11th may 2013


nothing lost & nothing gained: Solar corona and comet, photographed by SOHO, 11th May 2013.

47 frames taken over 24 hours. Position of the Sun appears to move right-to-left here because the images are aligned to fix the position of background stars. I believe the bright star at bottom left is 5 Tauri.

The comet (top left image) is SOHO 2505, discovered by Szymon Liwo and Zhijian Xu in SOHO images on the previous day.

Image credit: NASA/SOHO. Animation: AgeOfDestruction.

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Hi there. I reunited with YOU, BryanStars, Damon Fizzy and Cyr at warped tour June 26th. Wheatland warped. I had already met you guys on the Bryan Stars tour May 11th 2013. For my first time. It was quit the experience. Both times were. The first time, i hung out with you guys untill the very end, where the venue was closing down on us and they kicked us out. I did a trust fall with Damon and everyone laughed at me. You guys were so chill and fun. I probably hung out with you guys for an hour and talked to each of you personally. You guys are so down to earth and such sweet hearts. You guys truly care about us. Then comes warped tour. I caught Cyr in line as I was waiting to walk into warped, and he got a pic with me and signed a paper for me. I told him how I met him and you guys last year and he said he remembered me. But i doubt that haha. Throughout the day though i would run into him and Cyr would be kind enough to walk around with me and chat. I only got to talk to Bryan for a minute in the professional group picture time. I wasn’t able to get a ticket for their meet up sadly. So i only talked to Bryan really fast and Cyr recognized me of course and so did Damon surprisingly….You guys are so sweet. And you guys keep me going. Thank you for letting me be apart of the youtubers journey with you lovely guys. I hope to reunite with you guys soon. I miss my favs. Thank you for the two unforgettable experiences.I will continue supporting each of YOU.


Because I am a geek, I traced the origins of the newspaper, and found that the front cover is the genuine one from Sat 11th May 2013 but obviously the back cover has been altered ;)

Interestingly, both those sets of football scores on the back are from November 6th 2012!!! :O …..OK now I think I might be Anderson….