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110 Pounds of Love

A/N: A follow up to Frank the Tank after they’ve had Frank for about a year, and they’ve just had a baby. Fluffy cuteness. Is this what you had in mind @quirkiest-turtle? ;) @coveofmemories


With little Spencer Jr. chilling out in the Boba baby wrap, you walked outside to start doing some of the dishes. Spencer claimed he was going to start on dinner after he finished reading and walking the dog, your 110-pound brown pitbull Frank a.k.a. Frank the Tank, but when you walked out of the bedroom, you saw a giant brown blob sitting directly on Spencer’s lap. 

“I can’t get up,” he laughed, craning his head to see you and baby Spencer walking out of the bedroom. “He thinks he’s a lap dog.” Frank was curled up, fast asleep, right on Spencer’s lap. He’d been reading his book, using the dog as a place to rest his hands, but now that he wanted to make dinner and walk him, he couldn’t manage to get him up. When that dog was asleep, he was completely dead weight. Frank was fast asleep. “Help me.”

You smirked as you walked into the kitchen and turned on the sink, waiting for the water to come to a comfortable temperature. “I think you might be out of luck,” you replied. While the water warmed, you pulled out your phone and walked over to Spencer. You needed a picture of this giant lump of dog pinning your husband to the couch. 

Just as you clicked the picture, you heard a knock at the door. That would be JJ, Will, Henry and Michael coming over for dinner. JJ and Will got a chance to hang out with mini Spencer, while Henry and Michael fawned over Frank. The Tank took to the boys immediately, so you were confident he’d be a great companion for the baby as he grew up. “Hello loves,” you said, watching as Frank happily jumped off Spencer’s lap and went to go kiss the boys. 

“Frank!” they screamed, placing their arms gently around Frank’s big, burly neck. “Feck!” Michael attempted to yell fetch, but considering he was only three it came out more like fuck so you all had to try not to laugh. While the boys ran around the apartment, Spencer was finally able to get up, lifting Henry and Michael up off the ground and rough-housing with them until you asked him to walk the dog. 

“How would you like to come with me to walk Frank?” he asked the happy-go-lucky children. 

“I’ll come with you too,” Will drawled. “Then we come back, wash our hands and get ready for dinner okay? Y/N and Spencer have been nice enough to invite us over.”

“It’s no problem,” you said. You got a little extra help with the baby from JJ and Will, and the boys absolutely adored Frank. It was a win-win all around. “Have fun with Frank, babies.”

As soon as they walked out the door, you sighed. You loved your boys, both adult and child, human and dog, but there was never a quiet moment anymore. JJ knew and said nothing as she helped you start dinner. Hopefully, Spencer and Will would take their time with the boys.


“Slow down, boys!” Will called, watching as Henry and Michael walked ahead, big brother holding on to little brother’s hand. “Frank wants to catch up!” They looked back and ran toward the dog, arms outstretched as he slobbered them in kisses. “Can’t run too far ahead. You gotta stay near the adults.”

In the proceeding year, Spencer’s arm muscles had bulked up considerably. All thanks to the tank. Trying to wrangle the 110-pound pitbull proved more difficult than he had ever thought; Frank wasn’t mean at all, he was just very excitable. “Woah, calm down Frank,” Spencer said, grabbing tighter onto the leash as Frank got a peek at a squirrel. Will laughed as Frank started barking at the creature that ran lightning speed up the side of a tree. “He really likes squirrels.”

“Honestly,” Spencer said, “he wants to play with them. He has no idea how big he is.”

“Yea, JJ was telling me he thinks he’s a lap dog.”

“Apparently. I’m constantly cold though, and he’s a walking, barking furnace, so he keeps me warm.”

They four turned the corner to start heading back toward the apartment when another squirrel crossed Frank’s path. He lunged forward, causing Spencer to lose his grip and drop the leash. Frank ran forward, past the boys to follow the squirrel, but thankfully he was a very good listener. “Frank! Stop!” he screamed, running in front of Henry and Michael to the dog who’d stopped in his tracks. “You can’t go running off like that, you’ll hurt yourself.” Breathing heavy from excitement, Frank just wagged his tail and licked Spencer’s face. “Let’s get back upstairs.”


About 15 minutes later, you and JJ heard the unmistakable stampeding footsteps of your boys. “Thank you for the complete and total silence JJ, I love you.” Leaning over, you kissed JJ on the cheek. Spencer Jr. had been asleep the entire time, so you got some much deserved silence.

“No problem,” she laughed quietly. “Silence is golden.”

“And rare.”

The door flew open, revealing one barreling pitbull, two boys with an endless amount of energy, and two very tired dads. “How was your walk?” you asked.

“Frank here really likes squirrels, doesn’t he?” Will laughed. “Go wash up boys!”

Frank really did love his squirrels. “He ran in front of me after one,” Spencer said, “But he stopped as soon as I yelled.”

“Good boy,” you said to Frank as he sniffed at mini Spencer. You handed him a treat and he got his nose right near the baby’s butt, moving back almost immediately. “Oh, I think Frank is telling us we have a dirty diaper.”

Considering where he was hanging, JJ did as all mothers do, bending down to do a sniff test on the baby. “Oh yea,” she laughed, “he definitely needs a change. Want me to get him?”

“Gods, yes,” you said. Having friends over really took the pressure off.

