; the enormous body of water dancing under the sun seems overwhelming. This is someone who is probably popular and has a need to control and hold one’s emotions, which are made public all the time. Other people see this person as loyal, sincere and responsible. This is someone with great energy to get to one’s objectives.

Moon/11th house: a compassionate noble considers their kneeling subjects kindly; they know exactly what to do. This is someone who excels at dealing with the needs of groups of people and charms the crowds because of their interest in others’ troubles and anxieties. This Moon is also good at solving other people’s problems through effective communication. Security is achieved through materializing other people’s dreams.

Moon/12th house: a water elf kneels by a small blue lake, quietly receiving the blessings of the Moon before parting on a journey; fish dance calmly in the rippling water. This is someone who is very private but very in touch with one’s emotions. The world is felt and internalized in an unique manner. Other people’s feelings are absorbed and interpreted easily. Other people see this person as confused and hard to understand. This Moon is great at seeing the truth behind people’s motives, but hardly reacts aggressively, even if these motives have an “evil” tone to it. Security is achieved through deep understanding other people’s will and objectives.

Placements that may indicate talent in:

Art (in general like dancing, makeup, writing, painting etc.) :

  •  Sun in Leo, Aries, Sagittarius, Pisces, Libra, Cancer, Scorpio, Taurus, Aquarius
  •  Sun in the 2nd/5th/7th/12th House
  •  Moon in Aries, Libra, Sagittarius, Pisces, Scorpio, Taurus, Capricorn
  •  Moon in the 1st/2nd/5th/7th/12th House
  •  Mercury in Pisces, Libra, Taurus, Scorpio, Cancer, Aquarius
  •  Mercury in the 1st/3rd/4th/5th/7th/12th House
  •  Venus in Pisces, Leo, Libra, Taurus
  •  Venus in the 2nd/4th/5th/7th/12th House
  •  Mars in Pisces, Leo, Libra, Taurus, 
  •  Mars in the 2nd/5th/7th/10th/12th House
  •  Ascendant in Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, Libra, Scorpio, Leo, Cancer, Pisces
  •  Venus/Jupiter/Neptune/ aspecting Ascendant
  •  Sun aspecting Venus/Uranus/Neptune
  •  Moon aspecting Venus or Neptune
  •  Mercury aspecting Neptune
  •  Venus aspecting Neptune, Uranus or Pluto
  •  Mars aspecting Neptune
  •  Jupiter in the 5th or 12th House
  •  Uranus in the 3rd or 5th House
  •  Neptune in the 1st, 3rd, 5th or 12th House
  •  Pluto in the 1st, 3rd, 5th or 12th House
  •  Water dominance
  •  MC in Libra, Pisces, Leo, Taurus, Sagittarius, Scorpio
  •  MC or IC in aspect to Venus or Neptune


  •  Sun in Capricorn, Virgo, Libra, Cancer, Scorpio, Taurus, Aries, Aquarius
  •  Sun in the 1st/2nd/6th/7th/10th/11th
  •  Moon in Capricorn, Virgo, Taurus, Libra, Scorpio, Aquarius
  •  Moon in the 3rd/6th/10th House
  •  Mercury in Libra, Gemini, Capricorn, Virgo, Aries
  •  Venus in Aquarius, Libra, Capricorn
  •  Venus in the 1st/10th/11th  House
  •  Mars in Capricorn
  •  Jupiter in the 2nd/3rd/7th/10th/11th House
  •  Saturn in the 1st/10th/11th House
  •  Pluto in the 10th/11th House
  •  MC in Capricorn, Aries, Libra, Virgo
  •  MC aspected by Saturn, Jupiter or Sun
  •  Earth or Fire dominance
  •  Sun aspected by Saturn/Jupiter/Pluto
  •  Moon aspected by Saturn
  •  Mars aspected by Saturn/Pluto
  • Stellium in the 6th/10th House

Humanities (like philosophy, literature, languages)

