wait so if there have been 10 other kids before eleven then i want us to find out by watching the boys talk to eleven and one of them (cough dustin) is like hey el wanna hear a joke and she’s like ok?????? and then he goes “why was six afraid of seven” ?????? “because seven eight nine” and eleven’s just like wait what??? how did you find out???? that was top secret??????

Imagine waiting for almost a year for the Doctor to come back, and when he does, you get so mad at him that you actually shove him down a grassy hill. In a panic, he pulls you down with him and you both roll down it together. When you land, him laying beneath you, he gets really quiet and stares up at you like your the stars overhead.

“I missed you…”
“Whose fault is that, huh? It’s been a year, Doctor! A year!”
“And yet, you still haven’t changed. Are you sure it’s been a year?”
“It’s been 340 days. I counted. Everyday. Waiting for you and your bow tie to show up around here.”
“Ah… My mistake.”