Title: Awaken - If It Can Bleed Part Seven

Characters/Pairing: Dean x Female!Reader, Sam (Mentioned), Sybil (OC Villian)

Word Count: 1100 (Sorry it’s so short!)

Warnings: Blood, Character Death, Supernatural Type Violence.

Series Summary: The reader is a genetically enhanced assassin who’s on the run from her creator, but what will happen when she get’s taken back to the bunker by Sam and Dean? Or falls for one of the Winchesters…

Author’s Note: Wow we’re almost done, just one more part! And I’m sorry this one is so short, guys. I just planned poorly and everything that happened here was supposed to be part of Chosen but I thought it would be too long if it was all together so I decided to make it a separate part at the last minute and now it’s a little too short. But it’s what we’ve got now so I’m going with it! Enjoy :D

If It Can Bleed: Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four | Part Five | Part Six


*Gif is not mine, all gifs used on my blog are from Google Images.*

     Your hands shook as the body hit the floor.

      It had all happened so fast. One moment you were kneeling on the cold, tiled floor of the lab, the hard ceramic biting into you knees as you stared up at the woman who’d destroyed your life. Next thing you knew you were being sent across the room, knife in hand, one thought drowning out all others in your confused, jumbled head: Kill Dean Winchester.

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Kidnapped (Sherlock x Reader)

Request: Sherlock x reader. The reader is sherlocks girlfriend or wife and gets kidnapped by Moriarty. But simians John and he has to choose 1. (But they both don’t die)

Warning(s): kidnapping, almost death, kind of angsty, fluffy ending

Word Count: 1100

Author’s Note: This one was cool to write! I tried to make it as gender neutral as possible. I think I listed all the triggers but if I forgot one please let me know! Hope you all like this. :)

“Sherlock, everything is going to be fine!” I yelled as I pulled on my shirt. We were going out for the first time in a while. With Moriarty’s whereabouts unknown, he was a bit on edge about the whole thing. 

“I don’t see why we need to go out anyways,” he said. I could here him shuffling through the paper that was sitting on the table. I looked in the mirror, then headed out into the living room. 

“Because I want to,” I stated, in response to his earlier comment. He looked up, and dropped the paper. Sherlock stood up and walked over to me, his hands finding my hips. 

“You look magnificent, Y/N,” he whispered. He pulled me in for a quick kiss, then took my hand. I led us down to the street where the cab was waiting. We both got in, and the cab took off to our destination. 

Once we arrived and sat down, we started talking about the new case he had started today. That seemed to help him loosen up. The food was amazing, and it was great to be out with Sherlock again. As we were getting up, I excused myself to the bathroom. When I came out, a hand clamped over my mouth. I could feel a cloth, and I knew what was happening. I tried to fight, but I was getting weaker by the second. Then, everything went black. 

The first thing I noticed when I woke up was the smell of chlorine. When I opened my eyes, I saw that we were at the same swimming pool where we first met Moriarty. I also noticed that I was strapped to a chair. Confused, I looked around, and found that John was next to me. He was strapped down as well.

 "What’s going on?“ I said, trying to see if my restraints would budge. They wouldn’t. 

“I don’t know, I was in the flat, and that’s the last thing I remember,” he replied. Suddenly, footsteps echo throughout the room. A well dressed man walks toward us. As he got closer, I could tell who it was. 

“Moriarty,” John gasped. I’m surprised he didn’t figure it out before me. Moriarty smiles. 

“Miss me?” He asked. I struggled against the cord binding me as he got closer. He only laughed. His hand went into his pocket, and he pulled out a gun. Suddenly, the door on the other side of the room opened. Sherlock runs in, determined to get to us. The gun hit my temple. I gasped as Moriarty pressed it harder against my head. When I turned slightly, I saw that he had a knife pressed against John’s throat. Sherlock has stopped dead, afraid to move.

“So, who do you pick?” Moriarty asks, giggling. “You can keep one of your pets. I’m not that mean." 

"Moriarty,” Sherlock said. “Why don’t you let them go and take me? We know I’m the one you want, stop fooling around." 