Bruh one thing I never understood in hxh…if Killua’s yo-yo’s weighed 50 kilos each, THEN HOW THE FUCK DID HIS PANTS NOT FALL DOWN WHEN THEY WERE IN HIS POCKETS



And btw 50 kilos=110 pounds, which means he’s carrying around 220 pounds in his pocket. R i d i c u l o u s 


A year apart. in the left pic i was around 95 pounds, didnt eat and was very depressed. I thought i was fat in that pic. On the right i am about 110 pounds, eat (maybe a lil too much) and im extremely happy. idk what an ED supposed to “look like” but i know i was in a bad place and now im in a good place!

Ever wonder how physically strong Junkrat is?

I mean before the whole theft thing happened he spent his day today digging through probable large scraps and metal without any equipment. Now going back to now he’s physically able to hold himself upside down on chains long enough to hold a one-sided conversation

There’s also the fact that Junkrat constantly carrying around a tire with an engine around his back. judging by his specific tire I think can weigh can be 20 to 110 pounds. Also there’s the engine witch normally weighs around 350 pounds

look at the size of this thing that he carries on his back with.

Like now after thinking about this I know why they gave him a 6 pack

Hey everyone! I want to do a photo project about weight. I feel like there’s this myth that all girls/women should weigh between 110-130 pounds to be “healthy” or “pretty” or “skinny” which i don’t think is true at all. i used to believe that because of what i hear from celebrities, but once me & my friends started talking about our weights i realized that some of my tiny skinny friends weighed 140/150 etc and as i’ve said before i weigh 200 which from the media you would think is HUGE but it’s really not.

anyways tl;dr i want to show that the way you look often has nothing to do with how much you weigh and we can be all different sizes and “skinny” or “healthy” or “fit” or “thick” at all different weights.

SO if you can, pleaseeeeee message me a picture of yourself (it could just be your face or your body, w.e. you want) holding a paper/sign that says your weight and/or your size. if you want to be anonymous you can blur out your face or w.e. you feel comfortable with.

thank you!!! xoxoxo


I’m easy to hate. I get it. When I first came to L.A., I would go to these commercial auditions for Target. I’m 110 pounds now, but I used to be 135. And I would go to these auditions and these girls would be, like, in that effortless L.A. look: T-shirt, jeans and flats. So thin they’d just walk with a shuffle. I know what it’s like to not think it’s fair for someone to look a certain way and also get the dream job. But it’s ridiculous to say that a woman can’t be funny and also be sexy.

I will never forget the day after Super Bowl 2014 is when I had “My Moment”. I had just finished scarfing down down a Pizza Hut big box, a 2L soda and some nachos when I felt absolutely disgusted in myself. I felt so gross that I just wanted all the food to get out of my body so I went to go and try to make self throw up. I’ve never done this but I felt so miserable that i just wanted to get it out and as I was leaning into the toilet, I stopped and yelled “What Am I Doing”. That was moment and that was when I knew I had to change. The average 12 year old weighs between 80-110 pounds and that’s amount of extra weight I had on my body. After having “My Moment” I realized that I at 22 was unhealthier than people twice my age. Ever since that day after the Super Bowl 2 years ago I have not only lost almost 100 pounds but I’ve also regained all aspects of my health both physically and mentally. I am always trying to improve myself and challenge myself to be the best version of myself. I have stuck to a diet that works for me and have used the gym to heal. Whenever someone asks me for weight loss advice I always ask them “have you had your moment” and if they say no I ask them to look into themselves and see why they want to loose weight. Only when you truly examine your motivation you will really succeed. Looking good for someone and trying to fit into an outfit are good but they are temporary. Health both mental and physical is forever and the hardest to achieve. Anyway long post but I do believe people need to understand that weight loss is the biggest and most excruciating experience people can go through. It’s not all roses but on days like today where you can say you’ve been at something for two years and continue to try It feels all worth it ❤️💕❤️💕❤️💕❤️💕❤️💕❤️❤️💕


@pandyapparel THANK YOU FOR THE BEAUTIFUL VOLTRON CROP TOPS ! They are lovely ! And so soft c: ! The sleeves are perfect to keep down or roll up, and it’s quite comforting that the crop top reaches my high waisted shorts so perfectly!!

“I’ve got 110 pounds of face breaking Demeter kid muscle standing between you and the rest of your life, not to mention that stupid looking Hermes boy’s brother is waiting outside and is likely to be HALF as merciful with you as I’m NOT gonna be. So! I need you to hurry up and choose before I acquaint you with your internal anatomy: are we going to do this the easy way or the I KILL YOU way?”

-Katie Gardner, shortly before ripping the gryphon that flew off with Travis to shreds and dragging Travis and Connor back to camp

Welcome to Scooby-Doo.

The only place a secret bad guy who is:

A. Much shorter than his suit of armor 

B. Too portly to fit in said armor

C. Posessing a head larger than the outside of the helmet, let alone the inside

…totally fit in that suit of armor.

And don’t get me started on the fact that an old, rotund museum curator has the strength and stamina to walk in a 110-pound suit of armor, let alone chase after a bunch of college kids and their dog.


Lyra and Bon Bon were the winners of the poll, so they will be up for three days as opposed to Sweetie Belle’s two! And due to the results of the last note expansion combined with some constructive criticism, the weight gain rates have been tweaked for these two.

1 like = 0.5 pounds for both Lyra and Bon Bon

1 reblog = 0.5 pounds for Bon Bon and 1 pound for Lyra

Bon Bon weighs in at 145 pounds at 5′8″ and Lyra weighs in at 110 pounds at 5′6″