  • Sun in Libra, Aquarius, Gemini, Pisces, Sagittarius, Virgo
  • Moon/Mercury/Venus  in Libra, Aquarius, Gemini, Pisces, Sag, Virgo
  • Sun/Moon/Mercury/Venus in the 3rd/9th/11th House
  • Mars in Air signs
  • Ascendant in Air sign or Sag/Virgo/Pisces
  • Jupiter in the 3rd, 7th, 9th or 11th House
  • Pluto in the 3rd, 7th, 9th or 11th House
  • Stellium in the 3rd/7th/9th/11th/12th House
  • Sun aspecting Venus or Uranus
  • Moon aspecting Venus, Uranus, Pluto, Saturn
  • Mercury aspecting Venus, Saturn, Uranus or Pluto
  • Air sign/ Virgo dominance
  • MC in Aquarius, Libra, Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces
  • Mutable dominance
  • Saturn/Pluto in the 3rd/9th/11th House House
  • Venus, Uranus or Mercury dominance
  • Mercury, Uranus or Venus aspecting Ascendant


  • Sun in Gemini, Virgo, Aquarius, Capricorn, Pisces, Sagittarius, Taurus, Libra
  • Sun in the 3rd/9th/11th House
  • Moon in Aquarius, Gemini, Virgo, Libra, Capricorn, Taurus
  • Moon/Mercury in the 3rd/9th/11th House
  • Mercury in Scorpio, Aquarius, Capricorn, Sagittarius, Pisces
  • Venus in Aquarius, Pisces, Gemini, Sagittarius
  • Mars in Aquarius, Pisces, Gemini, Virgo
  • Sun aspecting Mercury/Saturn/Uranus
  • Moon aspecting Mercury/Uranus
  • Mercury aspecting Uranus
  • Venus aspecting Uranus
  • Uranus or Mercury dominance
  • Virgo, Aquarius, Capricorn dominance
  • Fixed or Mutable dominance
  • Stellium in the 3rd/9th/10th/11th House
  • Uranus in the 1st/3rd/8th/11th House
  • MC in Aquarius, Capricorn, Gemini, Sagittarius, Virgo, Aries


  • Sun in Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Cancer, Libra, Scorpio
  • Sun in the 1st/5th/8th/10th House
  • Moon in Aries, Capricorn, Cancer, Sagittarius, Scorpio
  • Moon in the 1st/8th/10th House
  • Mars in Aries, Capricorn, Cancer, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Leo
  • Ascendant in Sagittarius, Aries, Leo, Scorpio, Capricorn
  • Saturn/Pluto in the 1st/5th/10th House
  • Jupiter in the 1st/5th/10th House
  • Sun aspecting Mars
  • Mars aspecting Pluto
  • Sun, Mars, Pluto dominance
  • Cardinal dominance
  • MC in Aries, Scorpio, Leo


  • Sun in Capricorn, Scorpio, Virgo, Aries, Aquarius, Leo, Gemini
  • Sun in the 1st/3rd/7th/8th/10th House 
  • Moon/Asc in Aquarius, Leo, Libra, Aries, Capricorn, Virgo, Scorpio, Gemini
  • Moon or Mercury in the 1st/7th/8th/10th House
  • Mercury in Air or Earth signs
  • Venus in Aquarius, Libra, Gemini or Capricorn
  • Mars in Capricorn, Aries
  • Earth or Air dominance
  • Saturn, Pluto, Sun, Mercury dominance
  • Saturn, Pluto or Jupiter in the 3rd/10th/11th House
  • Sun aspecting Saturn/Uranus/Neptune
  • Moon aspecting Saturn
  • Mercury aspecting Neptune
  • Mars aspecting Saturn
  • Venus aspecting Saturn/Uranus
  • MC in Air sign , Capricorn, Virgo, Scorpio, Aries, Sagittarius
  • Stellium in the 6th/7th/8th/10th/11th House