Okay so remember when the internet was still young, and geocities websites were like really popular?

i used to go on all different ones, and one of the first internet websites i found, (other than a sailor moon fansite on geocities, memories) was just this fucking website 


it just played that song over and over and over

and i loved it

now the song is stuck in my head g od

11 years ago today my mom died..and I had accepted it a long time ago and I was fine w it until about three years ago when I started getting really sad about not having that mother/daughter relationship that a lot of my friends had but I know my mom wouldn’t want me to be sad so I won’t but im just gonna say 1 time that I love u mama and i wish you could have seen me grow up and been able to live a long life w us 💘


The Devil Makes Us Sin by modernkillianjones

"So, Emma. What are you doing here tonight? Except drinking and looking for a one night boyfriend", he asked and smirked at her, licking his lips slowly and she could swear that her heart stopped for a moment. Damn, he was hot and she was horny.
"Trying to enjoy my day off. I was here with some friends but they just left and now I want to drink and have some fun." Oh yeah, she was going to have fun with him, she didn’t even doubt that. "What about you?", she asked him and tilted her head slightly, biting her bottom lip while she watched how he took a sip from his rum like it was water.
"Trying to forget my shitty day." She frowned slightly and shifted closer to him with the urge to ask what had happened but that could be odd - too personal. She was a stranger to him as much as he was a stranger to her and she wanted to keep it like that.
Emma put her hand down on his thigh, moving it up slowly towards his crotch while she looked at him with pure innocence, playing with the rim of her glass. “Care to help me have some fun?” Her voice was low and seductive, she wasn’t in the mood for small talk. She liked him, he was handsome as fuck and the way he licked his tongue showed that he had a talented mouth.
A grin settled on his lips and he pushed his tongue against the inside of his cheek, also shifting closer to her before he leaned forward next to her ear. “Care to make me forget?” His voice and his breath on her skin made her shiver, she felt the goosebumps creeping up on her skin and when he pulled back she smirked at him and got up, taking his hand.
He had barely a second to throw some money on the counter before she was dragging him outside. As soon as the cool air of the night was around them and the full moon shining down on them she pushed him up against the wall next to the door and kissed him roughly, grabbing his collar to pull him down to her. He didn’t hesitate to kiss her back, biting her bottom.
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The idea for Twilight came to Stephenie Meyer in a dream on the night of June 2, 2003. In that dream, she saw what eventually became Chapter 13 of Twilight. She started writing out the details of the dream, calling her two characters only “he” and “she” as they were unnamed at the time. From that point on she wrote something every day until she was able to fill in the rest of the story. And that is how the tale of Edward & Bella was born.

are u trying to tell me a group from 1997 that disappeared into the depths of hell or something 11 years ago is coming back before bigbang is