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Eleven Days of Eleven: Ponds or Paternoster Gang

The 11Eleven Project is something I became apart of at the start of the year. It is created by the people for the people. Its sole purpose is to bring individuals together, lift man-made boundaries, shatter misconceptions and open a universal narrative which brings about positive communication amongst all people.

A little bit about the 11Eleven Project:

For 24 hours, on 11/11/11 anyone who has access to a film, video, digital, phone or web camera will be invited to partake in the biggest creative project of our human history. People from 196 different countries, brought together by over 2000 languages will be asked to capture a day in the life of their world.

By bringing the world together as one, we open up the opportunity for people to view our planet as a singular entity. 11/11/11 is an occasion to illustrate the commonalities amongst all people and to witness the shared experience amongst every human being living on planet earth. With this greater representation, may come an enlightened sense of global awareness, responsibility and recognition.

Please follow the above link and pledge to become part of this fantastic project; it will be exciting to be able to work with you all to make the world a better place.


Two more days until 11/11/11!! Can’t wait!!

A Little More

Can you be a little more warm and a little less cold?
…a little more ardent and a little less surly?
…a little more responsive and a little less indifferent?
…a little more mushy and a little less undemonstrative?
…a little more intimate and a little less aloof?
…a little more unconstrained and a little less reserved?

…even just for a little while?