"Does it look like I’m fooling around?” Moriarty replied, then turned off the safety on the gun. I gasped as he pressed the gun into my head even harder than before. A strange choking sound was made, and I knew it was John. The knife must have been pressed harder into his throat. Sherlock clearly didn’t know what to do. Finally, he sighed. 


My entire body went numb. That one word sealed my fate. As Moriarty removed the knife and cut John free, the gun was still pressed to my head. I was about to die. Tears had gathered in my eyes, and I looked at Sherlock. He stared back at me, then mouthed one word: down

 I looked down, careful not to move my head. The bonds on my feet have loosened, enough to where I could slip my feet out. Moriarty is so busy with John, he doesn’t notice as I pulled my feet out of the restraints. A plan was brewing in my head, even if it was ridiculous. Just by moving my finger from the chair to Moriarty, Sherlock could tell what I was planning. He nodded ever so slightly. 

“Well, now you’ve got your pet, and I have to finish up here,” Moriarty said as he shoved John toward Sherlock. He catches him, and then they stood side by side. Moriarty looks at me with delight, and his finger found the trigger. 

Before I could think about it, I swung the chair around. It slammed into Moriarty, who fell to the ground. John ran toward me with a knife and quickly cut me free. Sherlock grabbed the gun before Moriarty could get ahold of it again. I scrambled out of the chair, and Moriarty reached for me weakly.

“Come on, Sherlock, we have unfinished business,” he whispered, trying to push himself up. The chair had hit him so hard that he couldn’t move much. Sherlock stepped in front of me, but I pushed him aside. In one fluid motion, I kicked Moriarty in the face, knocking him out.

The door on the other side of the room burst open, and Lestrade ran in, followed by his team. As they surrounded Moriarty, a few doctors came in to examine John. One of them also looked at me for any damage. As soon as they finished checking everything, I walked over to Sherlock. He threw his arms around me before I said a word, pulling me close.

“The only reason I said John was because your bonds were loose, not because I didn’t want to save you,” he said. He talked so fast that I hardly caught everything. I pulled away some and nodded.

“I know, it’s okay,” I replied.

“No, you have to know, Y/N, I…” he gasped, trailing off.

“You what, Sher?”

“I..I l-love you.”

My mouth opened up a little in shock. It was the first time he ever said that to me. For a moment, it was only us. Everyone and everything disappeared as I smiled and looked up at him.

“I love you too,” I said. He grinned, and pulled me in for a kiss. All the things that had happened seemed to melt away. It was like time stopped for our lips to meet. He held me close, and I felt safe.

We finally pulled away after we heard Lestrade and John laughing at us. I slipped my hand in his as we walked out.

“Hey,” I said.

“Yes?” He asked.

“Maybe I should get kidnapped and almost killed more often.”

Diamond And Robin

Characters: Tim Drake (Robin), Reader (You).

Requested by:

Synopsis: Prompts. 109 “why are you naked?”, 96 “well this is just great”, 138 “are you cold?”, with Tim Drake. You are a member of the Teen Titans with ice powers and your name is Diamond.

Warnings: Non-descriptive nudity.

A/N: This, weirdly, is my longest imagine, which I didn’t think it would. It’s over 1100 words when my usually range the 400-900 mark.
This is 2003 Teen Titans and I’m pretty sure Tim is 18 around this time? So you are 18 and so is he.
Inspired by scene in ‘What if’.
Hope you like it!

I have been a part of the Teen Titans for 2 years now. I have ice powers and everything thought it was about time that there was a superhero with ice powers. So here I am. A part of a team. I got along with all, except one. Tim Drake, Robin. He had been wary of my sudden arrival. I couldn’t blame him. But I just wish he would show SOME attention to me. He barely acknowledges my existence. Forgetting me when the group has to split up or just in general occasions like ordering pizza. I’m a part of this team too. I actually rather like him, if only he would stop being cold to the ice girl.

The Titans ran around the beach under the light of the moon and stars, plus the small fire they had made. The only ones sitting were Tim and I. He still didn’t try to have any conversation with me. He just stared out at the ocean, lost in thought. I sighed loudly in the hopes maybe he’d give a quick glance this way, but received not even a blink. Groaning in frustration, I stood up and walked down to the shoreline where Cassandra and Kon were kicking and splashing water at wach other. A small look at Tim as I left him. I swear our eyes met. But he looked in another direction just as I noticed.

