11am is 8pm for me so


It’s currently 00:41AM and about ten minutes ago, I broke 10k! I wrote a total of 10.076 words today. I just. I can’t. It’s not quite 16k from back in March, but I’m so proud of myself for pushing through and not giving up.

Time: 00:41AM

Wordcount: 26.267

Words written today: 10.076

Music (some songs I listened to):

Fake it by Bastille (so much love for this song)

LA Devotee by Panic! At The Disco

Don’t Threathen Me With A Good Time by Panic! At The Disco.

Break Up Every Night by The Chainsmokers

Before I go, I want to thank coffee for making this whole adventure possible. AND! In about 20 hours I will be live on YouTube (April 19th, 8PM CET/ 2PM EST/ 11AM Pacific Time), so if you can, please join in! I’ll be doing a separate post as well for the liveshow with more information.

Studying after a break

Since the winter break is over/nearly over for a lot of us, I thought I should make a little post with some tips for getting back into the rhythm of studying and school after having a few weeks off. I really struggle with this so if anyone has more tips please feel free to share! 

  • Routine- try to stick to a routine similar to before the break; set an alarm to make sure you have enough time to get ready before school/starting to study. Make time for exercising, socialising, a job, chores, and relaxing. It might take a week or so but you’ll soon start to feel like you’re getting back into the swing of things. Maybe take this as an opportunity to add to your routine by trying out a new sport or club. 
  • Organisation- this is key for making sure you have a minimally-stressful time whilst getting back into your rhythm. If you use a diary/planner, make sure you note down key events or assignments. Make a list of your homework or topics you need to study to ensure you don’t have any last-minute panics. Plan your time by prioritising tasks.
  • Relax- it would be stupid to assume you can jump straight back into doing the same amount of work that you did before your time off. Be kind to yourself and make sure you still have plenty of time to relax, instead of overworking yourself straight away. In colder/northern hemisphere countries, January can usually be the prime time for colds and sickness bugs so make sure you get enough sleep and eat well otherwise you could increase your chances of getting sick. 
  • Discipline- relaxing is important, but, especially if (like me) you’ve avoided studying and procrastinated your way through the break, you really do have to be disciplined with yourself. You may have gotten used to watching netflix from 8pm until 1am and sleeping in until 11am. This is nice during the holidays, but not realistic afterwards! Be strict with yourself as otherwise you could fall behind. If you’ve got work that you should’ve done during the break, this is particularly important as you really need to make sure you get that done to prevent even more work from piling up! 
  • Patience- please do try to be patient with yourself though. January can be a difficult month that feels never-ending, especially with cold weather and dark days in places like the UK, and it can be frustrating when your brain feels like it just won’t work how it did before the holidays, when you were in the middle of term. You need to be patient and let yourself ease back into things by sticking to a routine, planning time to relax and time for studying, and being strict with yourself when it is time to study! 

I hope this is helpful, and as I said above, please feel free to add your own tips! Good luck and please message me if you need any advice!  

my resources page // all of my study tips // studying in the holidays // tips for exams // last-minute revision tips // organisation tips // fun study tips // turning grades around a few months before exams

shay-wutwal  asked:

Hii! I've just found your blog and i loved it. I have a problem. I cant fast :/ do you have an advice? I've tried the liquid diet with just tea and parsley&peach smoothie to get used to it but it didnt help a lot.

so… fasting for me at the beginning was really, really hard; I’m actually easing my way into it. try to start with small fasts, when you’re sleeping. try 12 hours at first (i.e., stop eating at 8pm and only eat again at 8am). then, move to 16 hours (stop eating at 7pm and only eat again at 11am, for example). then, 18, and so on. when you start fasting during the day as well, drink coffee and green tea, also water with a squeezed lemon, those are natural appetite suppressants. coke zero is also an appetite suppressant. i don’t know if you smoke (and if you don’t please don’t start this awful habit because of this), but cigarettes also take my hunger away. 500 ml of water + half a squeezed lemon + 1 teaspoon of cinnamon is also a great recipe for appetite suppression. carry thinspo with you all day long, don’t let your mind forget about your goals. look for thinspo in everyday people as well. plan your fasting day ahead; don’t leave gaps for food. fill your days with scheduled activities such as homework, study, reading a book, watching a tv show or movie, having a long relaxing shower, and also some light exercises (when I’m fasting I like to set an alarm for every 30 min and then do 20 sit-ups, 40 mountain climbs and 10 more sit-ups).

