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What's this thing about jikook and special days in Korea? I've seen it mentioned but I've never seen it explained. If you've posted it before I'm sorry, I didn't see it. I'd be super grateful if you would link it. Thank you for all the answers!

Hey there! I think I’ve never done any in-depth explanation on this, nor have i seen anyone explain.Honestly speaking, I think I’m in no position to talk, as I’m not familiar w Korean culture, so I’ll try to link all the interactions between them on these days instead of explaining in details what these days are all about. Prob just a brief one. ^^

/cracks knuckles/ Here we go.

From what I read, apart from public holidays in Korea, there’s also a special day on the 14th of every month for couples/singles to celebrate. E.g there’s Pepero Day, Valentine’s Day, Diary Day etc.For some inexplicable reason, Jimin and Jungkook were together on these days, and I’m not saying this without a concrete basis, because it’s mostly proven by Jimin n Jungkook’s Twitter uploads,as though they wanted to scream to the world “look at us”

Let’s start from January.

January 14th- Diary Day where couples give diaries as gifts

Note that in this video, there’s only the two of them, or maybe another member, who didn’t want to be included, which is pretty unlikely since Jimin always includes others, even if its for 0.00001 sec. So my bet is, they’re the only ones in the car (apart from the manager/driver). Date? 14th January, at approximately 11:51 pm KST. Coincidence? Maybe, but that’s not all.

(Important: Today was when Seoul Music Awards took place. Let me give you a hint… Orange hair + blue suits + backhug + whisper in the ear…got it? Yep! Jungkook gave Jimin a back hug on stage in front of hundreds of ppl on this day. Amazing, right?)

February 14th- Valentine’s Day

The video was uploaded today at 9:06 pm, but they had gone out two days ago, on the 12th. My question is, why on the 14th? Notice that Jimin was filming Jungkook initially, before he panned out and included Jin? (his caption was bout Jin tho) If you were here, you would’ve prob seen some posts on Jin being the chaperone in Jikook’s dates.Some time later after this “date” Namjoon revealed that he once went to Han River with Jikook. Putting two and two together, doesn’t it make more sense?

March 14th-White Day where guys give gifts to their girls

This time around, Jeon Jungkook was the one who uploaded the video, 2 MINUTES before White Day ended (11;58 pm) Please, please look at the caption “Jiminie hyung is sleepy, somebody please tuck him in” and please appreciate the precious time he took just to edit this video. He’s obviously in love with his hyung  

Later, Jimin left two comments saying “It’s really shocking Jungkook-ah I told you not to upload it right #JIMIN“ and “This hyung will go back home real quick. Be aware #JIMIN “

Either he took it himself and sent it to jungkook or Jungkook recorded it and they’re together, both of which are completely fine with me.

May 5th-Children’s Day

On this day, Jimin posted not one but three videos, in which jungkook was included in TWO of them. I can’t link any more vid so here’s the tweets

JiminxJungkook 1

JiminxJungkook 2

May 14th–Yellow Day/Rose Day

No video from both of them, but they still had quite a no of moments today.They were all over each other, from Music Core (where Jungkook became the MC) to their fanmeeting. Jimin did tweet something about Jungkook mc-ing and ofc he had to include the two hashtags #jimin and #kkuk. No twitter update but still, what a wonderful day for both of them.


September 14th- A Day before Chuseok and Photo Day

I really truly find this mindblowing. Jimin posted a funny video and again, like many other times, Kook was in it. The caption was basically “Happy Korean Thanksgiving everyone” but wow…Photo day landed on the very same day. Now…coincidence again? I’m gonna be trash and say no, this thing has occurred too many times for it to be claimed a coincidental event.

Here’s the Chuseok Video

//Jimin’s birthday October 13th//

Not related to anything but it’s still considered special, right? Especially for Jikook. Today, Jimin posted a video of him and Kook. Like always, no one else besides Kook. Also, we got to witness this

a very very special day for jimin AND Jungkook indeed.

