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Akafuri- I know that mermaids are supposed to be beautiful, but wow

There was a man in his bathtub.

No no.

That would be wrong.

There was a merman in his bathtub.

And Akashi had come to accept that fact.


Cramped inside the tiny bathtub of the one bedroom apartment, long gorgeous tail of mesmerising red and gold scales gleaming under the glare of the bathroom light, folded slightly to fit, arms hugging his torso tightly, Furihata laughed maniacally, tears streaming down his face.

The sitcom playing on the small portable TV in front of him, safely away from the water, wasn’t even that funny.

Funny would be the monthly bills of gas and water that got mailed to Akashi. Who knew the upkeep of a clumsy merman would be this expensive? Especially on Akashi, who had just gotten the brilliant idea of making it on his own and not smooch off of his family till he finished college.

Funny would be allowing said stupidly forgetful merman to continue to use hot water and make himself get another part time job on top of an already taxing one.

Funny would be accommodating weirdly attractive merman’s weirder friends, the talented octopus Takao, the luminous jellyfish Himuro and the moody sea snail Mayuzumi and have them partying in his bathroom at godly hours.

Funny would be sharing the bathtub with the supposedly older merman, everyday since he started living with Akashi and not feel awkward at all about it.

Funny would be listening to the endless chatter of the sunny brunet, forcibly make him eat the vegetables and not just meat, watching his blindingly beautiful tail cast rainbows when the sunlight from the bathroom window flitter in, smile at him frolicking in the tub and have a warm feeling spread in his chest knowing Kouki was happy staying with him.

Funny would be starting the day with a “Good morning, Sei! Today they are showing a new scene on….“ and ending the day with a “Good night, Sei. Sweet dreams!“ and looking forward to seeing each other the whole time they were apart.

Funny would Akashi falling for a bewitching merman with honey irises and sunny smiles and cold slimy hugs that were starting to feel like home.

I love reading books. There’s something so appealing about it. I love the escape it provides me, I love the adventures contained within the sheets of paper, I love the twists and turns with each passing page… I could go on, really. And of course, there are the characters. Wonderful, fantastic characters who you wished you knew in real life. Then imagine my surprise when one day I met a lady who was more perfect than any character in any book I had ever read. And I’ve read quite a few books in my life time.