24 dates (part 2/3)

pairing: nico/maki (side nozomi/eli)

rating: M

summary: A doctor and a super idol start dating each other. It’s kind of a mess, but it’s kind of perfect. (Sequel to 24 visits)

words: 11k~

warnings/notes: strong sexual content dates 12/13. all mistakes mines.

ao3 link | tumblr link part 1

Date seven:

Place: Nishinkino General

Time: June 2nd, 1:00 pm

Yelp: 4/5 | Date: 3/5 Nico’s

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Let Astro|Physics Be The Dream: One Year Later
by Dr Chanda Prescod- Weinstein
By Chanda Prescod-Weinstein

Dedicated to filmmaker Prashant Bhargava, who texted me as I was writing the original piece last year and told me that my voice was important. He died just two weeks later.

Last May, I wrote a widely circulated (11K hits) blog entry, Let Astro/Physics Be The Dream It Used To Be. In it, I outlined some of the bad (although not the worst) shit that I had experienced as a Black queer femme trying to make a path for myself in theoretical astro|physics. (Why not the worst? Because of the way academia works, it’s actually not professionally safe for me to talk about it. But let’s just say it involves abuses. Verbal, racist, and sexual.)

The response, at least outside of the physics and astronomy communities, was phenomenal.


I dreamed, as I saw the response, that a year later, I would be able to write a generous follow up that talked about how much better I felt about things. 

But overall, the astro/physics community has a stewardship/mentoring/research production paradigm that can be most succinctly described as: a fucking shit show.

I could use big terms and say it is white supremacist, heterocispatriarchal, and misogynist in nature.

But what it boils down to is that while there are many kind, generous advisors out there, even the kind, generous ones don’t really know what they are doing.

So, in an effort to be productive, let me offer some advice about giving advice, now not only as a senior postdoctoral researcher in theoretical physics but also as the new Editor in Chief of a literary magazine, The Offing, whose mission is to “author change from the people who built these cities.” It’s going to be a little tough love-y. But it will also be full of love for what we could be. (And works in tandem with what Sarah Tuttle has said about the disasters of the Master/apprentice model.)


Happy fanfiction writers appreciation day!

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To any new writers: Be brave! Take the plunge and post your fics - the world can’t wait to read them, and I’m sure they’re wonderful! And if you’ve already done so, then congratulations, and welcome to the world of writing!

To any old writers: Thank you, and keep going! Your fics are appreciated and enjoyed, and hopefully whatever comes next is as loved as it deserves to be!

To the popular writers: Well done on getting your work out there! It’s wonderful to see fics with so many notes, and I hope your next fic is just as appreciated!

To the writers who get 3 notes: Your work is no less amazing than those who get thousands of notes. Keep going, because there are people who adore what you write. You are fantastic and loved.

To the writers who post fics regularly: You are incredible, and should be both admired and feared. Well done for your wonderful work ethic, and for bringing quality writing to your fandoms!

To the writers who update irregularly: You are brilliant. Writing is hard, and just because you don’t update frequently doesn’t detract from the fact that you’re incredible people who are writing for nothing but pleasure. I hope your writing is going well, and that you know that your fics (and you!) are loved.

To the writers who have lost their inspiration: Don’t worry! Inspiration comes and goes, and hopefully your enthusiasm for your fics will come back. Until then, know that the writing you’ve already done is wonderful, and if you decide to continue, it’ll be fantastic.

To every writer: Thank you ❤️

US Swimmer Jimmy Feigen Agrees to Pay $11K to Avoid Prosecution in Rio
U.S. Olympic swimmer Jimmy Feigen agreed to make an $11,000 donation to a Brazilian charity in an effort to resolve a dispute over claims of being robbed in Rio de Janeiro that authorities say were made up. Feigen's lawyer in Rio, Breno Melaragno Costa, announced the agreement early Friday...
By ABC News

US Olympic swimmer to pay $11,000 to avoid prosecution in robbery scandal

US Olympic gold medalist Jimmy Feigen has agreed to pay nearly $11,000 to charity in order to leave Brazil following accusations he and three teammates fabricated a robbery story. Feigen’s lawyer said Feigen would receive his passport after the payment is made. - @abcnews  

