‘`[3]’` Long Live The Queen

Genre: angst, series, slight comedy

Pairing: Kim Taehyung x Reader (ft Jeon Jungkook & some girl named Hyerim who plays as Taehyung’s new girlfriend)

Warnings: mild vulgar language, slight smut 

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3  | Part 4 

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                   ⌦ 11:40 PM, October 17th, 2017

        ✕    “Jungkook,” You said, watching him sit in front of his game, tapping away at the controls, “You still hadn’t told me if you were talking to Taehyung or not.”

     Jungkook had ignored you, still tapping away at the buttons and paying attention to the screen. You grumbled, getting up and blocking the TV. “Hey! Move out of the way!” Jungkook frowned, trying to see the TV.

    You didn’t budge. Now he knew you were serious about his answer. 

   Jungkook sighed and paused the said game, and looked up at you hesitantly and sadly. “It’s okay if you tell me you were, Jungkook,” You softly said, your posture falling tender for the boy, “Aren’t you two still friends?”

     Jungkook looked away from your gaze shyly, he felt it burning a hole through his skin. “…No…” He mumbled. “Why not? Jungkook, that’s–” Jungkook would cut you off. 

    “Best friends don’t hurt other best friends and get away with it, so he can’t go unpunished. I mean, just the other day you were a wreck in my arms because of him and that girl… Who is that girl?” Jungkook asked, tossing down his controller and looking to you. 

       You sat down on your knees and tucked an hair lock behind your ear, “I… Don’t know. I wish I did, to be honest. She just…” Jungkook nodded, looking down and resting his head on his palm. 

     “Whoever that special snowflake is, I don’t like her regardless. When I went to go see where you were at Taehyung’s house like usual, she was so rude to me and you” Jungkook explained. 

      “Ah… I see… Don’t mind her at all, Jungkook” You waved the thought off. Suddenly, Jungkook’s phone rings, projecting a certain tune signaling it was Taehyung. How ironic, isn’t it? 

      Jungkook scoffed, and muttered an ‘unbelievable’ as he got up to go get the phone. He really would like to let out this newfound anger as he slid the green phone to the left.

    “Jungkook, where are you? You’re not at your house” Taehyung’s voice croaked through the speakers. “Of course I’m not, Tae-hy-ung,” Jungkook replied in a mocking tone, “I’m stay at [Y/N]’s. Don’t come over unless you want to get choked out.” 

     Taehyung stood silent at the other end for a while before speaking, “… Is she around you? Anywhere?” Jungkook squinted, not risking getting you caught. 

   Jungkook wanted you to hear how mad he is at Taehyung and his new girl. He wanted to show you how manly he was, and how devoted he was to protecting you. He was like your personal attorney. 

   “No. She’s… Asleep. Why?” Jungkook hissed. “Because I need to talk to you… I need to explain” Taehyung’s voice cracked a little but stood strong. “Explain what? How sorry you are?” Jungkook eyed you shifting next to him. 

    “No, because I just needed to tell you, I don’t need you OR [Y/N] anyway. Hyerim made me come to a realization that you two mean nothing to me” Taehyung spat. 

     You covered your mouth in shock. “Listen, Kim Taehyung. I don’t know who you think you are but you and your bitch of a girlfriend can go to hell. You do not fucking treat [Y/N] that way and I do not want you to call me ever with your bullshit and her lies” Jungkook seethed, standing up. 

     You tugged his arm in attempt to calm him down, and stood up too. “You act like you’re her guardian or something. Jungkook, she isn’t worth your time, and I’m telling the truth!” Taehyung argued back. 

   Now you were mad. Livid, in fact. You?! Not worth his time?! But then who was there when his days were blue and gave him an overly expensive gift for his birthday which cost 8 months worth of paying bills?! Who gave him proper caring like a king?! 

You snatched Jungkook’s phone and yelled your lungs off, “Well maybe if you didn’t suck dick and be gullible to a street rat who looks like she was born at the back of the woods then maybe you will come to realize that she is nothing but a fun size sack of shit!” 