i think these are my tips. message me if you want to talk or if there’s something else I can help you with. and remember: don’t feel bad about not being able to fast, there’s nothing you can’t accomplish when you work hard for it. stay safe lovely! <3

ISFJ x INTJ - Future
  • [Over text after being separated by work and a long weekend]
  • ISFJ: I'm lonely. I miss you.
  • INTJ: I'm sorry, cat. I wish I could be there for you.
  • ISFJ: Liar! I bet even if we lived together, you'd be in your study working all day. Then occasionally come out for sex and cuddles.
  • ISFJ: I can guess your future schedule!
  • Your Schedule -
  • 1am-5am sleep
  • 5am-11am work
  • 11am-12pm eat
  • 12pm-8pm work
  • 8pm-11pm sex and cuddles with buttercat (ISFJ)
  • 11pm-12am showers with buttercat, tucks her in, and waits for her to fall asleep before sneaking off to work
  • 12am-1am work
  • INTJ: That's pretty good. When do I eat dinner?
  • ISFJ: I considered it.
  • ISFJ: But that's less cuddles with me. So no dinner.
  • ISFJ: You'd probably eat dinner with the time with me anyway.
  • INTJ: Snooty buttercat
  • ISFJ: :P
  • INTJ: Mawr. -hugs-
  • ISFJ: Now do mine!
  • INTJ: hm
  • 12am-12pm catnap
  • 12pm-1pm breakfast
  • 1pm-2pm work
  • 2pm-7pm catball
  • 7pm-12am badgertime (INTJ)
  • ISFJ: That sounds like my Mondays...
  • INTJ: I tried to keep it realistic.
  • ISFJ: I DO NOT SLEEP FOR 12 hrs! And I work out too!
  • INTJ: Sure, sure.
  • ISFJ: -pouts-
  • INTJ: -kisses-
{ U P D A T E }

hey guys! i don’t know if many of you have noticed, but i usually post twice a day; once between 11am and 1pm and then again usually around 6-8pm depending on what i’m doing that day.

i just got a whole butt ton of uni stuff dumped on me that i have to figure out and i didn’t have time to write today’s posts yesterday since i had work, so i’ll probably only be able to post once today, maybe none at all. sadly, this blog is only a hobby of mine and things like school and work have to come first.

i just wanted to let you guys know so that you aren’t sitting around waiting for a post! i’ll try my best to get something up before or after i go to work, but sadly i can’t make any promises.

thank you all for understanding! ☺️❤️

A LIVESHOW?! Announcement


I want to do a liveshow. Like I’ve been wanting to do a liveshow for probably a year. 

 AND NOW I WILL, I think. Because the thing is, I’m scared like no one will watch 😂 (which is not funny, it’s actually quite sad). But that’s also the reason why I’m announcing it already. 

BECAUSE, the liveshow will probably take place on Wednesday April 19th, at 8PM Central European time. Which is 2PM Eastern Standard Time and 11AM Pacific Time. 

What you can expect during the liveshow: 





 So please please please, I would love for as many people as possible to be there (especially my fellow Camp NaNoWriMo folks (just kidding, EVERYONE IS WELCOME!)). So if you see this post, please reblog it!

 And now, I will be tagging ALL of my followers. For one to thank you all so so much for following and supporting me, it really means a lot! And second, because I want everyone to see this!

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One year later, this took way longer than I expected. But damn. Only when you start to tag all of your followers, you realize how much 265 is. THANK YOU!


IDK what is going on, but we are not gonna go down without a fair fight!  This is ridiculous! We’ve come so far! Ain’t stoppin’ now!  We need a schedule and   WE. NEED. TO. VOTE.  On a consistent basis!  So here’s the schedule and let’s DO THIS!!  I’ll change it up for tomorrow and Sunday but for today, Friday, March 13, let’s bring the GOOD LUCK TO OUR BOYS!!

POWER HOUR #1 - 9am PST/11am CST/12pm EST/4pm UK

POWER HOUR #2 - 11am PST/1pm CST/2pm EST/6pm UK

POWER HOUR #3 - 1pm PST/3pm CST/4pm EST/8pm UK

POWER HOUR #4 - 3pm PST/5pm CST/6pm EST/10pm UK

POWER HOUR #5 - 5pm PST/7pm CST/8pm EST/12am UK