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Most Popular vs Least Popular

out of sheer curiosity on my part, I wanted to dig into my archive and see for myself which stories had the most notes and which had the least. So I kinda figured that if I wanted to know, maybe others would too? So I’ll tag some writer folks to do this (though I guess artists could do it too) with the simple rules:

What are your five most popular works?

What are your five least popular works?

Are you surprised? Why? 

Here we go.

Top Five

1) Quenching the Thirst in the Western Approach (Rylen x Adaar) - 112 notes

2) Blissful in Lace (Cassandra) - 102 notes

3) “Coward. That’s What You Are” (Nick Valentine x SS) - 101 notes

4) The Healer’s Heart (f!Handers) - 75 notes

5) Giving In (Cullen x Trevelyan) - 62 notes

Bottom Five

1) Ace of Hearts (Steve/Captain America x Clint/Hawkeye) - 0 notes

2) You Must Endure (Trey Lavellan) - 2 notes

3) Champions of the Just-Part 1 (Trevelyan) - 2 notes

4) The Fountain (young Adaar) - 3 notes

5) Skyhold Infested (Cullen x Trevelyan) - 3 notes

6) Champions of the Just-Part 2 (Trevelyan) - 3 notes

Am I surprised?

I mean, yes and no. I’m not surprised at all that Keram and Rylen head my most popular stuff, but I am a little surprised that Cassandra’s piece took off like crazy? And I’m always EXTRA FUCKING surprised whenever I get notes for Vee and Valentine?? Because that shit is actually pretty regular but that piece isn’t even 600 words. And, yeah, Cullen smut appears in the top five, not a surprise seeing as sex absolutely sells.

Tbh, I am a wee bit surprised that Ace of Hearts didn’t get ANY on Tumblr. I know it’s a crack ship (like…I don’t even KNOW where that came from because I don’t even ship them, like ????), but that is literally my most popular work on both AO3 AND FF.net. I still get emails about it even though I just want it to die sometimes. But I’m not surprised that my Trev gets no love. I don’t think my Champions of the Just pieces even actually have 2/3 notes because they were liked by exes who I blocked. P sure they didn’t even get read. Which is unfortunate because I adore them. They were my real babies. I mean I cried while writing them! If I redid them, though, I’d fix it to make the audience cry more and me less. There were some pacing issues. I’m not surprised Skyhold Infested got nothing, it was just…i dunno. It didn’t make any sense. And The Fountain was written when I was in a real writing funk so maybe it was shit?

That was pretty fun and there was so real weird stuff. Haha. So I guess I’ll tag all my writer peeps? :D There’s absolutely no push to do this because it def took a little while for me to do. Iunno. Up to you!

@slothquisitor @thesecondsealwrites @scumbag-solas @barbex @inuy21 @cullenstairshenanigans @more-aoe @therutherfordwife @daisytje @loonyloopy @mysdrym @sagefic @thexann  

Is that everybody? I don’t? Can’t be, but I feel bad for tagging so many. Lol.

I’m so glad you loved both of the pictures! Like seriously, this was how I felt when I saw them posted and your reaction.

I’m also really happy about how many notes they’ve racked up. I was expecting like 60 to 75 notes, but both the first attempt and the full message have racked up 112 and 94 notes total as of now!

Everything about this is really big to me right now, with this being the first time I’ve ever put up my art on the internet. This was literally my debut, and I’m happy about how it’s turned out (yes, even despite the first setback).

So, I’d like to thank both you and also everyone who’s liked/reblogged The Unofficial Boneheads Family Portrait. All those nearly five months it took to complete it has been worth it.

And this won’t be the last time I submit art! Expect more in the future! I know I’ve got plans for a Mini-Bendy plus other things…

Thank you,

Jack Anon

((Before you ask, yes, I decided to add a little Jack Skellington decoration to my top hat since I go by Jack Anon. I figured it’d be a fitting touch!))


Originally posted by sam2119931

Honestly, seeing those posts get as many notes as they did made me really happy, too. I’m so glad you decided to share them,because I think they came out looking really great! I hope the next time you post artwork online, that you’ll share it again. I’d really like to see what you do next. Especially if you’re planning on drawing Mini-Bendys at some point. XD

Thanks again, and keep up the good work! ^^

I just saw „Top 11 Lydia’s ships voted by my followers” on my dash.

Number 6 – Lydia x… Sheriff Stilinski

Yes, your eyes are not deceiving you. Lydia and Sheriff.

1 112 notes, 654 likes, 456 reobblogs, only one negative comment.

