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BNHA 119

Do you know the feeling that something is not right or that something really bad will happen?

This chapter was basically this to me: Something will happen and its not good

Ah, I loved how much Midoriya grow up and is more mature, but what I’m talking about it isnt about that. 

In the first page the narrator is the future Midoriya 

“Looking back, my thought process was distorted.”

To me this phrase is basically “I made a bad choice”

And in the end he complements saying…

“And surprisingly, it had never occurred to me… Exactly how much I had been able to traing and polish my body up to now.”

In another word Midoriya didnt know what type of consequences his actions could do.

And to me, the narrator is telling everything with a tone of regret.

It’s just my impression and feelings maybe the things will end well but right now I dont think so~ 

Small reminder

There already was plenty of chapter 119 analysis so I will keep it short.

Basically it’s resolving of issues that was pointed in chapter 63.

Katsuki quits denial, and openly reveal his fear towards Izuku.

Izuku quits antipathy, and express his envy. Yes I think he shows more envy than admiration in this panels.  It’s not malicious but it’s envy never theless.

So hopefully much anticipated leap for both in the end of this fight is coming.

I promised a bit of rambling (a lot?) to @thestarmaker-s, so here we are, ready to ramble!

Spoiler alert for BNHA chapter 119!!!


This chapter, guys. This chapter. I was jumping on my seat while I read, feeling physically exhausted when I finished.

It is remarkable how much both boys have calmed down. Sure, neither of them is really calm – they wouldn’t fight or be so honest about what they feel if they were. But Bakugou has stopped crying and gone back to that dangerous calm demeanor he shows when concentrating on a worthy opponent.

And that little thing, that worthy opponent, is what got me during this chapter.

Because it may seem like Izuku still doesn’t stand a chance against Bakugou. Bakugou has still the upper hand when it comes to quirk-usage (having it used and trained way longer than Izuku) and he is a natural when it comes to fighting, whereas Izuku is more of a strategist than a fighter.

But even though Izuku gets thrown around a lot in this chapter – he stands up again. He is not knocked out, or injured – which means that Bakugou either stopped his explosions enough that Izuku wouldn’t really get hurt, or Izuku is able to dodge or block the most of the force.

Seeing that Bakugou wanted to fight without any rules, I don’t think that he is holding back at all. Which means that he is fighting at all his power right now (emotionally shaken, though) and Izuku is able to keep up.

And even Bakugou knows it.

Don’t let him think” is what Bakugou thinks as he attacks Izuku like a rampaging Sonic the Hedgehog. And as simple and logical as this seems, it is really, really important in my eyes.

Bakugou used to look down on Izuku. He used to think that useless Deku could do nothing right, had nothing going for him.

While this fight is partly to determine Izuku’s worth, this little thing, this Don’t let him think shows me that Bakugou is aware how smart Izuku is. He is aware that Izuku is able to think quickly and observe his opponents to the last detail, making him able of taking advantage of openings and turn the tables in his favor.

Remember their first fight at U.A? Izuku was able to push Bakugou back a few times during that fight, and even throw him to the ground once. And in the end, he won.

Skill-wise, that shouldn’t have been possible, since Izuku couldn’t control One for All at all at that time. But he literally outsmarted Bakugou, winning the “game” by thinking quickly and relying on Uraraka at the right moment.

Bakugou learned from his mistakes. He no longer thinks Izuku unable to do anything – he knows that Izuku could outsmart him if he gives him an opportunity to do so. So all that he thinks is that he can’t let Izuku consider his options in this fight.

Bakugou may still not respect Izuku, but he acknowledges him. Acknowledges the fact that there is a possibility that Izuku could win this fight, even if it’s just by his “tricks”.

That’s a big step, guys. A very big step. Unconsciously, Bakugou already started to see Izuku’s worth, at least partly, before this fight.


Another thing that occurred to me is seemingly just as simple – Izuku is not crying. At all.


Sounds weird to point out? Well, perhaps, but let me explain that to you guys. Izuku is known to be someone who cries easily – that’s nothing bad at all, he is an emotional person, and I’m completely okay with that. What I want to say is that Izuku cries even when fighting. Or at least he is close to it – his smile wavers, his eyes get teary, and he is shivering. We have seen this countless of times. And, most importantly, we have seen it happen more frequently when Bakugou was around.

It’s understandable. Izuku is still afraid of Bakugou after all that they have been through. Bakugou is his former bully, after all.

But this time, Izuku doesn’t shake. He doesn’t cry, doesn’t cover, doesn’t waver even a bit. He is outwardly calm, determined to not be Bakugou’s punching bag any longer.

