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I think, somewhere in his sick, twisted mind, he really does think he loves you. But if he actually loved you the way he claims to, he would stay the hell away from you.
—  from an unfinished story #779

*the boys, lost in some dark ass dungeon, probably*

Prompto panicking: “Noct… Noct?”

Noctis: “Who’s there?”

Ignis and Gladio:


Milla Jovovich on working with Lee Joon Gi 

honestly at this point im 110% done with straight people who use the f slur casually and think they can get away with it because its just a joke. youre a fucking idiot if you think its just about hurt feelings.

like if youre in a public space and a gay person who doesnt know you hears you say “haha he’s such a faggot” or something along those lines, you are a complete stranger to them. they cant tell just by looking at you whether youre jokingly using the word But Don’t Mean It Like That or if you genuinely have a violent hatred for gay people. you have communicated to this gay person that they are not safe there and that you are not a person to be trusted. if youre okay with being perceived as a violent homophobe you’re much closer to being one than you think you are.

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Fic requeeeeest! ^w^ Pining!Yahaba with a massive CRUSH on the Mad Dog; Agony Aunt Watari; Clueless, Adorable first-years; Sneaky, Scheming 3rd years; and a not-so oblivious Ken-chan. Bonus points for 110% So Done With This Team coaches.

Yahaba spends a lot of time being furious with himself.


“It’s just such a cliche,” he says to Watari, who ends up being the very reluctant audience to all his woes ever since he caught Yahaba blushing over something Kyoutani had said. “You know what trope I hate the most in movies? The bad boy love interest. The bad boy love interest is the worst.”

“I’m not sure you should really be using movie tropes as a point of reference,” Watari says, who is all things considered a very good sport about being Yahaba’s reluctant Agony Aunt, although probably would have preferred if he’d never had the particular insight of, “What, do you have a crush on the Mad Dog or something?

“But they’re tropes for a reason,” Yahaba insists. “And they’re designed to trick unsuspecting people into falling in love with assholes. You shouldn’t fall in love with people who are mean to you. That should never be anyone’s romance story.”

“Well,” Watari concedes. “Yes, that’s true. But, to be fair. He’s not exactly mean.”

Yahaba opens his mouth to protest this but has to stop because he knows it’s true. Kyoutani isn’t mean, not really. He’s very aggressive and rough and skips practice and doesn’t listen to the Third Years or the captain and he’s very disrespectful to every player who loves this team.

But he’s not mean.

“The point remains,” Yahaba sniffs, “That I should know better and I do know better, and I really just need to get over this.”

“So who exactly would you pick to be your love interest?” Watari asks, a little more snidely than Yahaba thinks is strictly necessary.

“Someone—someone like Oikawa-senpai, maybe,” Yahaba mutters, blushing slightly. “Or, Iwaizumi-senpai. Someone really cool and awesome and nice.”

“Two out of three of those adjectives, I’ll maybe grant you, but I think you must be thinking of a completely different Oikawa,” Watari says.

Yahaba ignores this. “At any rate, it’s just a stupid crush and I want it to die already. How do I kill this?”

“Uh,” Watari says, “I don’t know, man, that’s a whole lot more complicated than my crushes usually go.”

“Ugh,” Yahaba says, and thinks he really needs better confidants.


The thing is, he is stupidly attracted to Kyoutani. And it is stupid, because that’s exactly why the smirking bad boys in the movies always get the girl despite the fact that they’re rude and mean and complete slackers and obviously doomed to a dead-beat lifestyle later on in life.

And Yahaba should know better, because it’s not like he’s ever been attracted to the smirking slacker lifestyle himself. He takes great pride in his appearance and manner and he’s not ashamed by that. If he was to have a stupid, obviously doomed, unrequited crush on someone, he would much, much rather he had a doomed, unrequited crush on Oikawa who would have been a much better person to sigh over and love from afar.

But, like, he can’t stop thinking about him. Like the fact that he does come to practice more often, ever since the loss to Karasuno. And he is a really good spiker. And when he gets serious, it sends chills down Yahaba’s spine.

