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Orlando Bloom’s BMW S1000R Custom by Deus Ex Machina

Orlando Bloom – elf, pirate, blacksmith, Bieber puncher and motorcycle enthusiast – has unveiled his latest machine, a fully customized BMW S1000R from the California branch of Deus Ex Machina, built by Michael ‘Woolie’ Woolaway and BMW’s very own Ola Stenegard. You don’t have to like Orlando Bloom to appreciate his taste and enthusiasm for two wheels, and we won’t hold it against you if you do.

The British actor has owned and ridden a fair share of motorcycles in his time and it’s not uncommon to see him rolling around on a wide range of machines, including: a few Ducatis (Sport Classic, Monster 1100, Hypermotard 1100 and an 848 Streetfighter), a Buell 1125CR and a BMW R1200GS. He’s also got a penchant for the more classic BMWs but for this particular build, he wanted something that combined that classic look and spirit of the R nineT with the modern tech and drive from an S1000R.

To do so, he called on an old friend, Michael Woolaway, who he met by chance on a film set years ago and their shared passion for motorcycles ignited a long friendship. To supplement his bike building career, Woolie worked as a gaffer on set and volunteered to take a look at one of Orlando’s bikes that was playing up. Fast forward a few years and Orlando was looking for something new: a four cylinder roadster. Fortunately, Woolie’s Venice based workshop was hosting a special guest: Ola Stenegard, one of BMW’s top designers. Together, they relished the challenge and got to work.

Obviously not Mr. Bloom at the controls…or that Hollywood life is really taking its toll…

Orlando’s brief was pretty straightforward: a bare streetfighter incorporating the best of the old and new. Woolie managed to re-interpret the design without overstepping the mark. Together with Ola Stenegard, they built this simple looking machine, full of minimalist character, with a short and aggressive tail section. It’s a retro ride with a modern vibe, without a hint of plastic to ruin the aesthetic.

Personally, I have a few issues with it: firstly, the radiator jars the eye somewhat and is probably unnecessary too – but that’s a small issue. The second problem is the whole wannabe indie spirit that sadly taints all of Deus Ex Machina’s bikes: the whole ‘every bike has a soul’ kind of thing – it’s cute but it’s getting old these days, especially when Deus is a fashion brand first and bike builder second. If they just said we build bikes for rich people and sell t-shirts to poor people, I’d appreciate them a hell of a lot more. It’s the double edged sword that they wield that makes it easy for observers to tear them apart: if some old geezer built this in his back yard, we’d love it but because it’s built for the rich and famous in a purpose built garage that smells like coffee beans, instinctively we want to hate it!

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