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Tokyo Ghoul: re 112


In this chapter we basically realize that out of the first generations of Qs, Saiko truly was the only success.

Mutsuki crossed the line between human and ghoul by starting to eat humans. As of now we don’t know the state of his frames but I personally don’t think he is or will be de-framed.

Urie pushed himself to the limit and de-framed. He probably is the strongest just in raw power, but he can’t control it anymore. He doesn’t know what he should fight for anymore.

Shirazu… yeah, let’s move on.

Saiko is in most senses a failure as an investigator. She never wanted to be one yet she became one due to her mother. In missions she tends to be lazy and joke around. She isn’t aspiring to become better or to learn more, she is just herself.
Saiko is a kagune genius as we saw this chapter, able to change the shape of her kagune freely.

The “supposed” purpose of the Qs was for humans to have an easy to access weapon at all time and to increase the physical abilities of investigators without them loosing control. Under this definition Saiko is probably the best.

Props to you meme lady, now save emo Mutsuki.

Quick Crack Recap. TG:re 112

TG:re misquotes of the day

Saiko-sama: How you like me now?

Cookie Monster: Let me go, Let me go! That straight-A boy is gone ! Here I stand!!

1/ Saiko-chan aka Quinx!Ashura now confirmed.

2/Forget One Punch Man! Be ready for the 1000-Punches Lady!

3/Saiko vs Urie more like

First footage of Blue Spider vs Purple Ant - Tokyo, JAPAN.

4/Yuri! on Ice 2: Yuri! on Air starring Hsiao

Can you feel…My right kick…never tired…from flattening your face!

5/ Saiko ft Hsiao vs Kuki

Saiko & Yuri: Howzat ?!

Crazy Cookie: Not enough…

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6/ Kuki, the (…fat…) shamer !

Saiko: Excuse you ?

7/ Kuki selling Le Ultimate Donut regimen.

It works! The results are astonishing ! Everyone will see it. Look at me:

After months of intense training à la Amon, Kuki can escape from any bond…except his insecurities. Kindly note that any father issue or abandonement issue will not be fixed - by Coach Koutarou Amon, still haunted by The Priest.

8/ Saiko is a genius in Kagune bending. No surprise: Yonebayashi is smol perfection. 

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9/ Hsiao’s definition of little pain…As expected of a Garden child.

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10/ Me to Urie in ch.112:

11/ I’m Strong! After his most acclaimed cover for Me!Me!Me!, Kuki is back with his Cookie Monster cover for “I’m the fucking strong” originally sung by Mukade.

12/ Urie…First Tooru, now Saiko ?! That’s the 2nd time you loose it and pierce another teammate…who will eventually calm you down. This has to stop.

13/And then you realise (again) that Sensei’s new art style make almost all characters look like each other at least once. Now, an interesting mix of TG:re!Hinami and TG!Touka conforting Urie cannot be unseen. 

14/Saiko ft Yuri vs Cookie (final part)


Saiko: Only one solution…

Hsiao: Beat him to submission ?

Saiko: No…

15/ When wild -V- dab boys appear on that last page

16/ IS THIS NICO ?!!!!

For those who still can’t get enough. A higher quality version. 

(You can watch the whole scene, starting from Izzy entering with the necklace in that stunning gold dress, to the end of the kiss, right here on Freeform’s YT.) 

Edit: 1080p. Because, who doesn’t need all those details? :P