And despite Kyoutani’s distinct rebellious image that Yahaba totally disapproves of, he kind of likes the wild bleached hair and the black nail polish and the leather. (What is wrong with you? Yahaba asks himself, appalled at his own taste).

He’s also pretty sure Kyoutani writes poetry, and that really shouldn’t be appealing, because the “sensitive bad boy” trope was even more offensive to him than the normal “bad boy” trope.

But he does find it appealing and god it makes him so mad at himself sometimes.


“What’s your problem?” Kyoutani growls.

“What?” Yahaba panics.

“You keep looking at me.”

“I have no idea what you’re talking about! Shut up!” Yahaba shouts and storms away, feeling Kyoutani’s eyes on him the entire time.

A/N: Ahaha, sorry anon-friend! You asked for this suuuuuper long ago, right after I wrote “poetry” and I’m sorry I couldn’t quite fit in all the things you suggested. I do see it as a somewhat companion piece to the other short though, and I hope you enjoyed!

Darkest Side Of Me | Part Three

Pairing: Draco Malfoy x OC

“Oh no, I’m not opposed to fun. Especially if it includes you.”

Summary: Continuation of Darkest Side Of Me (Part Two). Dumbledore has just announced this years Triwizard Tournament. And what comes with the Triwizard Tournament? The Yule Ball. And Elena finds herself being asked (rather intriguingly) by a particular grey-eyed Slytherin.

Soundtrack: Waiting Game - BANKS

Word Count: 1,803

A/N: sorry this took so long!😭 I’m glad you guys are enjoying this as much as I’m enjoying writing it. I love hearing your feedback!❤️ let me know if you want to be added to my tag list xo

Warnings: As always, intense Draco™ ;)

(part 1, part 2)

Darkest Side Of Me | Chapter 3: Unexpected

“A ball?” I heard Ron moan in disdain, making me look up at him from my herbology book. I watched as his hands hands dug into his red hair “Of all things, a ball?” He repeated, pitifully smacking his face into his hands.

It was just sixteen minutes ago that Dumbledore had proudly announced that Hogwarts would be hosting this years Triwizard Tournament - and with the Triwizard Tournament, came the Yule Ball. And with the Yule Ball, came the Drumstrang Institute, and the Beauxbaton’s Academy. Just my luck. Worse news couldn’t have reached my ears.

I watched as Hermione rolled her eyes, “Honestly Ron, it’s not that horrible.”

Ron looked at her, incredulous. “You’re right, it’s worse!” He exclaimed dramatically.

Hermione opened her mouth to speak, quickly closing it as her eyes narrowed on something “Why’s Malfoy staring at you?” She asked, eyebrows pinched.

That made me whip my head around, causing Ron to flinch away from me so he wouldn’t get hit by a swarm of brown hair. My eyes connected with Draco’s cold ones - making him instantly glance away. I frowned in confusion, turning back to my friends.

“If I didn’t know any better, I’d say he likes you” muttered Hermione, her gaze still narrowed on Draco.

I quirked my brow “And you do know better?”

“Of course, Malfoy’s incapable of liking anyone.”


5 Hours Later

“You’re being irrational.” I said to Dawn, her wild strawberry-blonde hair bouncing as she paced back and forth, her green eyes swarmed with panic. I was now in the Ravenclaw common room, enjoying section three of ‘Quintessential Magic’ as I watched my most recently made friend have what she called a ‘post-mid-life crisis.’

“I’m being realistic!” She exclaimed. What’s she being realistic about, you ask? Well..nothing at all. Her most current ‘crisis’ was her worry of the Yule Ball, she, at this point - was 110% certain nobody would ask her. Which was completely ridiculous.

“Someone will ask you, Dawn. It’s only been three hours since it was announced.” I said rationally, closing my book over and placing it on the table in exasperation. I got up from the sofa, ignoring Dawn’s incoherent mumbling. For a Ravenclaw, she was awfully dense.