And now let’s speculate how many of these people were shitting on Marrish and screaming about pedophilia. I guess, it’s ok to ship a teenager and 50-something year old guy if it’s a crack ship that has 0 chances to fuck your otp, right? :)



But seriously, sheriff and Lydia.

Chapter 112: Their Foundation

Note: This chapter takes place after Jiang Yuan (Bai Luo Yin’s mom) goes to their place and Gu Hai/Bai Luo Yin had already changed the lock. On a side note, at that time when the mom was there and they showered together, something happened. I might translate that scene :P. 

(⌯˃̶᷄ ﹏ ˂̶᷄⌯)゚ Also please be kind and do not copy or post this and the coming chapters anywhere else. If you have any questions, message me as well.

~(。☉︵ ಠ@)>

Ignore the grammars and enjoy this chapter! (๑★ .̫ ★๑)

Book One: Throbbing Youth*

Chapter 112: Their Foundation

        Early morning at 5:00am, Gu Hai was awoken by the sound of a cellphone alarm going off, his eyes squinted toward the windows; it was rare to see stars…one can’t tell that it’s already morning. Fuck! Who’s the idiot** that set the alarm this early? After squinting around for a few more seconds, Gu Hai’s once again opened his eyes, he realized that he was that idiot.

        His lower eyelids felt heavy, one second it was open and the next impossible to open. He casually looked over at Bai Luo Yin peaceful sleeping face.

        Finally, Gu Hai forced himself off the bed.

        The light in the room was still off and in the darkness, Bai Luo Yin was aware of someone kissing his face, it was a gentle movement, faintly enough that he didn’t mind it. The lamp was lit up after he opened his eyes again. He could see Gu Hai standing beside the wardrobe looking for clothes.

        “What time is it?” Bai Luo Yin sat up.

        Gu Hai threw Bai Luo Yin’s clothes toward him, “Wear this today, it’s a bit cold out.”

Bai Luo Yin was brushing his teeth and washing his face, when he smelled a familiar scent and stuck his head out the bathroom’s door. There, he saw Gu Hai standing at the corner of the kitchen; placing the food that he had bought earlier, onto a plate and bowl.

        The toothbrush in Bai Luo Yin’s hand paused for a second, he quietly calculated the distance, from where is he to Aunt Zou’s restaurant, the time spent to go there and come back; judging from that he could determine what time Gu Hai had woken up.

        While eating breakfast, Bai Luo Yin couldn’t help but asked, “Why didn’t you wait for me to wake up, so we can go out and eat instead?”

        “Wait for you wake up?” Gu Hai snorted. “We won’t have time to eat by then.”

        “Then why didn’t you wake me up earlier?”

        “You ask me why ah?”

        Gu Hai took the half bitten egg and shoved it into Bai Luo Yin’s mouth.

        In the elevator, Gu Hai’s back was facing Bai Luo Yin. While waiting for the the elevator to arrive at the first floor, Gu Hai suddenly turned his head, making an extremely hideous expression which caught Bai Luo Yin off guard and scared him.

        After Bai Luo Yin gained his composure, he kicked Gu Hai’s leg, “Can you not be so childish?”

        Gu Hai smiled and turned toward Bai Luo Yin, fixing his collar and zipping up his shirt, before they got off the elevator.

        Because it was cold out, the bicycle was also quite cold so for the sake of ‘exercising’, they decided to jog to school.

        All morning, Bai Luo Yin didn’t sleep. He didn’t know whether or not the reason was because he had slept half an hour longer this morning; but Gu Hai proudly credited himself for this achievement.

During class, Gu Hai always like to stretch out his arms toward Bai Luo Yin’s back, sometimes unintentionally, a feel here and there; carrying no wicked intention, but simply wanting to know this person exist.

        Initially, when Gu Hai touched Bai Luo Yin, Bai Luo Yin was always aware of it, sometimes he would turn around and curse him out, but now he doesn’t. Even to the extent that, sometimes when Gu Hai is diligently paying attention in class, Bai Luo Yin would carelessly turn around to see whether or not he’s okay.

        Class dismissed around noon and they bought fast food to eat at home. Coming out of the elevator, they were shocked to see that their apartment door was opened again.        

        What’s going on? Didn’t they secretly change the lock yesterday? Could it be a thief?

        They felt their way into the room; in the end, they didn’t find any dangerous situation, but what made them fume with rage was that, Jiang Yuan’s (Bai Luo Yin’s mother) shadow emerged from the kitchen.