“Hey! Diamond!” Kon waved me over.
“Yeah?” I happily skipped over.
“We’re going skinny dipping. Want to join?”
Kon pointed over at Cassandra who I managed to make out as naked before she dove under the water.
“Lord! It’s cold!” She exclaimed as she resurfaced.
I looked back over at Kon was now down to his underwear. “You in?”
Glancing over at Tim, still sitting there like a statue. I didn’t want him to see me. After consideration, I realized there was no way he would. He wasn’t looking at anything at the moment. He wouldn’t notice if one of us was drowning at the moment.
“Hell yeah, I’m in!” I stripped down and walked out into the ocean, not feeling the coolness of the water.
Kon jumped in after me.

I swam further out, basking in the moonlight. I could hear splashing and squeeling behind me. I tuned it out. Embracing the winter I breeze, I let my hands dangle at my sides and water come up to my hips. My light reflected off my porcelain skin. My silver hair was wet and heavy, sticking to my back. I started to hum, closing my eyes, feeling hypnotised by the moment.

When I turned around, there was no one to be seen, not even Tim sitting by the fire. “Guys?” I called and there was no response. I made my way back to land, the water forcing my legs to struggle as I moved. “Guys! Where did you go!” The only reply I got was waves crashing. The fire was still burning far up on the beach, so I can’t have drifted down. “Guys!” I ran towards the fire. A shadow ran out from the bushes and trees in my direction I screamed and shot an ice blast at the figure.

“What the heck, Diamond?”
“Yes, it’s Tim. Why are you trying to kill me?”
“I’m not! You just startled me.” I defended myself.
Tim stepped closer to me, coming into the light. My face flushed and I almost squeeked. Covering my eyes I asked “Why are you naked?” Almost in a yell.
“I went out into the water with you all.”
“Well, why are you STILL naked?”
“Kon and Cassie took our clothes.”
“What!” I looked around frantically and my clothes were no where to be seen. Not here and not where I’d dumped them on the beach. “Well this is just great.” I growled.
“They left us a sleeping bag.”
“A sleeping bag? One sleeping bag? What kind of sick joke is this to them? I’m out on isolated beach without any clothes and to top it all off I am stuck here with you who never talks to me!” I ranted.
“Well, listen. You take the sleeping bag,” Tim threw the bag in my direction and I caught it, “and I’ll sleep on the sand next to the fire.”
“Are you crazy? It’s winter and you’re wet. You’ll freeze.”
“Just take it.” He sat on the ground with a humph.

We lay in silence, keeping as far as possible from each other without leaving the light. I could hear Tim’s teeth clattering together and noticed he was curled into a ball, shaking. I almost wanted to give him the sleeping bag. Almost. He insisted I had it himself, didn’t he. “Are-Are you cold?” He managed to ask.
“No.” I said in a monotone voice.
“Is the sleeping bag really warm?”
“I don’t know.”
“How do you not know?”
“My body temperature never changes and I can’t feel the cold.”
“Oh…” he came to the realisation. “That’s why you wanted me to take it.”
“Oh good. The light bulb in your head is working.”
“I was just looking out for you!” He snapped.
“And since when do you do that!”
“I try to!”
“You don’t include me on team missions even though I’m on the team. You ignore any one of my plans whenever I have one. You-”
“I’m sorry!” He shouted.
My eyes widened and my jaw dropped. “I’m sorry?”
“I’m sorry. My knowledge on trying to protect people I don’t want to get hurt isn’t as good as you’d hope, is it?”
“No. No it’s not.”
“So, I’m sorry for the way I treat you. I will do better to let you have a say and include you. I guess… I guess I just liked you and didn’t want to see you get hurt the way most heroes do at some point or another-”
I interrupted him by throwing the sleeping bag at him.
“What was that for-”
“Your apology is accepted.” I looked at him. “Now stop with the mushy, soft talk. You’ll melt me.”
He laughed. “Would you-” he hesitated.
“I’d feel- I’d feel a lot better if you were in this sleeping bag with me. I’m sure you won’t freeze but-”
I slid in next to him. “If it makes you feel better.” I smiled at him.
He returned my smile. “Has anyone ever told you that you have a stunning smile. It’s blinding.”
I shook my head.
“You do.”
If I could feel temperature my face would feel like it was on fire right now.