I made my way out of the common room, passing my other Ravenclaw peers that were chatting away. Our common room was undoubtedly gorgeous, by the way. It was at the west side of Hogwarts, at the top of an old-looking spiral staircase on the fifth floor. Inside, the room was circular and adorned with blue and bronze silks. Padma, our house’s prefect, had told me that our common room has the most stunning view of all the houses; which I could believe - we had the view of the school lake, forbidden forest, quidditch pitch, and the herbology gardens; including the surrounding mountains.

I made my way out of the room, going down to the third floor and into the library, searching for the astronomy section. It was almost eight o'clock, meaning the library closed in exactly eighteen minutes. Tomorrow would be my first astronomy class at Hogwarts, and I wanted to be thoroughly prepared. Not that I wasn’t good at astronomy, in fact, I was rather excellent at it. I could name every single constellation in the sky if you’d request it, and tell you its origin, properties and stars. You see, stargazing was a hobby for me ever since I was a child; my grandfather used to take me high up the mountains of Andorra and tell me each story countless of times until it was etched into my brain. That was, until he died five years ago. Now, I used it as a way of remembering him.

The library at Hogwarts was nothing if not huge - countless books upon countless bookshelves. I wandered past each self, trying to find one labelled 'Astronomy’ until a voice interrupted my mission. “Looking for something?” It said to me - and of course, I instantly recognised it. I turned my head to the side to meet steel grey eyes. He was leaning against the table, his arms crossed over his chest as he stared at me intently. My spine straightened, and I had the sudden urge to fix my hair - but I kept my arms in place, my fingers fidgeting.

“Well, yes. That is what the library is for.” I replied.

“You know, the library closes in fifteen minutes, its out-of-bounds for students after that.”

I rolled my eyes “And what are you? The library supervisor?”

“No. I’m a prefect.” He said, proudly pointing to his badge.

My eyes drifted to the pin on his shirt before drifting back to his. I raised a brow “Yes, a Slytherin prefect. What I do doesn’t concern you.” I said, giving him a fake smile as I walked past him. I heard footsteps follow me.

“Actually, as a prefect my role is to help regulate my fellow students’ behaviours - that includes you, peaches.”

I scrunched my nose. Peaches? Where the hell did he get that from? “Oh, so that would make you the fun-police then, hm?” I teased.

“Oh no, I’m not opposed to fun. Especially if it includes you.” He said, his voice dripping with innuendo.

That made my head turn back to look at him, his lips forming a suggestive smirk. “In your dreams, Draco.” I muttered, making him snort.

A few moments of silence passed by before he spoke again. “What are you looking for anyway?” He asked me curiously.

“The Astronomy section.” I mumbled distractedly, my eyes scanning the titles of each shelf.

I heard him click his tongue behind me “Ah, good luck finding that before the clock strikes eight.” What the hell did he mean by that?. I stopped my search, turning my body in his direction with narrowed eyes. “What?” He said as his eyes swam with amusement.

“Tell me.” I demanded.

“I don’t take kindly to demands princess, ask me nicely.”

My eyes rolled. “Stop being childish, Draco.” I said, placing a hand on my hip in irritation. I stared at him. He stared back. I sighed in surrender. “Tell me, please?”

His mouth hitched up in a dangerous smirk. “No.” He replied simply, making me shoot icicles out of my eyes. I opened my mouth to speak before I was interrupted: “Come to the Yule Ball with me, and I might just tell you.” He said, making me abruptly shut my mouth in disbelief. Well, that caught me off guard. “What?” was the only word I could manage to say - and I said it so quietly, I could barely hear it myself. Was he..did he really just ask me to the Yule Ball?

“Come to the Yule Ball with me, and I might tell you.” He repeated, making open and close my mouth like a fish. What could I possibly say to that?

“You want to go with me?” I asked incredulously.

His eyebrow raised “Well I am asking you, am I not?”