        “My babies, you’re back, mom already prepared food, you guys go wash your hands and get ready to eat.”

        The vein in Gu Hai’s forehead rose, he quickly pulled Bai Luo Yin toward the living room.

         “What’s going on? Wasn’t the lock already changed? How did she get in here again?”

        Gu Hai grind his teeth, damn it! She actually dared to find a locksmith to take apart the lock?

        Just when they wanted to go question her, Jiang Yuan came smiling out of the kitchen.

        “That’s right, I forgot to tell you guys, the lock was broken, but I already had it fixed.”

        After talking she quickly returned to the kitchen, humming a tune as she brought the food back to the dining table.

         Bai Luo Yin walked toward the front door and looked at it, the lock looked the same; they worked so hard to change it yesterday, but today his old lady easily broke it. The exterior looks good; the only mark was made yesterday by the screwdriver. One look and he can tell that no locksmith did this, everything was done personally by his old lady.

        Gu Hai stood to the side, laughing coldly, “I finally understand.”

        Bai Luo Yin looked up, “Understand what?”

        “I understand why your dad whose so honest and sincere could give birth to a child prodigy like you. And also how she has proven herself to be your mom and you her son. Now I know why my dad is so tied up.”

        Bai Luo Yin’s eyes sharpen at Gu Hai, quite unhappy that he was mentioned in the same breath as Jiang Yuan, yet, he can’t deny that many of his good genes were inherited from her.  

        “I’ve decide, from today on, I’ll come over everyday to make food, wash your laundry and clean the bathroom. I still can’t be at ease with a housekeeper. I don’t really do much all day so it would be better to be here to help you guys out.”

        Bai Luo Yin and Gu Hai’s face took on a ghastly expression.

        Jiang Yuan added, “Of course I won’t stay too long; I’ll only stop by at noon and night time.”

        Gu Hai’s face darkened. How disgusting to come…

        Jiang Yuan pushed the food toward Bai Luo Yin and Gu Hai.

        “Quick eat.”

        Bai Luo Yin’s chopsticks does not move as he looks at Jiang Yuan expressionless eyes.

        “Afterwards, can you not come and bother us anymore?” said Bai Luo Yin.

        Gu Hai wanted to say those words earlier but didn’t because she was Bai Luo Yin’s mom, now it was too late to say anything.  

        Jiang Yuan lips became white, even her lip gloss were unable to conceal it.

        “Luo Yin, mom misses you. If mom doesn’t see you for one day, my heart…”

        “You don’t miss me.” Bai Luo Yin interrupted, “You just want to take advantage of the situation.”

        Jiang Yuan’s eyes tear up.

        “When I lived at home, you never showed your face. Didn’t you live well then?”

        “That’s because someone was there to take care of you, now…”

        “Now I will take care of him.” Gu Hai interrupted. “Didn’t you always believe in the western education system? Well, we’re already 17 years old, enough to be independent. If you’re afraid he’ll be troubled, right now, I can guarantee you, I will wash his laundry and make his food. When he’s in pain or tired, I know it all. As long as you can guarantee that you won’t step through this door again, we will definitely live well. But if you insist on coming to bother our lives again, then, I can’t guarantee, if you will see us tomorrow.”    

        Gu Hai’s voice was not loud yet it was powerful, every word could break the ground.

        From then on, for a long while, Jiang Yuan really didn’t come. Occasionally she would send someone over to bring them things, such as, clothes, quilts which they didn’t use so it was all thrown into a room and piled up.

Bai Luo Yin really lived there. [with Gu Hai]

        Furthermore, once he started living here, two weeks quickly passed by. Besides going home on Saturday and Sunday, the rest of his time was spent here.

Their lives together had a regular routine, Gu Hai would wake up half an hour before Bai Luo Yin, buy breakfast and wait for Bai Luo Yin to wake up so they can eat together. Bai Luo Yin felt sorry about this so he talked it over with Gu Hai, that they should take turns, but Gu Hai immediately refused. The reason was that he could drive and Bai Luo Yin couldn’t, thus, everyday at noon, if they were free, Bai Luo Yin would let Gu Hai teach him how to drive. Afterward, they would go home by nightfall to eat, rest for a bit and if given the time, go exercise, the gym, or the basketball court. They would play until they were soaked in sweat before going back…

After returning home and taking a hot shower or bath, the remaining time was spent idling around.

The two never quarreled, rather it was exceptionally peaceful. The reason was probably because there was nothing to argue about. When the room was messy, they both ignored it; the bathroom items disarrayed was also not a problem, they would use whatever they saw. They also never argued over which television station to watch, because their preferences were more or less, the same…

Of course, the biggest problem was about food.

