119 psalm 119

Treat me with kindness, Lord,
so that I may live
and do what you say.
Open my mind
and let me discover
the wonders of your Law.
I live here as a stranger.
Don’t keep me from knowing
your commands.
What I want most
and at all times
is to honor your laws.
—  Psalms 119:17-20
Looking for help in all the wrong places, namely yourself.

Where are we getting our counsel from?

Most people (myself included) get our guidance from what I call our ‘diplomas’; these diplomas aren’t the type you get from high school, it’s something you’re handed down from your family, a sort of mold that you’re meant to fit into because 'that’s how it’s always been’. These diplomas often come with their own headaches and heartbreaks yet most people live out their entire lives making decisions based of their jacked up diploma. These diplomas nearly go completely unquestioned in our lives but in seeking counsel from these things we find ways to satisfy ourselves. If we choose to take counsel from our diploma we find ways to bend the rules, to manipulate the situation, and to serve ourselves. Because our diplomas are always, always about: me, myself, and I.
This seems fine at first but sooner or later you’ll realize that taking counsel from something that has little structure and can be easily manipulated will ruin you.

Honestly consider it as if it was a physical person; someone who provides you an out to all of your problems, who praises your problems rather than addressing them, who cares more about pleasing your wants than helping you grow, this person isn’t a counsellor, they’re an enabler. They enable you to wallow in your bondage rather than encouraging you to be free. They may make you feel fine in the moment but when it’s been a month and you’re still stuck in the same rut you’ve been trying to lift yourself from that person will have no answers for you, they will have no help.

Now then consider someone who is unchanging, who doesn’t make excuses, who is firm in their instruction yet gentle in their comfort, someone who seeks the best for you even though it’ll probably hurt along the way, someone who cares enough to put your growth above your desires, that person is a counsellor. Someone who is well equipped and unafraid to guide you. That is someone who will be honest with you even and especially when it hurts because they know it hurts and they don’t want that for you. A counsellor needs to be someone who can look you in the eye and love you enough to say, “Stop. There is a better way,” and to be patient enough to say it everyday. Because let’s face it, we need guidance every single day. I know I do!

That is God’s statutes. That is His law. That is what His Son encompasses. Jesus fulfilled the law to the letter and now acts as our mediator. The Spirit Jesus sent us is even called “the counsellor” that Spirit speaks only what Jesus tells Him to speak, that is who we should take our counsel from.

Take your counsel from the Spirit of one who is unchanging in their guidance, in their truth, in their trust, in their love. That same One that gave their very lives for your salvation wants to show you how to live in the freedom He won for you.

“Your statutes are my delight; they are my counselors.”
‭‭Psalm‬ ‭119:24
-31 Women (Nan)