Reasons to be Happy

1. You are unique. There’s no-one on the planet quite like you!

2. You are loved – probably much more than you realise.

3. You have the chance to give love to others.

4. You still have time to change your life.

5. You have the chance to be creative, and experiment with your gifts.

6. You can explore your interests and learn new things.

8. You have the chance to enjoy the gift of laughter.

9. You can experience and enjoy eating, sleeping, friendships, music, the beauty of nature, animals, the scent of flowers, etc.

10. Even when today has been a bad day, you get a new start tomorrow – and can turn a fresh page.

11. You can dance, sing, jog, ski, cycle, run a marathon – or participate in any sports or form of exercise that brings you pleasure.

12. You can travel, meet new people, and broaden your perspective on life.

13. You can hang out at a lake or you can walk along the beach – and enjoy skimming stones, and being a kid again.

14. You can splash in puddles in the rain, or skate on the ice, or throw snowballs at your friends.

15. You can choose to make a difference in someone else’s life, and brighten their day, and bring a smile to their face.

This or that?
  • 1: Chocolate or vanilla?
  • 2: Sunlight or moonlight?
  • 3: Best friends or partners?
  • 4: TV or movies?
  • 5: Group work or individual?
  • 6: Fruit or vegetables?
  • 7: Winter break or summer vacation?
  • 8: Late nights or early mornings?
  • 9: Writing or reading?
  • 10: Song or dance?
  • 11: Orchestra or band?
  • 12: Instrumental or lyrical?
  • 13: Guitar or drums?
  • 14: Alto or soprano?
  • 15: Introvert or extrovert?
  • 16: Tall or small?
  • 17: Closed space or open space?
  • 18: Alone or with company?
  • 19: Outside or inside?
  • 20: Water or land?
  • 21: Mountains or grasslands?
  • 22: Deep space or deep sea?
  • 23: Past or future?
  • 24: Dreams or nightmares?
  • 25: Fight or flight?
  • 26: Love or lust?
  • 27: Drugs or drink?
  • 28: Noise or silence?
  • 29: Truth or lies?
  • 30: Now or forever?

etsyfindoftheday | i’m gonna say it … HOLIDAY | 11.6.16

the dancing cat | 2017 cat calendar by jamieshelman

it’s never too early to pick out your 2017 calendar … my top pick is this illustrated kitty one by my personal fave jamieshelman. so cute, it’s an ideal gift pick for cat ladies on your list. you know you know one. or four. :D


I mean….just how??!?!?! a-corable