24 Christmas Fics for the Holidays!

Since it’s officially December, here’s a nice list of cosy Christmas fluff (a bit of angst & smut too) for you to savour.

all i want for christmas is by crybaby (17k)

All I Want For Christmas Is You (And Your Children) by hazzboolarry (11k)

All I want for christmas is you by Tita (2k)

all the lights are full of colour by infinitelymint (26k)

And It’s Snowing by b0yfriendsinl0ve (12k)

Candles On Air by isthatyoularry (29k)

Can’t Hide It, You Might As Well Embrace It by supernope (67k)

every time i run, i keep on falling on you by hazmesentir (12k)

Flurries and Flames by ysl_harrie (21k)

Frozen Hands to Hold by hickeystyles (41k)

hurry down the chimney tonight by Acavall (3k)

let this one gift last forever by larryshares (10k)

love is a word (you gave it a name) by hattalove  (21k)

Make My Wish Come True (Baby All I Want For Christmas Is You) by larrymylove (29k)

Maybe We’re Perfect Strangers (Maybe We’ll Stick Together) by FallingLikeThis (Zayniam) for DuchessKitty16 (24k)

may your every wish come true by sweetrevenge (4k)

one glance and the avalanche drops by Wankerville (8k)

Out of Orbit, Into Gravity by eravain (7k)

Snowed Under by ModestlyHomo (10k)

Snow Job by DuchessKitty16 (42k)

the frost covers all by ihavetoomuchfreetime (19k)

There Is a Light by perfectdagger (sincerelyste) (17k)

We Will Find Our Way by supernope  (9k)

You’re Writing Verses About Me by Rearviewdreamer  (23k)

Wow!!! We hit 11k today! Thank you all so much! We’re all super appreciative. I honestly never even considered 10k. I told my roomies, who are now the two other mods, that I’d upload a video of me playing History Maker on guitar if I ever achieved 10k. That’s how impossible it seemed to me, back in October when we got our first thousand.

You guys are all so amazing. I still can’t believe some of you guys have made art related to this silly blog. You’re all just so lovely and talented. I love Yuri on Ice so much and I’m so happy to be able to share that love with all of you.

I’ll spare you my bad guitar playing, but if we get 15k, I’m considering a Yuri on Ice tattoo…

Lots of love and yummy katsudon!
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hey guys i’m back!! sorry i was gone for so long but i had a lot on my plate. but it feels nice to be back :-)) I ALSO HIT 11K WHICH IS CRAZY CONSIDERING I WAS GONE SO LONG SO THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH I LOVE YOU ALL ❤️❤️❤️

  • the entire marching bandom: wow band is such an important thing to me never give it up and live thru your dreams!! :))) band is a place where we can all come together and enjoy being a family and making music with endless memories!!! it doesnt matter if youre woodwind, brass, strings, or percussion; we are all united together in harmony ♥♥♥♥♥
  • me: what happens if i put a banana in my instrument

post s.2: Stiles doesn’t want just any summer fling. He wants Derek. And Lydia is determined to help Stiles get him.

For the stereksupportnetwork‘s July beach/summer/vacation prompt. I went a little crazy with the tropes here, including: summer fling, beach trip, beach volleyball, bonfire, misunderstandings, popsicle flirting, and more!

“What we need,” Lydia Martin, strawberry-blonde goddess and until recently the one and only love of one Stiles Stilinski’s life, slides her attention from the people passing the outdoor café to eye him critically, “is to find some summer flings.”

It’s been about two weeks since Jackson-gate, when his parents decided to up and leave the country on a moment’s notice, taking the newly minted beta and, until recently, one and only love of Lydia Martin’s life with them.

The Stiles of three months ago would have been ecstatic. The Stiles of right now still can’t say he’s terribly broken up about seeing the last of the person who had been the bane of his high school, middle school, and much of his elementary school existence, but he does feel some empathy for Lydia – who had to take the news in tandem with that of her best friend clearing out to France for the summer – and even for Derek, whose betas have been dropping like flies since April. Even Isaac, considering the amount of time he’s been hanging around Scott recently (and no, Stiles is not the littlest bit bitter about that), seems to be hanging onto Derek’s pack by a thread. The guy had spent about half a second being not totally alone in the world, and even Jackson Whittemore has got to be better company than nothing.

There’s a very good reason why Stiles’ brain is jumping straight to Derek at the mention of “summer flings,” and that reason is also why Stiles is able to flash Lydia a smile and respond with no real degree of seriousness:

“You offering, Lyds?”

Three months ago, Stiles would have been utterly serious. And three months ago Lydia wouldn’t have been sitting in a café smiling at him. All in all, he’s pretty ok with the trade-off.

Even if he has managed to trade one impossible crush for another.

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