That’s all i think. Id like to apologize if I make any mistake in this post. Oh and before I forget there’s also April’s Fools Day where Jikook dedicated the whole twitter to themselves (and Yoon/seok too). What do you say about Jikook and special days? Suspicious? Fishy?intentional? Coincidence? I’ll leave it for you to conclude bc I believe you’d have known my respond to this by now ^^

I would like to wish you a Happy Happy New Year in advance! May 2017 be filled with positivity, happiness, success, and more Jikook!!!! <3<3<3

I’m Sorry/ Chapter 2 - Jeno AU

-Angst, Fluff if you squint, Cursing

-Famous! Jeno

-Enjoy you hoes

-Chapter 1 part 2 - Chapter 3

Originally posted by jaehyunz

May 2nd, 11:51 pm

{Y/n. P.O.V}

I decided to put my phone away having a feeling Jeno went to bed. Either way the other boys would still be there considering they shared a house together. As I open the door I hear “What about y/n? What’re you planning to tell her?” I hear Jisung say. I close the door quietly, I walk down the hall slowly to eavesdrop. But the second I hear the next few words fall out of Jeno’s mouth, my heart dropped to my stomach and shattered. “ I think I’m still in love with Rose.” “Jeno.” one of the boys called his name in a tone I couldn’t pin on. Yet, Jeno continues ignoring the interruption. “ No, listen to me. It wasn’t sudden or out of the blue. I thought about it for weeks and I know y/n doesn’t deserve this. I don’t want to lie to her. Today was supposed to be between us, to talk to you guys alone for advice on what to do, but then Mark and the rest of them came because you guys invited them and I knew I wasn’t going to be able to say anything.” “Jeno, this isn’t right. You lied to y/n. You kissed her, told her you love her in person today and you’re still wearing the promise rings you two bought. You’re leading her on, Jeno.” Jaemin’s voice scolding him, which was also laced with disappointment. “I know!” Jeno yelled, causing me to flinch and jumps slightly. “Don’t you think I know that already.” He said with desperation in his voice. Honestly, how I haven’t sobbed yet is beyond me. Though, I needed to hear this. The truth that I know Jeno won’t tell me personally. “How’d this even happen anyways?” Chenle asked quietly. Jeno was hesitant. “I met up with Rose about a month back. I just wanted to give her closure because that was what she asked for.” He sighed and took a deep breath. “Then we started to talk for hours, I started to realize that Is still had feelings for her. And dude, that’s all there is to it. We continued to talk, text and we -” Chenle cut him off. “So you cheated on her.” Chenle said it more as an accusation instead of a question. Yet, it was followed by silence. “You fucked up, Jeno. I expected more from you.” His voice was small with a hint on anger. I was done. I couldn’t handle the conversation. Though I couldn’t turn around, I needed my sweater. I walked out of the hall into the living room, plastering a fake smile. “Hey, sorry I came in unannounced, I just needed to grab my sweater I left in Jeno’s room.” As I begin to walk up toward the stairs, Jaemin asked me,  “Wait, how long were you there?” I turn around, looking straight at Jae, not being able to look at the rest of them, especially Jeno. “I just got here, again I’m so sorry, I just really wanted to get my favorite jacket.” I force out and managed to say without my voice breaking. I turn my heel and climb up the stairs looking for Jeno’s room. Once I enter, I close the door to avoid any other encounter with the boys. I grabbed my sweater and stood there. Just standing there, in shock and overwhelming feel of misery, and sadness. It doesn’t even help that this entire room has memories flooding into to me  from the past year with him. The posters on the wall, all the movie premieres we went to go see together, especially the Marvel ones. The stupid stuffed animals on his drawer that we won for each other, The dozens of concert tickets pinned on the wall that we’ve gone together to. Then the stupid fucking pictures on his desk of us. We looked happy. Yet, this whole year with Jeno, gone. Down the drain in Jeno’s mind, in a month. A loud hiccup erupted from my throat, I turn to the mirror in his bathroom to see, me sobbing, red faced following red eyes, tear streaked, more coming. The more I looked at myself, I realized. The necklace. The earrings. The promise ring. I pry myself away from the mirror, changing my direction to his bed, and walking toward it. I take off the necklace. “ I- I like