That’s such a huge difference to the Izuku who used to yelp and cover whenever Bakugou so much as passed by him. Izuku is standing up to his former bully, meeting him head-on and kicking him in the face – and as much as I don’t want to get anyone in BNHA get hurt, I think it’s beautiful. Izuku is growing so much, has come such a long way, and I want to cheer for him because I love him so much for it.

And please don’t think that it’s because Izuku is not emotional right now! Because he stated it himself, during that last attack. He said “My emotions got worked up, and my control was slightly disrupted”.

Izuku is emotional as hell right now. He has to bring back memories of their childhood together – which must hurt – he is trying to carry Bakugou’s guilt so that he doesn’t break. (And I wouldn’t be too surprised if Izuku actually feels a bit guilty, too. After all, All Might would have been able to fight at full, or at least more power if he hadn’t passed One for All down to Izuku before.) Izuku is very upset over all of this, but still, he isn’t crying, but instead channeling his emotions into determination and decides to fight.

That’s a hero right there, ladies and gentlemen. Take a good look, Bakugou, because that is also part of why All Might took Izuku as his successor!

And then, Izuku’s emotional outbreak and the new-found strength he gained through his hard training leads to him going beyond – he goes from 5 % of One for All straight to 8 %.

I won’t lie to you, I literally screamed at this. I’m so freaking proud of him! He did it! He took another step forward!

Simply a wonderful chapter. It consists mostly of fighting, yes, but mixed into the (extremely well-done) fight scenes are those little things that tell us so much about Bakugou and Izuku and what progress they have made up until now. I can’t wait to see how this continues next week!


Sevi, over and out!

So these past weeks I’ve been the reading the chapters and a multitude of thoughts about the manga and the future of the characters have been roaming around in my noggin but after today’s chapter, I can’t help be worried about Katsuki’s future and where he’s heading after this fight is over.

 I’ve already established in this post that you can read here that Katsuki, even though he’s a bully and prick, isn’t some bad guy but in fact a kid that has been told all his life that he will be the next successful hero. He’s a prideful kid who has had 15 years of that ego being built and then upon entering UA, that ego he’s come to grow into just being shattered and cracked and dismantled at every instant the author can bring forth to Katsuki. I won’t go more into that because I already made two different posts about it but that’s a basic summary. 

 So we get to this chapter and the future of Katsuki can’t stop roaming in my head.

 Truth be told, I’m really worried that after his fight with Izuku, he’s going to want to stop pursuing being a hero. I don’t think he’ll became a villain because Horikoshi had that whole villain capturing arc to show the audience that we don’t have another Sasuke in the manga but I genuinely do have a fear he will want to drop out of UA and try pursuing something else, maybe something away from Deku.

 I mean, for him, this fight is his last resort. After being beat to the ground so many freakin times throughout the manga, this fight with Izuku is the last thing his pride is holding on to. As silly as it sounds, for him, it seems this is a life or death situation for him. I mean looking how hard he is trying to win:

If you really look closely too, he doesn’t have that same determined face he had when facing other characters, but it’s more of a pained expression, signaling that this fight is in a completely different realm for him that he’s faced in the past. To him, this isn’t a fight where he’s doing for fun or even believing that he’s going to win but one where he feels the absolute NEED to win. Hell, he even finally talked to Izuku FACE to FACE as to why he couldn’t stand him, which is such a huge contrast from the Katsuki that pushes things in and pouts it off and we as an audience get to see the hurt Katsuki had towards towards Izuku and how much he disliked Izuku because it hurt his pride to the point where he felt that he was being looked down upon.

 Everything about this fight is so special to Katsuki as a character and any development he will have in the future and what it makes it SO MUCH WORSE FOR HIM is that it’s implied that he LOST.


 And I’d like to flashback to what Izuku said earlier in the chapter:

 As a few people pointed out, the tone his future self gave off was extremely regretful in nature that he wasn’t happy about how the fight turned out or how either one were affected by the consequences of it, which furthers my fear of him giving up on himself and his dreams and goals, at least for a temporary part of the manga. I can’t tell if he’s injured or not (probably is), but I’m positive his mental health is completely shattered right now.

 Overall, these series of chapters have been crazy intense and I’m genuinely afraid for how it will all wrap up. I’m not sure if the silhouette figure has anything to do with any of these developments but I hope he has a really good purpose to Izuku and Katsuki and the outcome to the fight. I am honestly dreading reading next week’s or the week after’s chapter because of how heart shattering it could end up being. I know that if I somehow am even possibly right with Katsuki, I know I will start shedding tears since Katsuki is a character I really love. Not as much as his fandom mothers or even how much I love Iida and Ochako, but I’ve grown to love his complexity and I can’t tell anymore what Horikoshi has in store for him.

 I’m just praying for the best at this point.