I visibly swallowed, unsure of what to say. “Um-I..but…you barely know me.”

He stepped closer to me, making my heart skip a beat as his eyes watched me intently. I could so easily lose myself in his eyes. They glistened brightly, cold and metallic, rivalling the most excellently polished suit of armour. The sclerae that surrounded them were pristine, untouched by red. They were pure. They were cold. They were beautiful. I blinked ever so slowly when he spoke again “Got plenty of time to get to know you, love.”

“I…don’t know what to say” I said softly, my voice was small, almost incoherent.

He ran his tongue across his bottom lip, making my eyes dart towards them. Wow, was there any part of him that wasn’t so incredibly perfect? Just looking at them sent my mind into a sensual state of intoxication. I wonder what they’d taste like. I was dazed, completely.

“Say yes.” He replied simply, making my eyes drift back up to his. At this point, I’d fling myself out of the library window if he asked me.

“Yes.” I heard myself say, “Okay.” I confirmed again, unnecessarily.

That made him smirk again. Then he started moving. He closed the distance between us. I backed up, he pursued.

The cool wooden wall of the library met my back, making me shiver. The sweat of my palms had run cold and now I was completely terrified - of what, I wasn’t sure. His smell enveloped my senses, making inner me sigh in completely and utter delight. He smelled exotic, like lemons. Fresh. Clean. So very..manly. I had the sudden urge to bury my face in his neck.

“Upstairs. Sixth bookshelf on your right.” He said, making me blink in confusion. “Say thank you.”

“For what?”

“Helping you get your book, of course.”

“What?” I asked again, my brain was complete and utter mush. I flinched away when I saw his hand reach up my face, his fingers nearing my now blushing cheek before he tucked strands of hair behind my ear - sending blissful shivers down my neck. He dropped his hand, to my dismay.

“I’ll see you tomorrow, peaches. Make sure you’re out of here when you find what you need.” Draco said, abruptly stepping away from me as I watched him make his way out of the library.

I was speechless, completely. What the hell just happened? I smacked the back of my head against the wall, groaning. “What’s the matter with me?” I muttered to myself. It was like he had snatched away my ability to think straight. Perhaps he had more of an effect on me than I cared to admit. 'Perhaps? More like definitely’ inner me said, making me let out a loud, frustrated sigh.

Well, at least I had a date to the Yule Ball, even if I was totally manipulated into it. Right. Totally. A small smile crept onto my lips - guess Hermione didn’t know better. Time to find that damn book.



Saying he was pleased with himself was an understatement. A ghost of a smile was still etched onto his face as he rounded the staircase toward the Slytherin common room.

Peaches was his new nickname for her - mostly because he knew it would annoy her but also partially for the reason that she blushed so much for him, and when she did - it was the soft colour of exactly that; a peach.

He also didn’t miss how she reacted to him being so close, how she shivered when he touched her, how her eyes dilated when she stared at his mouth. And damn if he wasn’t tempted to give her exactly what she was thinking about. Tomorrow was going to be undoubtedly interesting.


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Can we just talk about how in Sorcerer’s Stone Dumbledore is the OG Steve Harvey for telling Slytherin they won the house cup but then giving 110 points to Gryffindor so they would win

BEHOLD, FOR IT IS HERE, MY TREASURE! No, really, this automatically became one of my favourite belongings the moment I bought it, so of course it’s gonna come straight to Turin - oh, sorry, I meant Karasuno - with me. @justforbadfriends made a video of me while I opened the package… but it will never be made public, NEVER. Just know that I was really anxious because I have to discuss my thesis the day after tomorrow, but fuck it, I’m too happy to be preoccupied right now! Thank you @esselley, @reallycorking, since I discovered you, six months ago, my days have been a bit funnier and happier… It’s a pleasure to follow your works and I will keep supporting and encouraging you with pride <3 <3 <3

P.s. @justforbadfriends said I wrote too much… whatever, I’m just too happy ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Who was number 1 in the survey?

i answered that yesterday

Segs was the winner by an overwhelming majority! no matter which way you interpret the data, according to hockey tumblr (well the sample size surveyed, which, 90 in three days for a survey is actually a pretty decent spread), Tyler Seguin is the hottest player in the NHL as of 2017, beating out second place by 110 points and five votes and an average hotness rating of 9/10! 

he also got almost 40 ‘10′s’, which is more votes than about 97% of the other players in the survey received at all.