   With that, you hung up before he could speak again. You growled and threw Jungkook’s phone of the bed absentmindedly. “Wow…” Jungkook held you in his arms as you began to sob. 

     “I’m sorry he’s this way. We’ll fix it all, I swear, [Y/N]” Jungkook tightened the hug as you cried. You looked up at him and Jungkook grew embarrassed at the close proximity. 

   He pondered whether to kiss you or not. Jungkook would probably fail, but he thinks he should spill the deal. It’s been 3 years since he’s masked the feelings for you. 

    Right now, it was Jungkook’s time to shine and he was not going to let Taehyung take that away from him. “[Y/N]…” Jungkook called, biting the inside of his cheek. You blinked away tears as he shut his eyes, “I like you. I like you a lot. T-To the point where I want to marry you and start a family. For you to be my girlfriend.” 

    Your eyes widen as you gasped, “Really?” Jungkook moved away from you, now regretting that he ever told you. “Yes. I… I wanted you to date me instead of Taehyung. I didn’t think all of this would happen, but… It comes with a price to get someone as angelic as you, right?” Jungkook backed up. 

     “Why didn’t you tell me earlier? How long, Jungkook?” You walked up to him, holding his arms. “Three years…” Jungkook mumbled. 

      You took him into your arms as you smiled, “I thought you’d never ask. You’ve always been so generous and kind when we first met. Jungkook, you make me come to my senses of who I should’ve really ran to.” 

      “S-So you accept my feelings…?” Jungkook turned red, not expecting for you to say such a thing. “Of course!” You grinned, the tears drying away. Jungkook did not hesitate to kiss you. 

     He wanted to kiss you for so long, and to now call you his baby, Jungkook was more than happy to. Jungkook backed you up into the nearest wall, the simple kiss turning into a hot makeout session. 

        You separated from him to get air, as your intake was running low. Jungkook would trap you between his arms and the wall, trailing kisses on your neck. You let out a low groan as he did so. 

       Jungkook would put his hands under your thighs and command you to jump. You jumped into Jungkook’s arms as he pressed his groin to your pants. Jungkook then let go of your neck and kissed you again, beginning to slowly grind his growing boner into your pants. 

     Your eyes shot open as you got out of his arms and broke the kiss. “What’s wrong?” Jungkook began to worry. “I don’t think we should do it now…” You said, panting. 

    Jungkook hummed, figuring that you were right. “Yeah, I agree… Got a little carried away there. Sorry, [Y/N]” Jungkook rubbed the back of his neck. “Well, we’ll see if we can continue in a few weeks or less, aha…” You laughed nervously, the contagious awkward aura lingering around you too. 

    “Let’s just go to bed, and catch a movie date tomorrow. Sound like a plan?” Jungkook walked over to save his game. “Deal” You got into bed. Jungkook shut off the lights and climbed into bed as well, cuddling you. 

Part 4 is scheduled to come out tomorrow.




Word count: 1257

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Minho’s Handwriting Message to Fans

Hello, I’m Minho. Stray Kids finally had their first broadcast! Did you have fun watching?? Because it was our first broadcast, we watched it half nervous and half excited, too, but it seemed fun. Please tune in every week on Tuesday at 11 pm from now on! Let’s meet again, 10JAM friends~!

trans by jwoolia @ fy-straykids ; take out with full credit

Sons of Magnolia [3]

A sort of crossover of Sons of Anarchy and Fairy Tail.



*Not intended for younger users. Reader’s discretion is advised.

*May contain triggers. That whole show needs a trigger warning ha.

Summary: Gajeel is in a motorcycle club called Sons of Magnolia. Levy is his ex-girlfriend and together they share a young daughter. Levy is against bringing Melina to the club to see her father as there are many dangers being associated with it, but their romantic feelings for each other haven’t changed. Gajeel soon gets caught up in a dispute between the club and a rival charter in an illegal gun trade, and the Sons prepare for a war where no one is safe.

