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Milla Jovovich on working with Lee Joon Gi 

logan is one of the best movies i’ve ever seen

- great portrayal of what it’s like to live with a parent (or grandparent) that’s deteriorating and can no longer be the foundation of your world–instead, you have to be theirs

-  perfect logan. like. the movies have never really hit that mark until now. this was 110% on point, from the gruffness to the self-hatred to the sheer, pigheaded refusal to let anyone near (while simultaneously not letting them go)

- perfect laura. they captured both the feral, vicious, somewhat creepy (let’s be real) side of her character and the vulnerable, wistful side really, really well. keen was incredible. i liked that they did a variation on the clone thing so it was still there but more believable 

- perfect depiction of logan and laura’s relationship. i was worried they’d make it too sweet or too aggressive, but they struck the perfect balance of awkwardness/resentment/longing that’s in the comics

- ugh shane i love that book/movie so much 

- adult fears. so many adult fears

Can we just talk about how in Sorcerer’s Stone Dumbledore is the OG Steve Harvey for telling Slytherin they won the house cup but then giving 110 points to Gryffindor so they would win


“Jude, don’t let that big fat liar come with us! He’ll just stab us in the back again!”

  • bellamy blake, pointing at the delinquents: i am NOT responsible for this bunch of whippersnappers for i am NOT their father NOR their mother now that clarke left me with these chaos kids
  • bellamy blake, five minutes later: [packs their lunch, kisses their cheeks, straightens their clothes] be safe, don't stray from the path, don't accept chocolate cakes from strangers, be back in camp jaha at 10

anonymous asked:

97 and 110 pls

97. Favourite lyrics right now?
Honestly it’s the whole lyrics from Black by GD ft Jennie. Y'all should listen to it and look at the lyrics if you haven’t already? they’re really true and just on point💯

110. How tall are you?
160cm, like around 5"3 I think more like how short are you lmao

Liar! Uncover the Truth 3rd Liar: Pop Idol Obsessed?! Walkthrough

Please only click “keep reading” if you already know/ are willing to know who the Liar is as before you start accusing you must first select the liar!

Note that this is translated from JP Doubt so wording is not exact until I’ve run the game, however A/B/C choices are guaranteed Official translations are up now.

As always, please don’t spoil for others.

Points Needed:
S rank: 800 Cool Points + 180 Savvy Points
A rank: 970 Cool Points + 80 Savvy Points
B rank: 750 Cool Points + 40 Savvy Points
C rank: 110 Cool Points + 20 Savvy Points

Keep reading

Mar. 21 - My Monthly Workout Challenge - Workout Warriors Shout Out

Here are my workout stats for the week of March 13-19: 

3/13 (Mon) Rode stationary bicycle 21 min = 6 points
3/14 (Tue) Ran 61 min, later ran 61 min = 26 points
3/15 (Wed) Weight training 42 min, later bicycled 22 min = 15 points
3/16 (Thu) Rode bicycle 71 min = 13 points
3/17 (Fri) Rode bike 43 min, later rode bike 99 min = 24 points
3/18 (Sat) Ran 76 min = 13 points
3/19 (Sun) Rode bike 22 min, later rode bike 31 min = 13 points

for a weekly total of 110 points.

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We hope everyone enjoyed our very first event and with this post it signifies the cut off for earning house points on the task ( though if you haven’t done it and message the main in the next couple hours i’ll let it slide ). So, with saying that the current house points and house placings are as follows:

  • 1st - Ravenclaw - 93 Points
  • 2nd - Slytherin - 90 Points
  • 3rd - Gryffindor - 86 Points
  • 4th - Hufflepuff - 83 Points 

The point system was aimed to be as fair as possible, every house having the chance of getting 110 points if all members of that house completed a playlist and every bonus playlist was awarded 10 points. I double checked this twice but if someone want’s to yell at me about my math being wrong then go ahead.

All tasks that were counted were liked by the main’s blog, so if you completed a playlist and it isn’t liked by the main, flick us a message because it’s likely the tag system screwed up, and who would be surprised.

That’s all for now regarding the task. The house points page will be updated as soon as possible and keep your eye on the main for our second task ( and other upcoming surprises ) in the future where there will be more chances to win house points!

I just finished watching the movie The Broken with Lena Headey - what an effed up film, let me tell you O.o - and it gave me a 110!AU Malec bunny. 

What if our Alec went to the 110!AU because he needed something from 110!Magnus, and since magic is not known there, 110!Magnus would want to keep it secret from his lover. So, when 110!Alec would catch a glimpse of our Alec or maybe of Magnus doing magic, 110!Magnus would try to convince him that it wasn’t real, that he’s simply imagining things - but it would get to the point where 110!Alec would think he’s going crazy…