excited to be playing at tomorrow’s Cathedral Arts Festival from 12:30-1:30 alongside Merky Waters, @pimpton & The Hoodoo Men. The #11Hooks crew will be spray painting their yearly mural live at the Brandee’s wall which will be held down by the phenomenal graffiti talents of @youngjarus @wizwon @jtrue_the_ruler & @bj_zieger. Alongside the art and music showcase we will have art prints, canvases, shirts and stickers for sale. #MakeYourMark is a pivotal event at every years arts festival that inspires and illuminates artists/musicians/human beings through the core elements of #HipHop and has inspired me throughout the years I walked up and down 13th Ave and saw these guys progressing and creating such incredible art. I am proud to represent tomorrow with them and cannot express enough gratitude and appreciation to all the insight, wisdom and life lessons each one of these artists and other artists from the 11 Hooks family have shared with me, shaping me as an artist, musician and better human being. our growth and potential is unlimited, and we are seizing our dreams together, even if we’re miles apart. Love you guys forever.

New design by @missplanette ! comes in 4 different color schemes and will be on shirts and stickers soon, really happy with these, thank you so much Anette. *I used a piece of my artwork on the right so the design could fully fit in the frame #missplanette #originofspin #11hooks #chapelsound

Thanks to everyone who came out to UP IN SMOKE and supported the new #Head2Head / #11Hooks Headquarters fundraiser on Saturday, it was a very successful night and amazing to see so many old friends and new faces. Thanks to Ty for painting this character which turned out to be me when I grow out my beard and long hair hahaha can’t wait for the next Hooks party bless up! 🙏👽