FitzSimmons Future Fic. ~1100 words 

Fulfills @thefitzsimmonsnetwork‘s Fanwork Friday Prompt: Space

Title from Ed Sheeran’s “Thinking Out Loud”

Jemma was sitting at the kitchen table, finishing up a sandwich. Of course, it was Fitz’s favorite sandwich and at 32 weeks pregnant, it was the only food that would satisfy her daily cravings. As she finished it, Jemma ran a hand over her large stomach. “Of course, Daddy’s favorite sandwich is the only thing that will make Mummy happy right now,” Jemma laughed. “And, you better believe that he is not letting me forget it.”

Suddenly, Jemma heard Fitz’s voice call down from upstairs, “Jemma, come up here for a sec, will you?”

Jemma pushed herself out of the chair, sighing slightly as she struggled to get up. “What is it, Fitz? Is everything okay?” she called back as she waddled up the stairs, her large belly making the task much more difficult.

As Jemma got close to the top of the stairs, Fitz’s face appeared, his eyes shining and a smile on his face. “Everything’s fine… I just have a surprise for you. It’s in her nursery.” When she reached the top, Fitz grabbed her hand and led her down the hall into their little girl’s room.

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UFO’s depicted in centuries old works of art.

1) 1100’s. Images from the 12th century manuscript “Annales Laurissens”

2) 1485. “The Madonna with Saint Giovannino” by Domenico Ghirlandaio

3) 1710. “Baptism Of Christ” By Aert De Gelder

4) 1486. “Annunciation with St. Emidius” by Carlo Crivelli

5) 1350. “Crucifixion” at Svetitskhoveli Cathedral, Mtskheta, Georgia

6) 1500’s. Tapestry located in the collegiate church of Beaune, France

7) 1400’s. Crucifixion, a fresco in the Visoki Decani Monastery in Kosovo

8) 1566. A woodcut by Hans Glaser describing a mass UFO sighting/battle over the town of Nuremberg, Germany on April 4th, 1561. Gazette of the town of Nuremberg stated there were balls “approximately 3 in the length, from time to time, four in a square, much remained insulated, and between these balls, one saw a number of crosses with the color of blood. Then one saw two large pipes, in which small and large pipes, were 3 balls, also four or more. All these elements started to fight one against the other.”

9) 1566. Woodcut by Samuel Coccius, depicting a UFO sighting/battle over the town of Basel, Switzerland on August 7th, 1566. Coccius wrote in the local paper that the spheres appeared at sunrise, “Many became red and fiery, ending by being consumed and vanishing

10) 1538. “Summer’s Triumph” a tapestry created in the town of Bruges, Belgium.

Index of Mini-Biographies  -Ordered by name

1.       Adela of Normandy letter (1109) 

2.       Adelaide del Vasto (c1075 – 1118) 

3.       Adeliza of Louvain (c1103 –1151)

4.       Æthelburg, Queen of Wessex (c.673 – 740)