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Close Your Eyes, Clear Your Heart, Cut The Cord by eli_ssabeth (yafookinlousah on tumblr)
Pairing: Louis/Harry
Word Count: 11k
Rating: Teen And Up
Summary: Harry looks bewildered for a second before extending his hand warily. “I’m Harry. Styles.“
Louis looks at his hand then back at his face before reluctantly shaking it. “Is that your real name?” he asks dubiously.
Harry barks out a short laugh. “Yep,” he says, popping the p. “But I get that a lot.”
“Oh, I’m sure you do.”
“You still haven’t told me yours,” Harry reminds Louis, who is definitely paying attention to what Harry is saying and totally not getting lost in his eyes.
“Look at that, I haven’t,” Louis agrees, finally letting go of Harry’s hand before offering a strained smile and marching past him.
He can feel Harry’s stare on him the entire way to the door.

Louis is a paediatric surgeon who hates publicity visits and Harry is a singer who visits publicly. A lot. They fall in love anyway.

Written as part of @hlyearlyficfest


Aight so I got emo last night and decided to go all the way back on the girls’ Twitters. I made the observation that everything involving Camren got HELLA likes and rts. Here’s what I found.

To be fair and show some comparison I put in some Caminah. Less than 6k on both
likes and rts. Next is Lauren meeting Patrick. Less than 10k both ways. Next, Lauren confirms she’s G!P. Less than 7k. Then there’s Lauren posting a vine of Camila shooting hoops. 15k rts, 11k likes. Camila going to Lauren’s hotel room (I think?) For cookies. 25k rts, 20k likes. Lauren posts a selfie looking scrumptious as usual. Less than 4k on both retweets and likes. Lauren uploads a vine of her and Camila. 17k rts and 13k likes. Lauren posts a pic of Camila. 25k, 17k. Camren selfie, Camren selfie, both around 60k rts and 30k likes. Just to be fair I also nabbed a Laucy post, which could only haul in about 3k both ways.

The main point of this?

Camren, real or not, (real), draws so much attention. It’s famous. You search up Lauren you get suggestions of Camren and Camila. There’s no denying that management would be making a smart moving having them be together. Imagine how much money/attention that would pull in.

Not really sure what the point of this was but Camren is the one ship that pulls in the most because if how real it is. The looks, the proofs, everything. But that’s for another story. For now just enjoy knowing that Camren is famous.

From @ellessey-writes’s beautiful fic chamomile and carnivorous plants (11k/M)

‘There was no great defining moment, no point in time Kenma can look to and say, That’s what did it. That’s when I fell for Kuroo.He just did somehow.

And it’s the worst. For so many reasons.’


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concept: i come up with witty titles that actually fit the chapters i write and i don’t have to save them in a word document just hoping that they become somehow appropriate later down the line

sorry for no new content for the last month, been very busy with office moving and popcon and constant dedlines - I haven’t drawn anything tbh, and I’m craving pineapples and been sleeping for 10+ hrs whenever possible.

thanks for new followers (nearing 11k… where the hec yall came from) sorry if things aren’t move-y here, but glad you enjoy whatever u find here!

Beneath Ceaseless Skies eZine is Seeking Adventure Fantasy Fiction Stories - Pays 6 cents/word

Award-winning sci-fi/fantasy ezine Beneath Ceaseless Skies is now open for submissions. The publication focuses on “literary adventure fantasy”– that is, stories set in a secondary-world with elements of traditional or classic fantasy, but written in a literary prose style.

The editor prefers stories concentrate on the characters moving the story forward in their quest to attain a desire, goal, or fate, whether internally or externally. Stories should take place in a pre-tech environment, such as steampunk, the weird west, alternate history, etc.

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by the way! i still have these girls around, collecting dust in their wings in my lair. they are free to a good home! my only request is that you take them in because you actually want them, not for some quick free exalt fodder

if you want to see them in more detail:


willow trees - part one: red - (11k+) - part 1 in the Down in The Forest series

Michael knows his place. Everyday, he sits in the basement, and doesn’t come out. He doesn’t make a sound, or a request, lest he be punished.

But all of that changes the night his house is lit up with red and blue flashing lights, and he finds a boy who offers him a whole new world.

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fic recs for Fanfic Writers' Appreciation Day

the hq rarepair fandom is blessed with so many great writers ♥ these are just a few of my favourites. happy reading!

pomme (manta)




  • gone are the days - KinKuniKage (G, 4.8k, post-canon reunion)
  • real - IwaKage (G, 7k, meeting again at work)