Bunker, six miles outside Magnolia

11:16 pm

Ending the call he’d made to Gajeel, Laxus stuffed the phone into his jeans pocket and hurried to help drop the wooden weapons crate onto the concrete flooring. The lighting in the vast building was extremely poor, but the club preferred it that way even though it made things seem less legal than they already were.

And there was something about doing business in a spotlight that seemed as though the police were watching, just waiting to bust their asses on multiple felony charges.

“Geezes, this thick son of a bitch is heavy,” Tig grunted as they pushed it off the skid loader. He, Sting, Chibs, and Laxus each pushed the full, waist-high box onto the flooring with evident effort.

Gray pulled the skid loader out from under it and the crate slammed down the few inches to lay flat with a loud bang. It echoed through the empty bunker and then it left them with silence.

“Are you sure this deal is a good idea? When have the Mayans ever been interested in dealing fairly with us? Or with anyone?” Sting asked. He checked his .9mm pistol, making sure there was a golden round in the chamber. Just in case.

“It was put to a vote. We do what the club decides,” Gray answered, giving him a look.

“Yea, but black-market rifles? You know they’re just gonna turn on us.”

“Mahbe, and mahbe not,” Chibs chimed in with his two cents. He dusted off his hands on his black cut and straightened it out. “We’ll deal with their bahck-stabbin’ asses later if et comes down to et.”

Laxus listened to them as he stared at the wooden box. He wished Gajeel was here and not wherever else he was currently. Their Vice President had voted for the trade, alongside his stepfather, Clay. Even though they did not see eye to eye on this issue, Gajeel was still a smooth talker. He would be able to persuade them into anything.

The blond had voted against the trade, but it wasn’t enough to sway the outcome. Now minutes until the Mayan representatives would show to commence the meeting, and Laxus was still feeling it in the pit of his stomach. “Would it have been better just to give these to the Sabers? Or keep them for ourselves?”

Gray turned to him. “Why? And then we wouldn’t have a profit. What the hell are we gonna do with this many semis?”

“Look,” Chibs began calmly in an attempt to end the bickering. He set his fist on the crate. “Clay seht this up with good intentions. If et all goes ta hell en the end, at least we tried to be civil. To keep up theh club’s reputation.”

There was silence after the man spoke. They all looked around, unsure what to do while they waited for the Mayans. They tried to set their feelings aside, to keep their minds on the Sons’ business.

“Guys,” Tig commented with crossed arms. He slowly shook his head. His nervous eyes sought out their faces. He said simply, “I don’t like this.”

The curly haired club member rarely ever questioned the decision-making results within the club, always followed what everyone else agreed upon. But sometimes he listened to his gut. And this was one of those rare times.

“Well, there’s no going back now. Just gotta ride this wave ‘til it’s over,” Laxus replied. He ran his hand through his short blond hair as he tried to shake away the nerves.

At 11:25, Tig and Sting left the bunker. The two headed for the treeline, up the hill behind the building. They wouldn’t be able to see what went down, but they would hear it, thanks to the earpiece in Chibs’ ear, connected wirelessly to the one in Tig’s.

The rest still at the bunker went outside to wait for the other half of the trade in the fresh air. Not until ten minutes later did they heard the distant humming roar of motorcycles.

“Alright, let meh do the talking. Keep your hands from your cuts,” Chibs announced. He knew the boys would be packing underneath their club vests and if the Mayans got suspicious of them, they could be mowed down without question.

Lights started to brighten the trees that surrounded the building as the Mayans approached in the darkness. The boys went back inside and opened the sliding doors to reveal the interior. The roar grew louder until the bikes were in the gravel lot, followed by a huge truck in order to haul the heavy, illegal goods.

“Can you hear meh?” he said easily, the question for Tig.

Loud and clear.”

The roars suddenly silenced, the lights shutting off.

11:38 p.m.

Laxus’ eyes shifted from the other gang members to his own standing near him. This trade could go down any path. Good or bad. None of them knew what would happen, and no doubt they all hoped it wasn’t a bloodbath.

The silhouettes of the men closing the distance entered the threshold. More men that what had been agreed upon. Their boots slowly clicked on the smooth concrete as they half surrounded the three Sons. A voice spoke up. “Well, well. The Sons have delivered then.”