Gu Hai promised that he would make food for Bai Luo Yin, he was indeed, true to his words. Bai Luo Yin’s best comment toward Gu Hai’s cooking skill is that, “Won’t die of poison”. It’s true, if he shut his eyes and pinched his nose, it’s edible. Of course, Gu Hai was good at making certain dishes, that is, boiled eggs, everyday he would boil some; every time it was cooked well, Bai Luo Yin would give him a praise or two.

So, every weekend when they went back home, Aunt Zou would be at a loss for words when Gu Hai and Bai Luo threw themselves at the dining table. In one breath, they would eat several people worth of food and even more so, they would whine about not being full yet. That afternoon, Aunt Zou gave them a large amount of food and instructed them to place it in the refrigerator; it was one week’s worth of food. When she had some free time, without hesitation, Aunt Zou would bring over food for them.

When it came to washing the dirty laundry, Gu Hai was always responsible and diligent about it.

His own clothes, he tossed into the washing machine, but Bai Luo Yin’s clothes, he would hand washed them. Bai Luo Yin had urged him to just throw them into the machine too, but Gu Hai insisted on hand washing them; he was rather selective. Afterwards, Bai Luo Yin discovered, in reality, Gu Hai only hand washed one item, and that was, Bai Luo Yin’s underpants.

Every night, Gu Hai would stand at the bathroom’s sink and scrub, scrub, scrub.

Bai Luo Yin finally understood how Gu Hai could easily run several miles; washing clothes left him flushed and gasping for air.


*might change Book One title, looking for better word. T.T

**傻逼 (sha bi) means more or less, idiot, but it’s a lot more vulgar in Chinese, more like stupid c***

I love Gu Hai’s childish ways, he’s just too cute for words sometimes. Bai Luo Yin is LOVE!

₍₍ ( ๑॔˃̶◡ ˂̶๑॓)◞♡

Chapter 113 will be up in a couple days. 

The original Chinese novel is written by Chai Jidan.
I do not own any of it’s content.
I am merely a translator.

