A little life update...

For anybody who’s curious what life in our house is looking like right now….

Nemesis is getting bigger every day. She’s also showing her German Shepherd side and learning things very quickly!

Daisy is still growing and learning (sometimes very slowly). She got spayed last month and now weighs in at a healthy 115lbs! She also turned one year old on January 23rd!

And Athena….well…she’s just being Athena. 

I’ve been totally lagging and being super lazy this past week I just haven’t wanted to do everything I need to get thinner and a bunch of my friends went to this dance tonight I didn’t go cause I didn’t feel like it and like the posted pics on Instagram and every single one of them is skinny and I’m so sick of being the fat friend. I need to start working out every day and not just twice a week. I’m always one of the fattest girls in each class and it sucks I’m sick of cute guys coming up to me and being all like “oh who’s your friend” so I will do this I will get to 115 pounds by June 20!

Let me vent

Now I’m a fan of Dana, I think he’s done incredible things for the sport. But it’s ridiculous that he would consider a 115lb decision before a Cruiserweight division. IMO a Cruiserweight division is a brilliant idea but what fighters out there will actually make a compelling 115 division? Not enough. Cruiserweight should be seriously considered. Ridiculous.

The scale

So my mom knows i lost weight but she doesnt wang me to be below 120. But i want to be 105lb and i want to keep losing weight. My mom noticed my size gap size 4 pants were getting a little loose. So she wanted to see how much i weighed. I didnt want her knowing that i lost 5 lb and there was no way i was going to let her know that i lost more weight so i told her i weighed the same and that my pants got loose because i stretched them out and didnt wash them, which was a lie because i washed them yesterday to get them tighter. I am going to start wearing weight on me or layering clothes to make me look like i didnt loose weight. If anyone one got suggestion on how to make it look like i stayed the same weight i would be glad to know.


15.1 complete… Wish I could’ve Rx’d but I couldn’t do 75lbs for the snatch consistently so scaled it was. I hit a 10lbs PR for my clean & jerk! 💪👌 @crossfitkineticsburnside #open #cfgames #teamkittycat #115lbs

My 10 week transformation, and what I learned along the way. via /r/Fitness

Progress Pics



  • Male, 5’8”, 150lb, 19yrs.
  • Deadlift: 135lb -> 275lb
  • Squat: 135lb -> 225lb
  • Bench: 95lb -> 175lb
  • Overhead Press: 45lb -> 115lb


After experimenting with different workout routines, I’ve found that low-rep-range strength training is the most time-efficient way to get stronger. I’m never going back to doing high rep (15+) exercises or mindless cardio on the treadmill. If I’m going to do cardio, I enjoy it. Hiking, basketball, and dragonboating do it for me. I also walk more than the average person, ~5 miles a day (tracked with the Health app on iPhone), since I need to get around school for classes and clubs.

I train 3x/week MWF, 10am-11am. My workouts initially took ~35 minutes, but with longer rest times they now take ~45 minutes. I follow Phrakture’s Greyskull LP protocol. If you’re not familiar with it, check it out here.

My version of Phrakture’s GSLP:

Keep in mind that the last set for all the compound lifts is AMRAP (as many reps as possible), not 5 reps.


I’ve experimented with many diets (paleo, keto, chicken breast+b.rice+broccoli bro-diet) and the diet that works best for me is carb cycling. On training days, I eat lots of carbs (potatoes, sweet potatoes, brown rice, whole wheat pasta, bananas) and low fat. On rest days, I eat lots of fats (nuts, seeds, nut butter, fatty beef, fatty fish, eggs, bacon) and low carb. I keep my protein intake the same daily (Beef, chicken breast/thighs, tuna, whey/casein protein blend).

  • Training day: 2400cal, 150g protein, 50g fat, 337g carb
  • Rest day: 1800cal, 150g protein, 90g fat, 97g carb

Considering my training schedule of 3x/week, this averages out to: 2057cal, 150g protein, 73g fat, 200g carb a day.


