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When you think about all that fics in different languages that you’re not able to read…and then remember yous stopped reading ones in your native language because they were shitty :’)

having taken a few classes on islam and judaism in school, what i find most interesting about christianity is it’s the only abrahamic religion that explictly states, in its religious texts, that only followers of that specific religion can go to heaven. like

islam states in the qur’an that christians and jews are going to heaven because they believe in the same god (it calls christians and jews “people of the book” i.e. the bible) and islam is not as petty as christianity

judaism doesn’t even have believing in god as a requirement for most people to go to heaven (in my understanding according to judaism you have to believe in god if you’re jewish, but if you’re not jewish it boils down to obeying the 7 of the 10 commandments that do not involve god. my knowledge of judaism is not as extensive as my knowledge of christianity or islam though so if i have any jewish followers who can correct me if i’m wrong let me know)

but in christianity you have to accept jesus, or you’re not going to heaven. and christians constantly paint their religion as more benevolent than others. nah son your religion is explictly less benevolent than others.