** Synopsis: A giant gas planet [or brown dwarf] – up to 50x the mass of Jupiter, encircled by a ring of dust – is likely hurtling around a star over 1,000 light-years away from Earth, according to international team of astronomers, led by University of Warwick; Light from young star – PDS 110 in the Orion constellation – is regularly blocked by large object, thought to be an orbiting planet; Next eclipse predicted to take place in September this year, and amateur astronomers across the world will be able to witness it; Moons may be forming in the habitable zone around the star – leading to possibility that life could thrive within system. **

A giant gas planet [or brown dwarf] – up to fifty times the mass of Jupiter, encircled by a ring of dust – is likely hurtling around a star more than a thousand light-years away from Earth, according to new research by an international team of astronomers, led by the University of Warwick.

Hugh Osborn, a researcher from Warwick’s Astrophysics Group, has identified that the light from this rare young star is regularly blocked by a large object – and predicts that these eclipses are caused by the orbit of this as-yet undiscovered [substellar body].

Using data from the Wide Angle Search for Planets (WASP) and Kilodegree Extremely Little Telescope (KELT), Osborn and fellow researchers from Harvard University, Vanderbilt University, and Leiden Observatory analysed fifteen years of the star’s activity.

“We found a hint that this was an interesting object in data from the WASP survey,” said Hugh Osborn, lead author, who discovered the unusual light curve, “but it wasn’t until we found a second, almost identical eclipse in the KELT survey data that we knew we had something special.”

They discovered that every two and a half years, the light from this distant star – PDS 110 in the Orion constellation, which is same temperature and slightly larger than our Sun – is reduced to thirty percent for about two to three weeks. Two notable eclipses observed were in November 2008 and January 2011.

“What’s exciting is that during both eclipses we see the light from the star change rapidly, and that suggests that there are rings in the eclipsing object, but these rings are many times larger than the rings around Saturn,” says Leiden astronomer Matthew Kenworthy.

Assuming the dips in starlight are coming from an orbiting planet [or brown dwarf], the next eclipse is predicted to take place in September this year – and the star is bright enough that amateur astronomers all over the world will be able to witness it and gather new data. Only then will we be certain what is causing the mysterious eclipses.

If confirmed in September, PDS 110 will be the first giant ring system that has a known orbital period.

“September’s eclipse will let us study the intricate structure around PDS 110 in detail for the first time, and hopefully prove that what we are seeing is a giant exoplanet and its moons in the process of formation,” comments Hugh Osborn.

The researchers suggest that there are moons could be forming in the habitable zone around PDS 110 – pointing to the possibility that life could thrive in this system.

The eclipses can also be used to discover the conditions for forming planets and their moons at an early time in the life of a star, providing a unique insight into forming processes that happened in our solar system.

Chopin 3.0?

Well this is as surprising as it gets, especially because this will be his 3RD season using this SP music. I certainly hope we see new choreographic touches and a revamped costume, because I’m not sure how I feel about this update. It would have been the same feeling had he done Seimei again—the program itself is a masterpiece, has broken world records multiple times, and will always remain a huge part of Yuzu’s legacy. But it’s precisely because of those factors that I would never want him to repeat it again. He has done all he possibly can with the program, and I lean the same way of thinking with Chopin Ballade. I understand consistency with this program is a huge advantage, but where would he set his goals? 110 points could be surpassed with his 4Lo now but his intentions remain unclear for me.

I sincerely hope that Yuzu will surprise us all in some way or another because while I do have very mixed feelings about this news, I have faith that he’ll still bring the excitement to every competition :)