Not in That Way

for thepriestthinksitsthedevil

Word Count: 11437

“How can you say to relax?“ Louis asked. “We’ve been looking for our soulmates forever and we’ve yet to meet them.”

“Because we’re 22,” Harry said. “We have time.”

“But like, what is he waiting for?” Louis continued. “Like, I’ve had my big gay realization - we all have, except for Niall - so all that’s left to happen is to actually meet him. What’s taking so long?”

“We have time to meet our men, Louis,” Zayn said. “And Niall has time to meet his woman.”

At the mention of his name, Niall thought he should contribute to the conversation, even though lately, he’d been wondering if he’d actually find his soulmate, and not in a cynical way.

All he could come up with, though, was, “Yeah, Lou. Uh, definitely…”

Or, the college soulmate AU where the boys aren’t straight, but the rest of their sexualities are still to be determined.

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Every time I reread the Hunger Games trilogy I become more furious about the movie representation.

These books were about an indigenous woman (with a brain injury in book 3) living in poverty overthrowing a corrupt white government.

She was demisexual, had stomach hair, was not even remotely romantically driven (and canonically didn’t even find romance until after she had finished a revolution.)

And Peeta was disabled and physically abused as a child and they both suffered from mental health problems and the parallel between the Capitol and the ruling rich was so very transparent.

And I’m seeing fun coloured makeup in stores labeled “Capitol colours from the Hunger Games”!

These books were about the revolution of the most oppressed taking over the extravagance and elitism and decadence of the ruling class while citizens starved.

These books were a parallel to our current social dynamics, they were a call to arms. They were a battle cry for the impending ruin of the rich white ruling class.

And the movies portrayed them as a fantasy, a romance story, a cute little love triangle. When the real story in the books was one of strength and upheaval and shifting paradigms and revolutions.