Jupiter is the biggest planet in our solar system. The gas giant is NOT a failed star, but a really successful planet! It has a dynamic atmosphere with belts and zones, as well as an enormous red spot that’s actually a persistent hurricane. Jupiter is still warm from its formation, and has an interior that’s mostly metallic hydrogen, and it may not even have a core.

Send me mix cd’s¡!

I want you guys to send me physical cd’s of songs that you want to hear on the Lost at Last radio show! 

They can be your favorite artist from when you were growing up, or something that you’re listening to now that most people might not have heard of. it could be music from your native country, something with culture infused into it! it could be your own music, or your friends music. it could literally be a recording of yourself reciting a poem. or telling an interesting story.  anything worth hearing!


send to

Sierra Kay

265 irving ave

brooklyn, ny 11237

For those in the New York/ Brooklyn, there will be a number of my paintings (such as the work above) in a show this weekend, for Bushwick Open Studios 2015:

“RAY-JEWEL” with work by
Christine Heindl
Alessandro Keegan
Christian Sampson

(Curated by Mike Olin and Joy Curtis)

Open Saturday, June 6th and Sunday, June 7th, noon- 8pm.

Opening party will be Saturday, June 6th, 8 pm- late.

Location: 1459 Greene Ave, Brooklyn NY 11237

11237) I search fatspo on tumblr to make me feel better about myself, but most of the time I just get jealous of their confidence. This disorder has made me into such a horrible person.