Creepypasta #1120: A Quick Guide Of What Not To Do When You Get Lost During A Hike

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I’ve been hiking the woods behind my house ever since I was eighteen years old. I know every single trail like the palm of my hand. I try and go at least twice a week, sometimes just once if I’ve been particularly busy. It has a dense kind of forestry, where the branches connect at the canopy and filter out most of the sun.

The trail I frequent is pretty famous now, not like it was when I had first begun taking it. It’s my favorite, because it leads deep into the unknown areas and right to a beautiful creek. It always feels like I’m exploring. And if I’m lucky, I’ll catch glimpses of the local wildlife.

Anyone who goes into the woods occasionally knows that it looks different throughout the day due to the placement of the sun. The shadows fall in other areas and are sometimes more elongated.

I’m used to the ever changing ways. But yesterday, something happened to me that I just couldn’t quite explain within rational reasoning. I’m going to let you guys know what happened. At the same time, I’m going to tell you what not to do when you get lost during a hike.

Number one: Never, ever lose yourself. No, this isn’t some deep shit that I’m trying to anchor into your hearts. I mean it literally; don’t let yourself get lost. Keep track of where you are. Only veer off familiar trails if you have a good idea of where it leads to.

So, as you could probably tell, I did exactly that.

My boots were stomping over the flattened dirt, high grass, and dense packs of trees lining either side of me. It stays warm year round where I live, so the leaves were still plentiful and shaded me from the sun. I passed by the group of rocks that that I call the “angry wife”, as it resembles the angry face of an old woman.

I was about forty minutes from the entrance of the woods. To my left, right after “angry wife” rock, I noticed something that I had never seen before. It was the tiniest, most subtle trail. It looked like it had been barely used. From what I could tell, it was man made, not by the wildlife. But hey, I’m no fucking expert.

Stupidly, I veered from my usual path. It had been a good day. I was in a fantastic mood and felt like poking out of my comfort zone. I was on wide alert as I cautiously took a few steps away from my safe zone. It looked completely normal at first. Beautiful, even. I could feel a wide smile spreading over my face.

The golden sun was bleeding through the canopies, lighting the way in a warm glow. Butterflies bounced around in front of me. Birds chirped loudly as they playfully flew in and out of sight.

Number two: Never lose track of time.

I lost track of time. I thought it had only been about twenty minutes since I had started my mini exploration. When I checked my phone (which of course, had no signal), it had been almost an hour. Stunned, I stopped in my tracks, immediately spinning around to make my way back to the original trail. I made a mental note to come back and walk through the rest of that new path.

As I was walking back, the sun was beginning to set. Remember how I said the forest changed how it looked through the day? Well, that’s what happened, except it was multiplied by about a thousand. I had been hiking in the dark. Hell, I’d spent whole weekends in these woods. It’s never looked this way.

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1120. During their apparition lessons, Sirius was the first out of all the Marauders to apparate into the designated hoop and was very smug. He was not, however, smug that he splinched his whole head of hair off. James took a photo of bald Sirius, Peter framed it, and Remus hung it up in McGonagall's office.

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