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Hey that's probably not true, I mean I was 4'11 a year ago. I'm also in highschool, but you know details!! *starts hysterically crying*

My bones stopped growing when I was 12 so ive been stuck at this height 9 years

Day in Fandom History: May 28…

The Child’s plague is spreading throughout wartime London, and its zombie army is on the march. The Ninth Doctor and Rose form an alliance with intergalactic con man Captain Jack, but find themselves trapped in the abandoned hospital. They head to the crash site of Jack’s supposed space junk and discover the ground zero for the mysterious plague. “The Doctor Dances” premiered on this day, 11 Years Ago.

NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day 2016 July 15 

NGC 2736: The Pencil Nebula 

Moving from top to bottom in the frame near the center of this sharply detailed color composite, thin, bright, braided filaments are actually long ripples in a cosmic sheet of glowing gas seen almost edge-on. The shock wave plows through interstellar space at over 500,000 kilometers per hour. Cataloged as NGC 2736, its elongated appearance suggests its popular name, the Pencil Nebula. The Pencil Nebula is about 5 light-years long and 800 light-years away, but represents only a small part of the Vela supernova remnant. The Vela remnant itself is around 100 light-years in diameter, the expanding debris cloud of a star that was seen to explode about 11,000 years ago. Initially, the shock wave was moving at millions of kilometers per hour but has slowed considerably, sweeping up surrounding interstellar material. In the narrowband, wide field image, red and blue-green colors track the characteristic glow of ionized hydrogen and oxygen atoms.