“If you can appreciate a genuinely great singing voice, press play.

Of the three whole towns I’ve ever been to in New Jersey, Hammonton happens to be my favorite. It is home to my dear friend from college, her awesome family members, the Silver Coin Diner, and one of my favorite bands. Oh yeah, and today’s feature artist: 22 year old singer/songwriter, Robin Gazzara.

Gazzara’s single, In My Hands, reminds me of how bad I wanted to have a voice like that when I was growing up. The track, recorded and produced by Gazzara’s brother, Ace Enders (formerly of The Early November), displays just how much of a spectacle her voice is. The addition of the layers upon layers of instruments does her voice justice, if not more.

I personally can’t wait to listen to the work she puts out in the future. You can visit her website here.

To the town of Hammonton: thank you for giving me another reason for loving you.

Until next Monday, catchya later tricks!”

Written by: Meera at 1146 Miles