Finish The Fight.

“This…. is the way the world ends.” - Cortana (Halo 3, 2007)

Ten years ago, one of my favourite trilogies of all time came to an amazing conclusion with the release of Halo 3! I’ve had so many memories with this game, and it amazes me that it’s turned a decade old. I did this poster to commemorate the 10 year anniversary of this milestone title in the Halo series. I’d like to take a moment to thank the many people involved at Microsoft and Bungie during the development of this phenomenal game. Without you, we wouldn’t be here celebrating!  Happy Birthday, Halo 3!

Hope you guys like this masterpiece!

Rendered in Source Filmmaker and edited in Adobe Photoshop.

I do NOT own Halo! Copyright belongs to Microsoft and 343 Industries!


“Too well-disciplined to destroy himself in mourning, too rigid to accept his own weakness, too alone to confide in anyone, the Demon had been in a very bad situation. No one had realized just how strong the bond between AI and Spartan would become.”

“For the first time, Thel turned his head slightly and found the Chief looking at him. His black-rimmed eyes were so different from other humans’ eyes that they set him apart even without his enhanced height, speed, and strength. But they were still eyes, and Thel found himself looking deep into them. They were a pleasant blue color, darkened by years of war and battle and dimmed most recently by the loss of Cortana. ”

“But the Chief’s eyes… That was where his demons hid. Few people could read the Spartan well, but Thel had learned, and those demons were struggling to break free. Only iron will and discipline kept them at bay, but for how long? And when those demons broke free – and Thel realized in that moment that it was a “when,” not an “if” – what would they leave behind?”

From: Halo FanFiction–Where the Demons Hide

Author: Koriat Cyredanthem