Emma Morano — world’s oldest living person and last born in 1800s — dies at 117

  • Emma Morano — the world’s oldest living person and the last known person to have lived in the 1800s — has died at her home in Italy, the Associated Press reports.
  • She was 117.
  • Morano — born November 21, 1899 in Italy’s Piedmont region — died Saturday at her home in Verbania, according to the AP. Read more. (4/15/17, 5:29 PM)

Sherlock: Those jeans are really working for you.

Molly: Yeah?

Sherlock: They’re working for me, too.

Molly: You’re flirting with me.

Sherlock: Something like that.

Molly: Finally! Do it some more.

Sherlock: Your shoes work great with that shirt.

Molly: Gee, thanks.