In this episode of the Doomed & Stoned Podcast, BillyGoat interviews Joe from Holy Spider Promotions about the Sheffield doom-sludge all-dayer, ‘Doomlines II’ (taking place July 23rd in Sheffield). Also in the 'cast: interviews with Cave of Swimmers, Attalla, and Badr Vogu. Plus an exclusive preview of the new album by Blues Funeral!

Blues Funeral - “Harbinger”
Iced Out - “Death Riders”
WORT - “A New Culture of Profound Optimism”
Shrykull - “The Thought Did Not Count”
Under - “Suicide by Cop”
Kurokuma - “18.2 Tons”
Boss Keloid - “Cone”
11Paranoias - “Lost To Smoke”
Archelon: “Blood on the Sabre”
Cave of Swimmers “The Prince of the Power of the Air”
Attalla - “Thorn”
Badr Vogu: “Narcotically Opaque”

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