Lunch Break

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Summary: Basically you have been frustrated at work the entire morning and you need a little break. Luke comes to work and gives you want you want on your office desk.

Smut: Yes

Word Count: 1130


“I need those reports on my desk before you leave.” Your boss orders. Usually work wasn’t like this but today was just not a good day. You ad woken up this morning a few minutes late and Luke had left earlier that morning for recording for music for their next album, so there was no morning action or even a morning kiss shared between you.

Your coffee that you had made at home spilt all over the white blouse you were going to wear today with your black pencil skirt. And now you had to do all of this work by the end of the day. Halfway through your work your phone vibrated and you look over to see a text from Luke.

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The Odin Stone Brought Into the House of God

Recently, the Society for the Preservation of Norwegian Ancient Monuments in Inderøy unveiled the so-called Odin Stone. It was found buried outside the medieval church at Hustad in 1961, and since then, it has been stored behind the church sacristy unavailable to the public eye.

The Odin Stone shows a large cross above a man’s head.

– There are indications that it was made between 900 to 1100 AD. This means that it is one of the earliest symbols of the introduction of Christianity in Norway, says Øystein Ekroll, a researcher at the Nidaros Cathedral restoration works to Trønder-Avisa. He explains further:

– The stone is unique and probably part of a larger stone. Even more exciting is that it shows both a cross and an Odin figure that means it was made in a period of transition between Odin and Christ.

Hustad church is a medieval stone church built between 1130 and 1160 AD. When a new church was erected in 1887, the Society for the Preservation of Norwegian Ancient Monuments in Inderøy took over the old church, and it has been left in original condition.

It is the best-preserved medieval church in Trøndelag, and will be open to the public every Sunday throughout the summer.

Source: Thornews

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buck and sam's fake relationship suddenly becomes a real relationship - can be an AU or canon based

Sam/Bucky Week - July 24-30, 2015!
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I hope you will enjoy the following short story (~1130 words) featuring Sam, Bucky, Natasha & Steve!

There are only three people Bucky trusts unconditionally: Most obviously, Steve, his best friend until the end of the line. The one he used to protect and push through each Winter, no matter how reluctant Steve had been, until their roles are suddenly reversed and it’s Steve who lead him through the coldest and sorrowful storms of Winter.

Considering certain circumstances and experiences, both Assassins, Natasha and Bucky, easily connected with each other and shared a mutual but quiet understanding no one else would ever be able to evaluate. Last but not least, there’s Sam. The one who’s been with Steve once they found Bucky in pain and agony. No matter how hard Bucky tried to understand his immediate trust towards the other man, the answer never revealed itself. Instead he followed his instincts, decided to trust his best friend’s intuition and file them away as non-threatening.

He had been trapped in the Winter Soldier’s mindset back then, still more like an asset than an actual human being with valid emotions and feelings.

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Urnes Stave Church, Norway, by EuropeTrotter

Best viewed on BLACK (please press H or click on the Church !) Urnes Stave Church in Luster, beside the Sognefjord, is the only stave church in the world to be included on UNESCO’s World Heritage List. A stave church has been built three times on the same site here at Orneset. A hundred years would pass between the first and the third, the one we can visit today, which was built in 1150. It was once a private church for a powerful high-born family. Its builders were aware of international trends in architecture, and transferred these trends from stone to wood. The timber was felled in the years 1129-1130. On the long northern wall, original decorated sections from the demolished church have been used: the portal, wall planks and a corner post. The decorated gables from the same church are now covered to prevent wear and tear.

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May 3rd!

May - what is your eye color and hair color?

dark brown for eyes, black for hair!

03 - who would you consider your best friend on tumblr?

not counting irl friends….uh. oh shit. this is why i don’t make decisions i can never choose a best friend. ur super gr9 and so are lumi and skiba and alina and like oops i cannot choose goodbye lay me to rest i am gone


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by badwolfkaily

Sameen Shaw returned broken and Root would protect her at any cost.

Words: 1130, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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