5.       Agnes of Antioch (1154 – c.1184)

6.       Agnes “Black Agnes” Randolph (c1312 – 1369)

7.       Aliénor de Poitiers (c1445 – 1509) 

8.       Anna Porphyrogenita (963 – 1011)

9.       Anne of Kiev (c1030 – 1075)

10.     Beatriz “La Latina” Galindo (c1465 – 1534)

11.     Bertha of Holland (c1055 – 1093)

12.     Bertrade de Montfort (c1070 – 1117)

13.     Börte Üjin, Mongol Khatun (c1161 – 1230)

14.     Catherine of Siena, Saint (1347 – 1380)

15.     Christine de Pizan (c1364 – 1430) 

16.     Clare of Assisi, Saint (1194 – 1253)

17.     Clementia of Hungary (1293 – 1328)   

18.     Constance of Aragon (1179 – 1222) 

19.     Cymburgis of Masovia (1397 – 1429) 

20.     Dagmar of Bohemia (c1186 – 1212)

21.     Dervorgilla at war (1315 – 1316)

22.     Elizabeth Báthory (1560 – 1614)

23.     Elizabeth of Hungary, Saint (1207 – 1231) 

24.     Elizabeth of Poland (1305 – 1380) 

25.     Elizabeth Richeza of Poland (1286 – 1335)

26.     Emma of Normandy (c985 – 1052)

27.     Fredegund, Queen Consort of Neustria (?-597)

28.     Gisela of Swabia (c990 - 1043)

29.     Hedwig Jagiellon (1457 – 1502) 

30.     Helena of Serbia (c1109 – c1146)

31.     Inês de Castro (1325 – 1355) 

32.     Irene of Athens (c752 – 803)

33.     Isabella MacDuff (c1285 – c1313)  

34.     Isabella of France (1295 – 1358)   

35.     Isabella of Hainault (1170 – 1190)  

36.     Isabella of Valois, child bride (1396) 

37.     Isabella of Villehardouin (c1263 – 1312)

38.     Jeanne “the Hatchet” Laisné (1456 - Unknown)

39.     Jeanne de Montbaston, her smutty art (1300’s) 

40.     Jelena of Bulgaria (c1310 - c.1376)

41.     Joan of Acre (1272 - 1307)

42.     Joan of Kent (1328 – 1385)

43.     Joan, Lady of Wales (c1191 – 1237)

44.     Joanna “la Flamme” of Flanders (c1295 – 1374)

45.     Joanna I of Naples (1326 – 1382)

46.     Judith of Brittany exhumation (982 – 1017)

47.     Marfa Sobakina, Tzarina of Russia (1552 – 1571)

48.     Margaret of Scotland, Saint (c1045 – 1093)

49.     Margery Kempe (c1373 – 1438)   

50.     Marguerite Porete (Unknown – 1310)

51.     Maria Angelina Doukaina Palaiologina (c1350 - 1394)

52.     Marie de France (1100’s) 

53.     Matilda of England, Empress (1102 – 1167)

54.     Matilda of Tuscany ‘love’ letter (1089)

55.     Melisende of Jerusalem (1105 – 1161)

56.     Nzinga of Ndongo and Matamba (c1583 – 1663)

57.     Olga of Kiev (c890 - 969)

58.     Rogneda of Polotsk (962 – 1002)

59.     Sanchia of Provence (c1228 – 1261)

60.     Shajar al-Durr, Sultana of Egypt (Unknown – 1257)

61.     Sorghaghtani Beki (late 1100’s – 1252)

62.     Tamar the Great of Georgia (1160 – 1213)

63.     Theophanu, Holy Roman Empress (c955 – 991)

64.     Trota of Salerno and women’s medicine (1100s) 

N.B. There is a great deal of other work on this page (both mine and reblogged) about the daily lives, activities and representations of women in the medieval and early modern periods. This list is just to index the mini-bios that I have personally written so far. I have many fascinating women I intend to write about going forward but if you have suggestions please feel free to inbox me.  

Believer (Asa Butterfield x reader)

anntol2001 said: Can I please have a long imagines where the reader gets crushed or drowns and Asa has to save her. When she awakes in the hospital her kisses her and love and a shit ton of fluff

I borrowed a few notes from this prompt, but nothing specific. I liked the concept but was unable to fully create something around it. I hope you still like it though. It’s only 1100 or so words, so it’s mid-range for most of my stuff at the moment.

Enjoy! x

Originally posted by fuckyeahbutterfield

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Viking Language (Part 2): Old Norse

Old Norse is the common ancestor of modern Icelandic, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, and Faroese.

During the Viking Age, Old Norse speakers throughout Scandinavia, and in overseas settlements, could all understand each other (there were few dialectical differences).

For the next several centuries after the Viking Age ended, Old Nose was still spoken in Scandinavian, and in the North Atlantic settlements (such as Iceland).  There were relatively small changes in grammar, vocabulary, and phonetics.