  1. Caffeine - 200mg preworkout (Helps with alertness during college lectures too)
  2. BCAAs - 7g preworkout (Scivation Xtend Watermelon with ~12oz. water. Tastes like a watermelon Jolly Rancher, as recommended by the Leangains protocol)
  3. Vitamin D - 5000IU/day (As recommended by OmarIsuf)
  4. Calcium - 600mg/day (because milk and Greek yogurt are expensive to a poor college student)
  5. Fish Oil - 2g/day (NOW Ultra Omega-3)

Lessons I’ve Learned (will update as I remember more)

  1. Organize your life. Quit waking up at different hours during the day. Find specific hours to be productive with your work. Be financially smart, but don’t limit your happiness for the sake of being frugal. Track your weightlifting progress. Plan your weekly schedule, and update it when you have new appointments or commitments (the Calendar app on my mac is perfect, since it syncs with my iPhone). Keep a to-do list. It feels so good when you cross things off your list.
  2. Listen to your body. If you feel like your brain is sluggish to the point where it greatly affects your mood or productivity, try to figure out what you’re doing wrong. Are you eating healthy? Are you overtraining your body? Are you sleeping enough? Adjust accordingly.
  3. Get your micronutrients in, and you won’t feel so shitty. The bulk of your diet should consist of whole, nutritious foods - vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, healthy starches, meat, seafood.
  4. Abs are made in the kitchen, and are fine-tuned in the gym. If you want to have visible abs, your diet is paramount to your training. As you can see in my routine, I singly target my abs for only 5 minutes a week with Pallof presses. All other ab training is done with the compound lifts (squat, bench, deadlift, overhead press).
  5. DON’T let lifting consume your life. Be a social person. I’ve found that lifting heavy weights has done wonders for my confidence, leading to better relationships with others.
  6. DO treat your workouts like you would a professional appointment. You wouldn’t miss one just because you don’t feel like it. Once you get into the habit of lifting, you’ll be more inclined to stay disciplined.

SIDE NOTE: I had a massive cheat day today (~5000 calories), and enjoyed every single bite. I’m definitely going to hit some PRs tomorrow.

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The first photo is me in the beginning of my Sophomore year. I had been suffering through anorexia for a little over two years at that point and was at the peak of my disorder.

The second photo was me just last week, 2 1/2 years recovered, and about to leave to see my girlfriend.

In the first photo I was 5’3” and only 110-115lbs. In the second photo I’m still 5’3” but 160lbs.

Recovery is not a bad things, it’s only what you make it.

Grasso takes the UD in FOTN.

That was one of the best fights to ever take place in Invicta. Fantastic fight between Grasso and Inoue. 30-26 is bullshit. It was a clear 29-28.

Grasso has one of the best jabs in the division. And it’s got some pop. Some brilliant boxing w/ a nice mix of kicks to keep it fresh. Was doing well off getting off her back early and threaten on the ground. If she’s not on the Mexico card come June, Shelby done fucked up.

Inoue did great as well. Dominated in the 3rd on the ground but struggled through the first 2 rounds trying to find Grasso standing. And when she did, the power difference is just too much. I’m not sure if she should try to move to 105 or try to pack on some muscle. She’s good enough to compete with anyone at 115lbs, but the size and power difference is holding her back with her short combo counter punching style.


2007 Performance White Mustang Shelby GT500 owned by @WHTVENOM

-Ported VMP 2.3L supercharger 21#’s
-15% overdrive Innovators west balancer
-VMP triple pass heat exchanger with twin 11” fans
-Meziere 20 GPM intercooler pump
-2013 gt500 intercooler
-Fore Innovations level 2 return fuel system with FC3 controller
-Deatchwerks 115lbs injectors
-VMP twin 67mm throttle body
-JLT performance carbon fiber cold air intake
-Kooks headers 1 7/8” to 3” collector headers
-3” off-road X-pipe with 2.75” outlets
-Kooks axle back
-battery relocation
-SCT X-cal 3 
-Lund Racing Custom Tune
-Gates Racing belt
-Thump Racing Tensioner

-Cortex Racing torque arm
-Cortex Racing watts link
-Cortex Racing coil-overs
-Cortex Racing Double Adjustable lower control arms
-Cortex Racing Control arm relocation brackets
-Cortex Racing adjustable front sway bar endlinks
-Cortex Racing bumpsteer kit
-Stifflers FIT system S197 
-Eibach Front sway bar
-Kenny Brown lightweight lower radiator support
-Steeda drop ball joints
-Carbotech brake pads

-Mcloed RXT twin disk clutch
-Mcloed billet steel flywheel
-MGW gen 1 short throw shifter

Wheels & Tires:
-20X9 HRE S101 three piece front wheels gloss black centers, color matched lips
-265/35/20 Nitto 555 front tires
-20X11 HRE S101 three piece rear wheels gloss black centers, color matched lips
-305/35/20 Nitto 555R rear tires

-Recaro Seats from a 2011+ GT500
-Shaved decklid
-Raxiom Gen5 taillights
-Moroso coolant and intercooler tanks powdercoated
-Moroso fuse box cover and master cylinder cover powdercoated black
-Powdercoated factory valvecovers
-powdercoated superchager with custom VMP plate made in blue to match the color
-powergrip clamps on all heater hoses for a cleaner look
-Carolina Speedworks Custom coil covers

Sponsor/Pages to tag or give credit

-@carolina_speedworks (Carolina Speedworks LLC) did the complete build

-2:12 full course Virginia International Raceway by @WHTVENOM

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Does lifting heavy weights make girls bulky? I've read and heard yes and no to this question so I'm not sure which is true.

