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In the episodes Rise of the Cybermen and Age of Steel, the Doctor poses as staff in Pete’s world with Rose Tyler. I will happily say this idea came from a fanfiction, though I don’t know the name of it, but can’t you just imagine 10 tugging at the edges of his bow tie, this incarnation of him more used to the long tie he wears daily, and pouting a bit to get a smile out of Rose? I can. I can also see her smiling fondly, her tongue sticking out a little, and saying: “I think bow ties are cool." 

Doctor 10’s last thoughts were of everything he loved about this body and the person it was born for. Rose. Makes you wonder just a little bit why he chose a bow tie.

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That’s the Doctor. In the TARDIS. With Rose Tyler. - Mickey Smith - Age of Steel


Dr Who: Eleven & Rose | | Moondust

Am I the only one who gets annoyed slightly when reading 10/Rose fanfic that is basically them thinking ‘what if 'he/she doesn’t love me? I’ll keep quiet to preserve our best-friend-ship.’

I honestly, sincerely, really think that the Doctor knew Rose loved him, and vice versa. And if not love, they knew the other felt something other than friendship. Sure it needed to be said.

But even then, they must’ve known something.

Maybe I’m wrong, this is just my opinion on this. But I’m reading this 11/Rose ff and River ambushed and kissed Eleven and Rose saw and ran off crying.


I know it’s been 60+ years since you’ve seen him, but he loved you when he was 900 and a grumpy 9th regeneration. He also loved you when he was 903 or 907 and a bubbly, later somewhat desperate, 10th regeneration…

In this ff he’s, what, like 1100 and he’s told you like a thousand times that he loves you. And he has, for 200 years. 

So STFU, don’t cry and have some faith in him. 

OMS, Rose.

Eleven/Rose | Bigger on the Inside

“Rose, Rose, Rose,” he whispers in her ear and she crumbles, gasping and crying as she holds on for dear life.

             - Bigger on the Inside by Katie

So, this looks a lot better on paper then it does in this picture, but my scanner was being crap and this is the best picture I could get so… yeah.

I’m planning on properly lining and colouring this, but I’ve been having a war with my tablet lately, so it may or may not happen.


The Doctor and his Rose

I miss Rose :’( so in honor of my favorite companion here are some stories of Rose and her Doctor ^^

Warnings: Dark Doctor, unplanned pregnancy, hurt/comfort

The Price of Victory:
Ratings: Teen
Summary: (Dark Parallel 10th Doctor). When a young blond woman claims to be on a journey from parallel to parallel to stop an ominous threat, the villainous Time Lord Victorious is determined to break her spirit and crush her goals to escape, but he doesn’t count on what happens next. (Canon friendly and professionally illustrated).

Ratings: Mature
Summary: Set after GitF. Assume that the Doctor and Rose were already intimately involved prior to the ordeal in eighteenth century France. Rose decides to leave. The Doctor wants to win her back. But is there more to her departure than his betrayal of her trust?

I’d Never Leave You:
Ratings: Mature
Summary:  Follow the Doctor & Rose on their adventures, finding love & marriage & the bits in between. Until they are torn apart . Rose is stuck in the parallel world raising their son alone while the Doctor is on the other side trying to find away to bring his family home. The help from Donna in search for a natural crack in time & space. The help of Jack & Torchwood team & Wilf Mott!

The Kissing Game:
Ratings: Mature
Summary: The Doctor and Rose visit a blanket bazaar, and she tries on a lipstick that turns invisible when applied — until you look at someone you want to kiss. Neither wants to admit that they want to kiss the other, and it turns into a game of who’ll give in first.  

The Beat of Three Hearts:
Ratings: Teen
Summary: The Doctor has always said that he doesn’t do domestics. But when Rose discovers she is pregnant, the Doctor finds himself changing his mind as he and Rose navigate potential parenthood and their feelings for each other. But when an old enemy resurfaces amid the family bliss, will the Doctor be able to protect his new family?

The Girl Who Cried Wolf:
Ratings: Mature
Summary: When the Master captures Rose after escaping the time lock to wind up in the parallel universe, he realizes she’s been keeping a secret that involves her child and the 11th Doctor. A secret that he intends to turn against his oldest enemy. Will the Doctor be able to save Rose and his child before it’s too late? Suggestive adult themes.

The Old Team:
Ratings: Teen

What would it have been like if Rose hadn’t ended up trapped in the other universe at the end of Doomsday? Will she keep her promise of forever? Or will forces beyond their control end up separating the Doctor and Rose for good? My version of series 3 with Rose.

Part 1 of The Doctor, in the TARDIS, with Rose Tyler.  

Love Story:
Ratings: General
Summary: A Romeo and Juliet AU with Ten/Rose without the dying. A modern day adaption.
A relatively angst-free prompt story that I wanted to make multi-chapter.
It is complete and will be uploaded as I feel so led.  

Forgotten Past:
Ratings: Teen
Summary: The Doctor starts opening up to Rose. He tells her fondly of his childhood and the girl who had stolen his hearts. How is it that Rose ISN’T jealous? And why is the Doctor so worried about her Dad’s old pocket watch? The answers may tear her life apart. 

A Sorta Fairytale:
Ratings: General
Summary: Amy Pond doesn’t believe in fairytales. The Doctor knows a hundred reasons why she should. Namely, because he is one. Breaking all the rules of time travel, he risks everything to show her why she shouldn’t give up on love

Flash Forward:
Ratings: Teen
Summary: “The Weeping Angels are changing their tactics- sending their victims forwards in time instead of back.” Ten and Rose face The Slow Path when they find themselves stuck in 2012 without the TARDIS; but luckily another Doctor and his two faithful Ponds are there to give them a hand. “You can talk to me, Rose Tyler, I did a major in timey-wimey.” 10/Rose, 11/Rose, Amy/Rory.

The Song Verse:
Ratings: Teen

See You Again:
Ratings: NC-17
Summary: The Doctor tries to move on after losing Rose, but every time he’s feeling low, he can’t seem to stop himself from going back in time to meet her. At the same time, Martha is becoming suspicious over the Time Lord’s mysterious trips.

 A Dark Path to Redemption:
Ratings: NC-17
Summary: London was in darkness, a thick cloud of misery hung over the city. This was no natural phenomena. The cause was simple and yet so complicated. A being shrouded in his own personal misery and guilt had settled amongst them forcing them to suffer with him. He was a former god of the universe living in his own personal hell. Until, he met a certain golden haired girl, an echo from when he was once happy. She might be the key to his redemption and in turn the release of London from its dark and gloomy fate.

 The Hat:
Ratings: General
Summary:John Smith met Rose Tyler in a playground when they were eight years old, and he fell for her almost immediately - in whatever way an eight year old boy could. They both had blue notebooks, and he really liked her hat.