During the medieval period, Scandinavians called their language dönsk tunga (the Danish tongue).  It’s not certain as to why - it could be because Denmark was the first Scandinavian land to become a powerful centralized kingdom, and so the speech of their court was the accepted “standard”.  Or it could have been because Denmark was closer to the Frankish Empire & Europe in general.

Old Norse was related to Old English (also called Anglo-Saxon).  But they could understand each other with some practice.  The two languages came from Proto-Germanic, and diverged long before the Viking Age began.

At the beginning of the Viking Age, there were two varieties of Old Norse (they had split off from Proto Old Norse).  East Old Norse was spoken in Denmark, Sweden, and the Norse Baltic region.  West Old Norse was spoken in Norway and the Atlantic Islands (including Iceland).

Around 1000 BC, these two languages split up again.  East Old Norse became Old Danish and Old Swedish.  West Old Norse became Old Icelandic and Old Norwegian.

Old Icelandic is the language of the sagas and other written Icelandic sources.  It is also called Old Norse.

By the 1100′s, the differences between Old Icelandic & Old Norwegian were still minor - rather like American & British English.  At the same time, East Old Norse was diverging into Old Danish & Old Danish.  Until the 1500′s, these 4 languages were still mutually intelligible.

But by the modern era, Danish, Norwegian and Swedish had differed considerably from Old Norse.  They had been strongly influenced by Low German dialects, and by English.  Many aspects of Old Norse grammar had disappeared, and many sounds had changed.

Icelandic, on the other hand, had changed little.  Today, most mainland Scandinavian people can understand each others’ languages, but not Icelandic.  The biggest differences between Old & Modern Icelandic were a series of sound shifts, spelling changes, and the introduction of new words & meanings.

The main spelling change was the addition of “u” before the consonant “r”, in many words.  For example:

maðr (man) became maður

fagr (beautiful) became fagur

fegrð (beauty) became fegu

This change first appeared in manuscripts around 1300, and became standard in later Icelandic.

Icelanders today can read the old sagas, just like English speakers can read Shakespeare.

Fanfic rec: Soulmates

I finally finished organizing my previous recs! So, here’s another one based on a trope I find incredibly cute: soulmates!

A Thin Red Thread

Johnlock, side Mystrade, complete, 4600 words.

Author’s summary:“An invisible red thread connects those destined to meet, regardless of time, place, or circumstances. The thread may stretch or tangle, but never break.” - Ancient Chinese Proverb

Additional notes: Sherlock lost interest in looking for his soulmate. Angsty, but ends well.


Johnlock, complete, 1300 words.

Author’s summary: Based on a prompt I saw for a soulmate AU in which soulmates share fingerprints. Prompt from please-dont-die-again on tumblr.

John’s been arrested. Really, properly arrested. And he doesn’t have the faintest clue as to why.

Additional notes: silly, cute and funny.

Time Enough

Johnlock, complete, 1100 words.

Author’s summary: John refused to believe that Sherlock, of all people, could have simply missed his soulmate.

Additional notes: Sherlock didn’t want to meet his soulmate. Years after their failed fated meeting, he meets him anyway.


Johnlock, complete, 900 words.

Author’s summary: He wondered if it meant there was something wrong with his soul mate, that they would overlook something so simple. Or worse, he wasn’t the soul mate of his soul mate.

Additional notes: oh, if these two only talk to each other…


Johnlock, complete, 2900 words.

Author’s summary: In an alternate universe where people are born with the name of their soulmate/s on their left wrist, John was gifted with two. But with Mary dead and William still nowhere to be found, John finds himself losing hope that he will ever get his happily ever after.

Additional notes: post TRF, sort of misunderstandings.

Old Memories And Young Hopes 

 Johnlock, complete, 2500 words.

Author’s summary: The first time Sherlock held a violin, he was six and he already knew how to play a handful of Mendelssohn’s Lieder.

We must always have old memories and young hopes. - Houssaye

Additional notes: I wouldn’t say it necessarily fits the theme… but sort of?