Chibs struggled not to react to the blatant changes made. He unclenched his fists at his side. There was a tone in his voice he hoped wouldn’t convey his displeasure too much. “Just like Clay had promised.”

The Mayan who had spoken walked into the light from the only source in the building. His brown eyes scanned the room and then eyed the crate. He waved two fingers at the box, signaling two of his men. They took up the crowbars and pried open the wooden lid. The discarded lid made a hollow echoing sound as it crashed to the floor.

One of them held up a shiny, black unloaded assault rifle, just one of many buried in paper shavings.

“Is it all there?” The Mayan asked Chibs.


“Can I trust the word of a Son?”

Chibs gave a firm nod. “Just ahsk theh clubs in the surrounding area. The Sabers can vouch for our integrity.”

The Mayan spat, a frown turning his expression. “The Sabers are shit. Too soft, they don’t give a fuck what happens in their town. The cops have overrun it. Might as well disband the whole god damn charter. Which is what will happen to the Sons if they jump into bed with them.”

Laxus cringed with the exchange. He glanced at Gray. The frown on the man’s face was on the verge of turning into a scowl. Chibs bowed his head, trying to come up with something in return.

“Well, I’m sorry you feel that way. We aren’t trying to pull anythang over you, we just wanted ta keep theh peace between our charters. A show of goodwill.”

There was a chuckle. The Mayan who seemed to be the deal’s lead gave Chibs a look. A smirk on his face. “Is Clay expecting a war or something? Or has he done something stupid and is now trying to make up for it?”

That caused Chibs to frown. “I have no fuckin’ clue what you’re talking abowt. It’s striving for good relations. That’s it. We provide a service for cash in return. Both parties satisfied. Simple.”

“Simple…” the Mayan repeated. He walked up to the crate and reached in. He held up a rifle and looked into the small scope attached to the top on the barrel. “If that is all this is. What’s your price?”


The man nonchalantly tossed the rifle back into the large box. “No.”

“It’s what Clay and Marshall agreed to,” Chibs said with a shrug.

“I’m not Marshall,” the Mayan snapped. He turned to Chibs and leaned towards him. “You think you stand behind your President, doing your club and town a kind of service. I don’t fucking bend to rules I feel are limiting. I make my own. Some decisions are better made yourself than following a list set by some dumbass with too much time on his hands.”

The Scottish Son shook his head in disbelief. His tone was one of faux awe. “You’re in ah hurry ta die, aren’t you. Have you ever heard of the word ‘consequences’?”

The man smirked and it seemed as if he was preparing to sucker punch the Scotsman. Chibs stared back at him, unrelenting and unafraid of a fist to the face.

From behind them, Laxus tensed. He fought the urge to draw his pistol. Gray’s fists were clenched. His shoulders were hunched, looking as though he were about to pounce.

The Mayan finally opened his mouth to speak. “We’re done here.”

“You sure abowt that?”

The man hesitated in leaving, straightening his back and staring him down. He stood a few inches taller than Chibs. The rest of his crew were relaxed, just waiting for their leader to give the word. The word to leave. Or draw weapons.

He glanced to the crate the Sons had provided. “Forty,” he stated. His tone was final.

“That’s an undercut.”


“Fifty then. We can deal with ah ten grand loss.”

The Mayan showed his teeth as his lips pulled back. “Forty. Plus ten for the mods. All of them.”

Chibs flashed his teeth, careful to keep still as he threatened, “You dirty bastard. You know full an’ well those mods are worth at least twenty-five on their own, not ta mention theh separate attachments.”

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For those who may not be aware

There was a shooting that happened around 10/11 PM PST so most of us were asleep.

The shooting was on the Las Vegas Strip by Mandalay Bay at a Music Festival.

They recognized the shooter as a 64 year old man named Stephen Paddock.

Currently the death toll is at 50+ with more than 200+ Injured.

This is officially the worst mass shooting in American History.


Tiffany being adorable during a fanmeet for @suhokai!