Our cosplay group Rintamasuunta performed with an Ouran Highschool Host Club skit at Tracon 11′s cosplay skit competition in September and we received the first place! It was a performance we worked hard for as always, so we’re elated with the reception it got!

I hope you’ll enjoy watching our interpretation of “Ouran Highschool Musical”!


sometimes you just need a little push to keep standing. @now-this-is-living

anonymous asked:

Ok! Mm guys all stuck in a fire. You can only save one. Go!

my answer is screw you for making me choose!!! >//<

  • you guys reply with who you’d save AND WHY while i’m writing up my HC im v curious and i’m cluELESS
  • no but guys seriously let me know because i want to see your reasons 
  • i literally JUST finished writing up my 8 page essay baaam whos proud? ;u;

Doblando virales 11.

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