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A Beginner’s Guide to Pentagon

A/N: Recently I’ve been speaking of helping people getting into groups and someone asked for help on how to get into Pentagon. So I have now provided everything you need before diving into this incredible group. Enjoy the ride!

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^ Get it, the ride?

General information:

Pentagon is a ten member group under Cube Entertainment which also has groups like BTOB, CLC and Hyuna (previously also 4Minute and Beast). 

They debuted on October 10th 2016 with their first mini album called ‘Pentagon’ and the title track ’Gorilla’: 


On December 7th they came back with the 2nd mini album called ‘Five Senses’ and the title track ’Can You Feel It?’: 


They later released an MV for another song on 'Five Senses’ called ’Pretty Pretty’:


Pentagon maker

Before debuting, they had to go through a survival show with several challenges so they could prove themselves to be a true idol with five qualites that makes into a Pentagon: Talent, Teamwork, Mind, Dance & Performance. 

Here is a link to all the episodes subbed

Variety Shows

When it comes to variety shows, they have been on Weekly Idol (with Victon & Momoland), After School Club, Pops in Seoul and HEYO TV. 

You can find all those appearances in this YouTube playlist along with many other videos of them, most with English subtitles


Now onto member profiles, I’m not going to write thoroughly about their personalities, as I did so in this post, but I will give you their general information:  

Jo Jinho 

  • Born: April 17th 1992 
  • Height: 166cm (realistically)
  • Position: Main Vocal 
  • Formerly a member of SM the Ballad 

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Lee Hwitaek (Hui) 

  • Born: August 28th 1993 
  • Height: Ca. 174cm 
  • Position: Leader, Main Vocal 

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Yang Hongseok 

  • Born: April 17th 1994 
  • Height: Ca. 181cm 
  • Position: Lead Vocal 
  • Was a contestant on Mix & Match with iKON 

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Kim Hyojung (E'Dawn) 

  • Born: June 1st 1994 
  • Height: Ca. 173cm 
  • Position: Lead rapper, Lead dancer 
  • Has stepped in for Ilhoon in Hyuna’s Roll Deep stages 

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Go Shinwon 

  • Born: December 11th 1995 
  • Height: Ca. 184cm 
  • Position: Vocal 

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Yeo Changgu (Yeo One) 

  • Born: March 27th 1996 
  • Height: Ca. 176cm 
  • Position: Lead Vocal 

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^ft. E’Dawn to the left

Yan An 

  • Born: October 25th 1996 
  • Height: Ca. 186cm 
  • Position: Vocal 
  • He is Chinese 

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Adachi Yuto 

  • Born: 23rd of January 1998 
  • Height: Ca. 182cm 
  • Position: Main Rapper 
  • He is Japanese 

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Kang Hyunggu (Kino) 

  • Born: 27th of January 1998 
  • Height: Ca. 174cm 
  • Position: Vocal, Main Dancer, Face of the Group 

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Jung Wooseok 

  • Born: 31st of January 1998 
  • Height: Ca. 188cm 
  • Position: Main rapper, Maknae 

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Additional info

If you are looking for sources for good Pentagon content on Tumblr, I suggest you follow these blogs: 

 If you have any other questions, feel free to message me - I’m happy to help!

Birthday Spell

Lot’s of birthdays for the New Moon I see (: well check out this cool spell you can do on your birthday! 


  • Cake (or cupcake, cookie, sweet dessert you can stick a candle in)
  • Candle
  • Fire source
  • A wish


1. Cleanse and charge your candle and cake with your intent (your wish)

2. Stick candle in cake and place on altar or any sacred space

3. Light candle

4. While the little (but powerful) flame glows feel the energy coming off it’s flicker. Let it wash over you and warm you to your core.

5. Chant: 

A year has come, 

A year has passed,

I’ll make my birthday wish at last, 

Magick powers old and new 

Make my birthday wish come true!

6. Recite your wish out loud in a non passive statement. For example instead of saying “I wish for more money” say instead “I have more money”

7. Blow out your candle

8. Take a well deserved bite of your treat (and remember to leave some as an offering if you work with offerings!)

Happy birthday you magickal creatures! I hope this year is the best one yet!


anonymous asked:

Jonghyun just keeps on blessing us! Okay so quick question. With the announcement of his new concert series, how many concerts has Jonghyun had? I know The Story By Jonghyun were originally 8, but because of high demand they added more dates, PLUS the encore concerts. So adding TSBJ, X-Inspiration, and The Letter, how much is that in total?

