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a little late in posting a film schedual this year, but better late than not at all - six already in and their posts follow presently…

November 1st: Lady in the Lake - Robert Montgomery, 1946

November 2nd: Fast and the Furious - Roger Corman, 1955

November 3rd: One Way Passage - Tay Garnet, 1932

November 4th: They Drive by Night - Raoul Walsh, 1940

November 5th: Secret Behind the Door - Fritz Lang, 1947

November 6th: Fairwell My Lovely - Dick Richards, 1975

November 7th: Caught - Max Ophuls, 1949

November 8th: The Spiral Staircase - David O Selznick, 1945

November 9th: Murder My Sweet - Edward Dmytryk, 1945

November 10th: Cape Fear - J. Lee Thompson, 1961

November 11th: Womans Prison - Lewis Seiler, 1955

November 12th: The Letter - William Wyler, 1940

November 13th: The House on 92nd Street - Henry Hathaway, 1945

November 14th: Ministry of Fear - Fritz Lang, 1944

November 15th: Night Editor - Henry Levin, 1946

November 16th: The Clouded Yellow - Ralph Thomas, 1950

November 17th: The Man I Love - Raoul Walsh, 1947

November 18th: The Big Steal - Don Siegel, 1949

November 19th: Illegal - Lewis Allen, 1955

November 20th: They Live by Night - Nicholas Ray, 1948

November 21st: Side Street - Anthony Mann, 1949

November 22nd: Bad for Each Other - Irving Rapper, 1953

November 23rd: The Glass Wall - Maxwell Shane, 1953

November 24th: Act of Violence - Fred Zinnermann, 1948

November 25th: Mystery Street - John Sturges, 1950

November 26th: Over-Exposed - Lewis Seiler, 1956

November 27th: One Girls Confession - Hugo Haas, 1953

November 28th: Panic in the Streets - Elia Kazan, 1950

November 29th: The Killer that Stalked New York - Earl McEvoy, 1950

November 30th: Naked City - Jules Dassin, 1948

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Gender: female
Star Sign: sagittarius ♐️
Height: 5′3
Sexual Orientation: lesbian
Hogwarts House: ravenclaw
Favourite Colour: purple 💜
Favourite animal: baby goaTS OMG
Average hours of sleep: honestly its either 2 hours or 12 hours,,there is no in-between
Cat or dog person: i have a doggo and i love him but ive always preferred cats 🐱
Favourite Fictional Characters: jillian holtzmann, regina mills, spiderman, the 11th doctor, alex danvers, darcy lewis, howl jenkins/pendragon (and a loT more) 💕
Number of blankets I sleep with: one duvet, two blankets
Favourite Singer/Band: christine and the queens, twenty one pilots, arcade fire, my chemical romance, halsey, and hayley kiyoko
Dream trip: austria 🇦🇹
Dream job: musician !! honestly as long as its creative and i like it i dont care. id love to work in the film industry,, or be a comedian maybe 🎸
When was this blog made? december 2012 i think
Number of followers: 1153 (idk how lmao)
What made you decide to create this blog? I created it like legit 5 years ago i have nO idea. probably boredom tbh 😬

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