so clear now (9/?)

summary: When Killian shows up on Emma’s doorstep, the last thing she wants is to take him back home to Misthaven and relive memories of their broken relationship, but it’s exactly what she’s about to do. modern royalty au.

word count: ~2900

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Henry’s playing in the other room while Emma sits at her window seat. Her eyes are trained on the water below- more specifically on the ship, The Jewel of the Realm, that’s sitting there.

Since her conversation with Killian in the middle of the night, she’s been deep in thought about what she’s doing. Friendship with Killian had been easy before. They’d sort of just fallen into it, and subsequently into love, and Emma doesn’t regret it, but she certainly does wish it wasn’t as difficult afterwards.

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(`^´)> gimme ur lunch money

Did she really just? Gold had to resist the wholly amused snort (and failed) then and there at the antics. Yet this shine of liveliness was the sort he naturally tied with. So inevitably would he go and play his part. Once delinquent like features faded, a shyer and more frantic demeanor taking place as he bashfully looked away.

“A– again!? But Crystal-senpai..”

”I thought you said you just needed that because you were starving the other day, a– and only from me too! Don’t think I haven’t seen you taking it from others!” None the less, he’d draw a hand forth to reveal his Snortlax wallet. His cheeks were even childishly puffed for extra effect.

Bully. Here! S’not like I wanna help you or anything! Not at all!”

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  1. i love leonard snart more than anything in the entire goddamn multiverse
  2. i used 2 major in computer science but starting next semester i will b studying media and information (sweet, sweet freedom)
  3. i’ve never been to pottery barn
  4. i think i’ve spent around $200 on avengers academy (i hate myself)
  5. the first fandom i actively got involved with online is sonny with a chance in sixth grade LMAO
  6. once i ran over my friend with my car and she had to go to the ER and it was a traumatic experience for both of us but she fuckin laughed about it
  7. my favorite disney princesses are mulan, belle, and moana (even tho she aint a princess, she’s the chief’s daughter)
  8. the one thing that has kept me consistently happy for the last six years is my doggo sirius
  9. my senior year of high school i won the “selfie queen” award in mock elections
  10. the only dctv show i havent seen is arrow (and i dont really wanna but i Gotta)
  11. the only soda i like is root beer tbh

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I don’t have the money to spare to buy this game, but I’ll tell you what

me and my future Incineroar are gonna be mega petty bitches

"The World Just Changed in a Big Way" - Buffy Season 11 #01

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 11 issue 1 is a stunning season opening with a memorable setup and tight writing, featuring a full cast and an intriguing setup, and ending on an ominous note that leaves one wanting for more. (Spoilers below.)

Here’s the situation: Buffy and friends are thriving, each in their own way, in San Francisco. There are the usual anxieties and insecurities, but things are quiet, more or less.

Then catastrophe strikes, in the form of a Chinese dragon (shenlong) which appears with a sudden storm that devastates the City of San Francisco. Buffy and friends’ attempt to help devolves quickly from disaster prevention to disaster response.

Even in comic form, the post-apocalyptic images of SF — buildings reduced to rubble, residents displaced to emergency tents, a fire raging on, enveloping the whole city — hit pretty close to home, bringing to mind the city’s devastation in the 1989 San Francisco Loma Prieta earthquake, and horrific history book account of the Big One in 1906.

On the very last page, the narrative pivots to the White House, where a worried President and an enraged VP debrief a decorated general who’s none-the-wiser about the situation. Three powerful men and not a clue among them. The issue ends with the VP looking determined and menacing, declaring: “I think the question before us right now is less how this happened…and more what we’re going to do about it.”

I’ve briefly touched on what I suspect may be Buffy’s role and significance in this season in my meta about Buffy’s Mockingjay hairstyle. Here, I offer two substantial seasons that I think the situation is dangerous for Buffy and allies.

First, because the Chinese mythological shenlong is not a demon capable of declaring war on the human race. It’s the god/spirit that embodies storms and rivers. So, the natural disaster in SF is not the intentional act of an enemy dragon with motives and agency, because the shenlong doesn’t cause disruptions in weather patterns. Instead, severe weather phenomena are merely a reflection of the disharmony on Earth; they happen as a direct result of things in our world being out of balance, usually attributable to those in power.

(Get it? It’s the perfect metaphor for climate change. We harm the planet; we get super storms. The storms are not the Big Bad here; they’re the effect, not the cause, in a cause-effect chain reaction of our doom-in-the-making.

OTOH, if you’re one of those in power, if you’re part of the cause for the planet being out of balance, if it’s your unconscionable dealings that have incurred the wrath of Heaven — if you’re a denier of climate change — you’re probably not going to react to the SF situation as a wake-up call. Quite the opposite. You’re more likely to double-down on your belief, and blame it on someone else, someone you’ve been dying to frame, to control.)

That leads me to the other reason that I think things do not bode well for our heroes in Season 11: that the political and military leadership in Buffy’s world has proved to be both ignorant and fearful of the supernatural. What they do not understand, they seek to vilify; what they fear, they in turn attempt to suppress; what they cannot control, they will do everything to destroy. Where understanding may lead to a natural solution, they’ll instead resort to violence, to blatant abuse of power.

In peace, this tension quietly brews. But given the whole-city wipe-out emergency situation in SF, the politicians may see this as “an act of war” (a phrase used by Buffy in a bewildered question to Spike in this issue). And any war, any government countermeasure, any “war time” executive order, requires an enemy, an easy target made of “the others”; just as any disaster, anything that could be seen as a failure of the government, requires a scapegoat. Guess who’s going to be fulfilling the roles of target and scapegoat? If you ask me — the entire supernatural community. Anyone with powers or abilities (witches, slayers), vampires, demons, gods, and other magical beings, may be seen as allies, held (in)directly responsible for the shenlong’s “attack” on U.S. soil. Collectively, they will be made an enemy of the state, to be monitored and controlled and held as accomplices.

As the VP states, they don’t care about the how or the why; they care only about how they may take control of the situation. With the political leaders ruling from fear of, anger towards, and need for revenge towards the little-understood “others” that make up the supernatural community, will we see a project like a large-scale installation of the Initiative? Will we, perhaps, see something chillingly similar to one of the darkest pages in our nation’s history? I’m not sure. But for the first time in a long time, we see everyone in Buffy’s little found family out of crises and doing relatively well, and as Spike says, drawing from over a century of experience, “The world just changed in a big way.”

Fast-paced, alternately heart-warming and devastating, full of self-introspection and witty dialogue, and above all, politically relevant in 2016 heading into 2017 – all of that in just 22 comic pages (!!!), Season 11 #1 packs a heck of a strong punch. Do not miss this season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. It’s going to be a wild ride.

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This November 11...

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