the agit: the story by jonghyun
october 2nd, 2015
october 3rd, 2015 (i)
october 3rd, 2015 (ii)
october 4th, 2015
october 8th, 2015
october 9th, 2015
october 10th, 2015
october 11th, 2015
october 16th, 2015
october 17th, 2015 (i)
october 17th, 2015 (ii)
october 18th, 2015
december 11th, 2015
december 12th, 2015 (i)
december 12th, 2015 (ii)
december 13th, 2015 (i)
december 13th, 2015 (ii)
total: seventeen

x - inspiration
december 3rd, 2016
december 4th, 2016 (i)
december 4th, 2016 (ii)
december 17th, 2016
december 18th, 2016
total: five

the agit: the letter
may 26th, 2017
may 27th, 2017
may 28th, 2017
june 1st, 2017
june 2nd, 2017
june 3rd, 2017
june 4th, 2017
june 6th, 2017
june 8th, 2017
june 9th, 2017
june 10th, 2017
total: twelve

so: by the time he finishes up his final concert for the letter he’ll have done thirty five solo concerts in under two years.


December 11th- 17th || “Passionately protest mediocrity”

Next week is going to be so hectic I’m dreading it so much ㅠㅠ
Hopefully I’d be able to get some work done this weekend so it wouldn’t be that bad but like. Idk.
Hey, at least Hanukkah break starts on the 26th and I’d be able to relax for a bit

i was tryna find filming dates for “Luthors” but i couldn’t find any, tho i found pics from when Melissa n Brenda filmed that ep on december 11th. which means that they definitely filmed “Luthors” when they already knew about us shipping it, n all of the gay was intentional so jot that down

Tonight Looks Good on You

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Pairing: John x Reader
Word count: 1,162
Warnings: A swear or two
Prompt: Tonight Looks Good on You- Jason Aldean

John watched as you stood in your favorite sundress, barefeet resting on the soft carpet of your shared bedroom. You looked over at him and blushed. “This?” You did a small turn for him. “Or jeans?” He was taking you out for your three year wedding anniversary while the boys watched your six month old daughter. You were still worried about the little pooch on your lower stomach, which he couldn’t see why.

He got up and smiled, enjoying the way the light of the sunset hit your hair, which was left down. “You look damn good either way, sweetheart.” He smiled before standing behind you. You giggled when he kissed your shoulder, his scruff tickling you. “How about the dress for tonight? I know how much you miss getting all dolled up.” John kissed your cheek and patted your backside with a chuckle before walking away.

The doorbell had rang, letting you know that Sam and Dean were there. They fought over who would get to watch her, and this was the solution. They both adored their baby sister to bits, and you had no arguments.

You ain’t got a dress that I don’t like
You ain’t got a pair of jeans that don’t fit you just right
There’s not a minute in the day
That you don’t knock me out, you don’t blow me away
But, girl, now that the sun’s gone down (whoa-oh-oh)
Looking at you right here and now, baby

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I regularly get asked for the QR codes of the stepping stone path I use in my ACNL town, so here are all the seasonal versions I had handy for those that would like them.

A few caveats for people interested in using these QR codes:

  • These do not correspond to a full year of grass color changes. If I remember correctly: “spring” matches April 1st-July 5th (with a special cherry blossom version for April 1st-10th), “fall” matches November 2nd-17th, and “winter” matches December 11th-February 24th.
  • Because the color of the grass can change dramatically during different times of the day/weather conditions, these paths will only fully match some of the time. I edit the pallet of my patterns to get better matches when I take screenshots or update my dream town, but for someone using a QR code made by a different person this is not an option. Be aware!

EDIT: I made some more seasonal variations of this path covering summer, mid-September, and early fall, check them out in this post!


Photos from The Rolling Stones’ Rock and Roll Circus, taken by Michael Randolph on 10th/11th December, 1968, and enhanced/restored by Paul Skellett for a new book, Rock And Roll Circus - The Photos of Michael Randolph, with Paul Skellett and Keith Badman. 

This is the greatest! Turn it up, turn it right up. It’s GOT to be a hit. It’s the greatest record I’ve heard for weeks. It’s fantastic. I hope it’s a hit. It’s all Brian Wilson. He just uses the voices as instruments. He never tours or does anything. He just sits at home thinking up fantastic arrangements out of his head.  Doesn’t even read music. You keep waiting for the fabulous breaks. Great arrangement. It goes on and on with all different things. I hope it’s a hit so I can hear it all the time. Can I have that?
—  John Lennon, reviewing The Beach Boys’ ‘The Little Girl I Once Knew’ for Melody Maker: Blind Date. (December 11th, 1965)