Creepypasta #1190: Why I Don't Camp

Length: Long

In spite of our differences, and honestly maybe because of them, Sam and I got along well. We got each other to try new things. Things neither of us would ordinarily do.

As a couple we worked well. We complimented each other. He was the strong, confident outdoorsman with a bit of a careless, sometimes self-destructive streak. I balanced him by being quiet and thoughtful. I’m sure people saw me as the petite little brooding girlfriend who’d rather be at home with a book. It never bothered me because that’s exactly what I was.

Sam was an adventurous type. Camping, climbing, off-roading in his 4 wheel drive, kayaking, anything outside really. He was also smart and caring and prone to at least one existential crisis a month. Regardless, this isn’t about Sam’s unhealthy fascination with Camus. It’s about our first and only camping trip together.

Honestly, I didn’t really want to go but I thought it was sweet that he’d invite me knowing I’d be no help to him whatsoever at setting up camp or cooking or any of the things he was so good at.

I kissed the tip of his nose and said I’d love to go and it was worth it just to see the happy look on his face. Almost.

The drive to Fox Creek was beautiful. Rolling, tree covered hills turned to deep, shady gorges and steep, rocky peaks. We turned off the interstate and into the town of Ellison and took surface streets through downtown, meandering along unlined country roads. We went miles past the town until we came to a faded, drooping sign that said Fox Creek SR 451. Sam turned onto the slightly rutted gravel road and we continued.

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Baby, Baby- Part One (Grayson Dolan x Reader)

Summary: An assignment in which you must mother a baby simulator doll pairs you with Grayson Dolan, a cocky, arrogant jerk, who was only out to make your life difficult, it seemed. In a project based on bonding and developing parenting skills, you and Grayson must set aside your differences and work together to be good parents and pass the class. Only one of you was willing to do it, however, and it wasn’t Grayson.

Warnings: None.

Word Count: 1190.

A/N: Here it is! I am beyond excited for this series and I hope you are too. Please, please leave feedback, I would appreciate it so much. Enjoy! PS this entire miniseries will be dedicated to @themdolanboys. I owe her my entire lifetime and more for all she’s done for me 💛 

Baby, Baby Masterlist.

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