anonymous asked:

jasmine, violet

Jasmine: what is the greatest amount of notes you’ve ever received on one of your works? 

*Blushes* A-anon-chan! I can’t believe you would pick such an embarrassing ask >///< Ahh.. I don’t post my fics on tumblr really, but after digging around I guess it would be…. 102 notes on Bury me in Chrysanthemums which I didn’t even post on tumblr, I reblogged from Ao3 SKK feed x.x does that even count? 

On Ao3, the fic that has done the best is Retrace at 11823 hits and 811 kudos. Of course you guys would go for the one with the most pain c: *laughs as I throw myself off a cliff* 

Violet: do you read a lot? 

I partake in casual reading I suppose…. *coughs*. I do like to read very often, even if I lack the time for it between classes and writing and crying over other stuff. Currently I’ve been taking a break from BSD fics and swimming in a couple other fandoms, mainly DRV3 and Fire Emblem. Of course I have all of my favorite authors bookmarked whenever they post a fic, so I’m always ready to jump back into SKK at any time c: 

Thank you for the ask! *is still blushing*