Flock and Skulk tankard
These hand thrown ceramic beer steins
Limited to twenty five.
The two main ingredients to this glaze is Dolomite an Calcium Borate,
Dolomite is a common mineral containing calcium and magnesium carbonates, its natural colour is an off white or grey. Calcium Borate is a flux which helps to melt the raw materials and form a glaze. The glaze is a satin finish due to the cooling down rate which allows it to grows small crystal to give it a satin finish
The clay is a dark body called 1120. This would not be the most plastic body to work with but its strong and contains iron spangles which give subtle speckle effect in the glaze.
Overall the tankards are 12cm wide at the bottom, 14cm tall approx and holds approx a pint with a bit of room for the headEach tankard has the goat and fox illustration
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