11pm is too early too wake up

🌟It’s 11pm and you are scrolling through social media. You come across a photo of your dream body.
You tell yourself that you are “100% no excuses going to get up. You are officially motivated”
You set an alarm for 6am and go to sleep.
Suddenly you wake to the sound of your alarm, ….‘how the hell is it 6am already, I swear I didn’t even sleep?!’ 😫 You roll over.
You’re too tired. It’s too early. …..But is it too early?
Or are you just being lazy.
If you just turned on the light, could you possibly roll yourself out of bed and get dressed?
You snooze your phone and tell yourself you will get up in 15 minutes.
15 minutes later. You’re still tired.
You try again. 15 mins later and you’re still not feeling 100%. 15 minutes later and you’re now at the point where you are not even tired, you’re now unmotivated because you didn’t get up in the first place.
You’ll try again tomorrow. You set an alarm for 6am tomorrow🌟 ☝️😤 Do you know how I know this is common? Because I’ve done it.
I’ve been there. MANY TIMES.
I’ve been lazy before, I’ve eaten junk, I’ve rolled over, I’ve slept in…and I’ve given up. I’ve done all of that. BUT I am here today to tell you that it CAN change.
It DOES change and you CAN do this.
So don’t think. Get up …and just do it 👊 www.kaylaitsines.com.au/guides

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