Hope you’ll enjoy them as much as I did. Other recs here:

Misunderstandings part 1, part 2

A Warrior’s Life

TITLE: A Warrior’s Life

CHAPTER NO./ONE SHOT: Chapter Twenty-Three

AUTHOR: wolfpawn


Imagine Viking Loki coming to your village, raiding and pillaging, before deciding there is something about you that intrigues him and deciding to take you back to Asgard with him. There, you are forced to learn a new life and language, and though you hate what has happened to you, you learn that Loki is not as bad as you think.

RATING: Mature.

The Monstrous Hounds are Irish Wolfhounds, though they were not as large in the 1100’s as they are today, I put in the modern ones, as they are huge and amazing animals.

The headland in Ulaidh that you can see Vanaheim from - It actually exists, it is an area in Country Antrim that can be seen from Mull of Kintyre in Scotland.

In Norse culture, women dying in childbirth were equal to that of a man dying in battle, guaranteeing you your place in Valhalla.

The journey to Midgard seemed far swifter than the journey from Maebh noted, the wind, though it meant it was a cold one, was with them, leaving the Aesir to have to do little labour in their travel. Again Maebh suffered from sea sickness, but so did many others. They arrived at Vanaheim promptly enough at which time Maebh explained that a headland of Ulaidh would be visible from a particular area along the north of Vanaheim. She had travelled there as a child with her father, but was unsure as to where the exact location was, but some enquiries to those loyal to Asgard who had settled in the area led to its quick locating. From there the boats made their way to Ulaidh, prepared for whatever they would find.

As Maebh set foot on the sand of the Ulaidh beach, she sighed. It had been a long year since she set foot on Midgard land, and an even longer again since it had been of Ulaidh. Loki watched as she looked around, trying to assess the emotions on her face, when she noticed his staring, she nodded to him with a neutral look and started to join the rest of the warriors that were heading up the beach to the grasses.

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queenofthebadgers  asked:


Oh, KIT.

do you even know what you’ve unleashed?


he’s a sixty-something welsh benedictine monk who was once a crusader, soldier, and sailor. in his forties he decided to quit the secular world and become a monk. he now lives at the abbey of st. peter and st. paul in shrewsbury, where he’s the herbalist and is often called upon by the sheriff’s deputy to help him solve murders and crimes and the like (since cadfael has tons of experience with death, dead bodies, and mankind in general). he’s like the 1100’s answer to gil grissom, only way smarter, kinder, and more delightful.

cadfael’s also a TOTAL MATCHMAKER and is always helping starcrossed young lovers (usually embroiled in the murders and mysteries) get married and be happy and such. HE’S SUCH A HIPPIE AND I LOVE IT; he even supports one particular young man when he finds out the dude had sex behind one of the abbey altars – he’s all, “you love this girl, right? well, then that’s okay. just marry her as soon as you can i’m sure god’s down for that.”


(just look at this sexy ass sheriff’s deputy, fuck yeaaaaaah, the third doctor’s son COULD GET IT)

hugh beringar is cadfael’s closest friend, co-conspirator, and (essentially) his adopted son. the sheriff’s deputy, hugh is wicked smart and always open to cadfael’s suggestions/help and is a really decent guy in a really chaotic time. he’s sassy and sharp and totally devoted to his gorgeous wife and son (cadfael’s his godfather) and is just delightful. 10/10, WOULD BANG IN A HEARTBEAT, ALL HAIL HUGH BERINGAR AND HIS RAWBONED HORSE.

anyway the series follows cadfael and hugh’s adventures during the english civil war between king stephen and empress maud and the books are full of mysteries, murder, political intrigue, historical awesomeness, and lots of romance and religious philosophizing. cadfael’s written by ellis peters (aka edith pargeter), who was a boss historian and never makes the religious overtones too preachy and was just a really skillful writer. I LOVE HER PROSE AND CHARACTERIZATION SO FUCKING MUCH.

there was also a television series made in the 90s featuring sir derek jacobi as cadfael and sean pertwee as (the best of the three actors who played) hugh beringar and a whole slew of really awesome british actors including: jonny lee miller, anna friel, tara fitzgerald, julian glover, ian mcneice, and jonathan hyde.