EXO Relay Chatting Event Encore - SUHO
  1. Everyone, I’m quite late to this
  2. I uploaded a notice out of blue
  3. You must be surprised right?
  4. kk Of course I wrote it myself by using Hangeul 2002
  5. I wrote it all myself
  6. Because I want to chat with all of you
  7. This chatting event is organised upon my personal request
  8. I am late to this
  9. I should be the one to start this chatting though…
  10. Hu…
  11. Hahaha
  12. Let’s enjoy this chatting session
  13. Baekhyun ate his toast while talking about burping
  14. @ Have to go to Busan!
  15. @ Baby don’t cry~~ DuDumChitdumChi
  16. @ You have to go to school. After going to school then come to Busan hehe
  17. @ Baby Level…
  18. @ Hello Taiwan fans!!!
  19. @ Hi, Yong Yeon-nim
  20. @ I will do this for one hour
  21. @ After burning fats then you can remove it
  22. @ Is Junhee doing well… Why does she migrate
  23. @ Inherited ^^
  24. @ Hun-ee
  25. @ I’m wearing glasses
  26. @ Today was supposed to be like a battle and I was supposed to start this.. but it was canceled..
  27. @ Those which are half-cooked ones
  28. @ If I didn’t become a singer, then I will become a gagman at 25
  29. @ MulHwe (물회) (Note: A Korean food)
  30. @ Did you watch it kk Guitarman kkkkkkkk
  31. @ I wear both top and bottom to sleep (Note: He used the lyrics from EXID’s Up and Down)
  32. @ ‘Promise’ is a very touching song
  33. @ What?
  34. @ Ha… Seup… Ha…
  35. @ I can see well, very much
  36. @ When I am too tired, I sleep like that without knowing
  37. @ kkkk Many of those. Please be anticipated
  38. @ kkk I didn’t feel on the verge of crying yet
  39. @ Back then, there wasn’t Taemyeong.. Myeommooreuk (Note: Myeonmooreuk means Myeonnie is sad)
  40. @ I didn’t clean that up
  41. @ Hi
  42. @ kkkk what kind of ‘dried-squid’ question is this? kk
  43. @ I’m working very hard now
  44. @ I close my eyes before I sleep
  45. @ As for today dinner, I need to ask my mum…
  46. @ I will assume that mine is prettier
  47. @ Myself in the mirror
  48. @ What?
  49. @ kkkk I will try writing it once
  50. @ Me too, thanks for being EXO-L TT
  51. @ O-Level Student, Fighting!!
  52. @ Weird.. Weird.. Weird..
  53. @ You’re my friend! (Note: As in they are same age)
  54. @ Society Culture is the easiest subject
  55. @ If you don’t talk much, then your words are precious
  56. @ I don’t usually play games TTTT
  57. @ Beef is the best
  58. @ Side bangs
  59. @ You’re correct
  60. @ I also can’t contact him, this bastard
  61. @ I was so young so I can’t recall
  62. @ The greatest person in my family
  63. Happiness as always
  64. @ Why you can’t see?
  65. @ I was so excited
  66. @ Are you bugaboo?
  67. @ I can see
  68. @ Hello Nice to meet you and you? (In English)
  69. @ Force!!!!!!!!!!! Ouakkkk!!!!!
  70. @ It’s so so
  71. @ It was canceled
  72. @ After I finished shower kkk
  73. (Q: Who workouts the most?) Suho, Xiumin, Baekhyun and Sehun
  74. @ It’s possible on the day after tomorrow
  75. @ Hukkk
  76. @ You mean you watched it for 30,000 times?
  77. @ EXO-L is you
  78. @ Please watch it for 10,000 times
  79. @ kkkk Kkangchongkkangchong Kkangchongi
  80. @ T-t-thank you….
  81. @ World Won currency
  82. @ I lost your heart
  83. @ I tear up for Red Velvet’s Happiness (Note: Just… get his puns lmao)
  84. @ Pink boy.. kkk It’s like some ice cream name
  85. First time I hit the drip
  86. I should have learnt Judo kkk
  87. It’s too late for me
  88. I just do it comfortably
  89. Anyways Suho is always the best!!!!!!!!!!!!
  90. @ Today is like 1:1 chatting
  91. Hu
  92. Yehu
  93. @ I did it quite often
  94. @ kkkk Yehuu
  95. It’s rampant when there’s so many drips
  96. @ Junhee is not here (Note: Junhee is his girl name ever since he dressed up as a girl that time)
  97. @ Ohho
  98. @ Follow the age order kk
  99. @ No, I was told that I will be joining Unpretty Rapstar Season 27
  100. @ I like energy drink (In English)
  101. @ I used to say that I don’t care about my hairstyle back then
  102. @ No, cannot
  103. @ I can see
  104. @ What is Number 112…
  105. @ SoMaek! (Note: Beef+Beer)
  106. @ Donggodo donggodo Two thousand ggoddo
  107. @ Okay, Chicago
  108. @ Cyndaquil
  109. @ hdd…
  110. @ Should do it more seriously
  111. @ Okay, I got it
  112. @ I want take up villain role like the veteran villain actor, Yoo Ah In
  113. @ Guitarman was Jongdae?
  114. @ Me.. I’m good at all these
  115. @ Stupid(?) kkkkkkkkk
  116. (Q: To be honest, who is the member that the members don’t want to share room with?) I think all of them will choose Suho
  117. @ I will say that I like robots
  118. @ I can do it very well [Note: He said it in Japanese(Sugoyi)]
  119. @ Ayy Always struggling
  120. @ Hanbi-nagaki
  121. @ The rose in The Little Prince
  122. (Q: Do you like horror movies?) I will never watch it
  123. @ I want to watch Antman…
  124. @ I’m changing season..
  125. @ I watch it a lot to learn more things
  126. @ Yes o—o
  127. @ Those days were great
  128. @ Overdose
  129. I am very worried about all of your fingers
  130. kkkkkkk
  131. It’s compulsory, compulsoryyy
  132. @ Don’t get hurt
  133. (Q: Please do some old uncle gag) Since I’m not married yet, so I can’t do those kind of gag…
  134. @ Do well in your exam! Don’t just depend on energy drink
  135. (Q: Ah Sprite! Please shower with me using Sprite!) @ It sounds sticky
  136. @ High School Su1 Prep
  137. @ Jjamjjamyeon
  138. (Q: Did you watch Heart Beat India with the members? It was so fun to watch) The members didn’t watch it.. Myeonmooreuk..
  139. @ I like the tail
  140. @ To construct a three-line poem, it’s depend on the feel at that moment
  141. @ I begin eating the main body first kkk
  142. @ Americano
  143. @ Me too
  144. @ Please come to Korea!
  145. @ I was talking with Kyungsoo that I want to go one of the park in New York, and I said Linkin Park instead
  146. @ I like dialects very much
  147. (Q: I look like Ms. Weirdo(Yisanghae), please give me a nickname) Weirdo Janggyuri
  148. The time is ending soon
  149. So it’s time to call each of your name kkk
  150. /Calling the names one by one/
  151. To those who ask me to call your name twice, boogers
  152. Today I’m not on my right mind, I might really call twice kk
  153. Today’s chatting has so many messages came in, it’s like some instant food (Note: He spelt Messages > msg (in English)
  154. Thanks for becoming EXO-L
  155. Today I lost to all of you
  156. huhu
  157. Even so, let’s do this next time again
  158. Thank you for becoming EXO-L
  159. I love you
  160. Because it’s 1:1, so let’s do this again next time
  161. We are one, EXO, Let’s Love
  162. I’ll accumulate more experience
  163. Everyone, please be healthy
  164. gg (In English)

