Author: baekhyun
Genre: smut, actor!yoongi, actor!jungkook, bottom!jungkook, top!yoongi
Rating: mature
Side Pairings: none
Length: 11k
Warnings: none
Summary: “I,” Yoongi says, “would rather die than act in another movie with Jeon Jeongguk.”

“Then die.” Jimin says flatly. “Because you’re doing it anyway.”

ruqayapower  asked:

Hi love. Do you know any FanFics where Harry and Louis hate each other and then the hate turns to love?

You can also check the enemies to lovers tags here and here :) x

above your head by deadspy (57k) (TW : Past Character Death)

After Hours by Velvetoscar (26k)

And I’ll judge the cover by the book by harrystylesandstuff (73k)

blend into my favourite colour by rainbowninja167 (19k)

Close Your Eyes, Clear Your Heart, Cut The Cord by eli_ssabeth (11k)

Cold by RealName (87k)

Court-Ordered by kikikryslee (10k)

Flightless Bird by DonnaHaywardsHead (97k) (Check tags for triggers)

i’ll be yours to keep by midnights (17k)

Like Candy In My Veins by littlelouishiccups (31k)

Love’s On The Line, Is That Your Final Answer? by PearlyDewdrops (53k)

Off The Record by Tomlinsontoes (90k)

Run Like the Devil by benzos (138k) (Check tags for triggers)

say i hate you but i always stay by clicheanna (8k)

somethin’ bout you by missandrogyny (59k)

Supposed to Be by kikikryslee  (26k)

the boys of fall by godgavemelou (21k)

We’re Like Bumper Cars by sincehewaseighteen (31k)

we’re not friends, we could be anything by nooelgallagher, yoursongonmyheart (115k)

anonymous asked:

Yes I just found it and reread it last night. Louis gets shot in "and so far so good" by checkthemargins. works/1753535

And So Far So Good (11k)

It’s been a year since Louis got hurt.

  Sometimes, when Harry’s alone, he catches the scent of Tom Ford cologne where it doesn’t exist. Louis’s never stepped foot in this room, but Harry breathes in the ghost of him and pretends not to notice the goosebumps breaking out across his skin.

oh shit I dooo remember this fic, it’s really good!!

lmao yo i’m convinced melania just tryna outlive this man and collect them billions at this point

Marvel: we can’t make one of our film or show leads Asian. That would be…. against the original source material. That’s also why we can’t make them LGBTQ+.

Power Rangers (2017): hey what’s up. 4/5 of our leads are POC. One is autistic and one is confirmed LGBTQ+. We have the first Asian superhero in a big-budget film, the first autistic superhero in a big/budget film, and the first LGBTQ+ superhero in a big-budget film. None of this was really in the original source material, but representation matters and we specifically casted them with the intention of making a diverse film.