Even tho some say it can’t, yes it totally can. Just look around on tumblr, there are plenty of female lifters on here that are what you’d call “bulky”. BUT those lifters are extremely dedicated, eating tons of calories, and that’s what they’re going for. If you’re eating moderate amount of calories, also doing cardio, and not lifting like hundreds of pounds you are fine :) for ex. my highest squat is 115lbs and i’m not bulky so no still lifting heavy isn’t going to automatically make you bulky.

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Hi There!! So I'm just starting out on Isagenix and am a little nervous / precautious. I was on something kind of similar and while I had success I ended up gaining all the weight back and I don't want to go through that again. My friend assures me that this product is different but I still find myself being a little skeptical. Any advice you could offer?

Hey doll. Well I’ve been on the program now for 2 years so you came to the right place. I had various levels of dedication though out but in the first few months I lost 115lbs. I personally did gain a little weight after but it had nothing to do with isagenix. I went through a serious life altering situation and I dropped the program and started binging from anxiety and depression. With all that being said, try to look at isagenix as a nutritional lifestyle NOT a weight loss program. It’s nothing like the shit on the market and it all comes down to the ingredients. First things first there are no GMO’s, artificial sweeteners, stimulants or harmful chemicals of any kind. Your body isn’t tricked into losing weight either and you eat REAL food. 

Isagenix works by releasing toxins from your body that are all around us from the food we eat, to the air we breathe. Our bodies naturally gain weight as a defense mechanism to absorb these toxins because the food in our culture isn’t anything we are designed to process. There is a reason our ancestors didn’t have the medical issues we all have today.  When you cleanse your body you release the toxins from your fat, in return you lose weight. The only side effects of Isagenix is the weight loss. I try to look at it like that… that when you feed your body with the proper nutrition the weight loss is a healthy side effect. I feel amazing on the shakes and thats why I continue and will continue to drink them for many years to come. It’s easy and mindless for me to make a shake in the morning and start my day in the best way possible. I can see myself not only a pregnant mother on isagenix but giving the shakes as ice-cream to my kids as a “treat” that so many parents do out there. 

I went to a 4 day isagenix event in Calil last month and saw people of all shapes and sizes with various reasons for being on the program. I met pregnant women who want to give their baby the best nutrition possible. I met a little boy with Leukemia who’s doctor gave him the program in order to have a healthy immune system to start chemo. I met a dad who has a little boy with autism. They say that people who are on the spectrum have had success with behavioral changes on Isa because its not only gluten free but it stabilizes their body. All kinds of good stuff. Personally, aside from weight loss I used to have all kinds of issues. One being my blood was always out of whack and I had eczema on the back of my arms that are now completely gone. 

Ask whoever you signed up with to add you into the isagenix testimonial page on Facebook so you can read all the stories that people post about how isagenix has changed their life. If she doesn’t have access- add me (Victoria Plourde) and I’ll do it. The program is SO far and beyond weight loss and to answer your question about gaining weight… NO. Also, this is nothing like the “miracle weight loss” stuff you may have been on. I tried everything from diet pills to wraps and put my body through hell before I found Isagenix. My life will never be the same so get excited and look forward to never having to be on another “diet” ever again. 

The first picture is me at the beginning of my eating disorder. The second was yesterday. 6 years later; anorexia, bulimia athletica, and binge eating disorder; from 92lbs up to 150lbs, back down to 105lbs up to the healthy weight of 115lbs that I know weigh; 6 months of inpatient treatment and 3 therapists later I am finally succeeding in recovery. My bones hurt, I am still cold, and I struggle every day…. but I am fighting. I won’t quit. I won’t give up. Recovery is sooo worth it. You can do this.

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I'm 5"4 and about 115lb. I have natural dead straight, dirty blonde hair but I've bleached it so much it's white/lilac. I'm really pale, have blue eyes and am on the skinny side. I listen everything (mostly alternative). I wear stupidly large jumpers/tights or skinny jeans and always a pair of black steal toe Dr Martins. I'm autistic, so a bit strange and have some scars, but I'm mostly just happy and quiet, with the exception of raves/mosh pits and such. I love cats, jelly tots, and reading.

OMG PERFECTION C; Aha defo date, everything you’ve stated above is perfection c; hehe