PS: Those which start with @ are his answers to certain user | Translation cr. to ludeerbambi

celebs who would instantly fall in love with you

Aries - Josh Hutcherson/Kim Karadashian
Taurus - Ryan Gosling/Emma Stone
Gemini - Chris Evans/Elizabeth Olsen
Cancer - Liam Payne/Nina Dobrev
Leo - Harry Styles/Elizabeth Olsen
Virgo - Justin Bieber/Rihanna
Libra - Emma Watson/Niall Horan
Scorpio - Channing Tatum/Selena Gomez
Sagittarius - John Legend/Jennifer Lopez
Capricorn - Louis Tomlinson/Ariana Grande
Aquarius - Joe Jonas/Cara Delevingne
Pisces - Brad Pitt/Blake Lively

HQ!! translation notes: 112 & 113 (or, a post with a copious amount of "butts")

While I was translating 112 and 113, I realized I’d need to make a translation notes post, so here it is (also, FYI: 114 and 115 are already translated, but Casanova could really use more redrawers to get releases out faster).

First up, the slogan on Jouzenji’s banner and the Hinata/Kageyama pun that goes with it. Okay, so. Jouzenji’s slogan is 質実剛健 (shitsujitsugouken), which means simplicity and fortitude/austerity and manliness/unaffected and sincere/with fortitude and vigor. Originally, I wanted to use the first of those translations, but then this happens:

Kageyama’s half of the pun involves the “shitsujitsu” part of the slogan. “Shitsuji” (執事) means “butler”, hence the picture behind him. “Valor” to “valet” was the best I could come up with, as a valet is traditionally another name for a manservant. Hinata’s half of the pun involves the “gouken” part of the slogan. You’ll notice that his picture is a sentai hero/power ranger/etc. His interpretation of “gouken” would loosely translate to “five fighters”. That one was a bit trickier, since it had to play off “simplicity” while still connecting to the superhero theme.

Next up, the first of several butt-related lines.

Noya’s line in the Japanese is 尻ぬぐい (shirinugui), which has several meanings. Normally, it would be better translated as “way to cover for them” or “way to pick up their slack”, but Daichi’s reaction meant I had to lean toward another of its meanings: “wiping another’s buttocks”. Luckily, English has a phrase that both fits and follows that same vein: “wiping someone’s butt for them”, which basically means you’re helping someone with something they should be able to do themself.

Next, a minor thing that might be interesting?
Daichi’s “support” line here:

and Coach Anabara’s “from the ground up” line here:

are actually using the same word: 土台 (dodai), which can mean foundation/base/groundwork or something which provides (physical) support. Context resulted in the word being translated both ways.

Now back to the butts.

Fun fact: the line spoken by Okudate earlier in 113, translated as “please encourage them”, is actually the same as the one here. ケツ叩く (ketsu tataku) means either “encouraging someone/pushing someone to action” or “smacking someone on the butt”. “Ketsu” here is a slang term for “butt” - hence why Misaki’s lines are a bit cruder than Shimizu’s a couple pages later. But I’ll get to that in a second. Anyway! Once again, English idioms prove themselves useful. To “get someone’s ass/butt in gear” is a way of saying “to motivate someone”.

Now, about Shimizu’s line when Tanaka and Noya are clearly indicating that they want her to literally smack their butts.

Shimizu’s wording is a bit less crude than Misaki’s, as she uses 尻叩く (shiri tataku) instead of ケツ叩く (ketsu tataku). It’s about the difference between, well… “butt” and “ass”, I guess! I had to keep the same “get your butts/asses in gear” line for consistency, but at least now you can see the multiple layers of it!