you.” He sheepishly looked down at his feet, as he gave me a gold necklace, a Ruby, inside the heart. As I took it he began fiddling with his thumbs, finding them interesting suddenly instead of his feet. I set it on the bed. I start to remove the earrings. “I got you earrings” A confident smile took over his face. “Pearls?” His smile began to falter as I looked at him with curiosity. “To be honest, I was there for an hour or two, had absolutely no idea what I was doing until someone helped me out. I said it was for a beautiful lady.” He helped me put them on, with shaking hands. I put them beside the necklace. I look at my hand. Tears fighting to come out, making the headache I didn’t know existed, worse, as I force myself to be quiet. I remove the silver band with an Opal in the center. Inside, a special engravement. His hands shaking once more, something that occurred when he was nervous. He held out a box. “No, I’m not asking you to marry me.” He released a shaky laugh, “But I do want to promise you, that I will. I want to be with you forever, y/n.” He opened the box and pulled out the ring that was smaller and obviously meant for me. He handed it to me, telling me to look at the inside of the ring. “2-14-17 L.J.” engraved in cursive.” Tears falling, as I’m washed with happiness and joy. “Oh my god, did I do something wrong? I’m so-” I interrupted  him by placing a gentle kiss. I pull away to see his face plastered with confusion and worry. I placed both of my hands onto his cheeks. “Jeno, you did nothing wrong. I’m just so fucking happy.” I said softly. He grabbed my hands, and removed them from his face. He took back the ring and placed on my ring finger, “I love you, Y/N. I love you so fucking much.”  I finally placed it next to the other two objects. I grabbed a pen and a sticky note and a pen that was placed on his desk. I tore one off and I wrote, I’m sorry I wasn’t enough. I’m sorry, I’m not Rose. I’m sorry.” I stuck it on the bed next to the “gifts”. I collect myself together, attempt to stop the crying, but I know I won’t be able to. I walk out of the room, my sweater in hand. “Y/n”. Chenle whispered out to me. “I’m so sorry, I know you heard.” “It’s okay, It’s not your fault.” I turn to shoot him a weak smile, he mirrored it, but it was apologetically and with pity. “Here, I’ll make sure they don’t see you crying.” He read my mind perfectly. He walks me down the stairs. I can already feel every pair of eyes staring at me. “Y/n.” He called out to me. I ignored it, Chenle walking me a little faster towards the door and opened it for me. I whispered him a thank you and he acknowledged it with a simple nod and a small smile. “Y/N. Are you okay?” He said it more loudly, more urgency, probably believing I didn’t hear him. Without looking back at him, knowing Chenle was covering everyone else’s view from my face, I cleared my throat, looked out the door. “ Thank you for letting me grab my sweater. Goodbye.” I walked out that door, knowing I was leaving everything I knew behind. What started off as a beautiful day ended as a horrendous nightmare for me. The nightmare, that I knew was going to continue for days, weeks, possibly months.

[request] [scenario] home

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((was this… accomodating OTL i am so drained from studying ;; i luv u cheese anon))

Title: home

Member: seungkwan

Genre: fluff fluff fluff // domestic au + established relationship 

Word Count: 1007

Seungkwan feels like he’s finally gone insane after being in the practice room for six hours straight, perfecting Soonyoung’s choreography for Highlight, which, by the way, is the most exhausting song he’s ever danced to. His feet ache, his thighs hurt, and his lungs burn.

He swears if he hears Soonyoung call him out for not bending his knees low enough, he’s going to bend Soonyoung in half.

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[11:51 PM] accidentally sending jisung a heart meme before you go to bed that was meant for another dreamie, because you mixed up the conversations.

([12:03 AM] jiji: oh? was that for me?

[7:32 AM] you: you already know that was about jisung, duh.

[7:33 AM] you: oh crap-

jiji is typing…)

long misses and shy kisses

characters: you x jeongin

summary: in which you have a secret relationship with trainee!jeongin

quote: “i miss you”

jeongin week: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 

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an: y’all, Hope World has me shook. I cried at work over it lmao. This has been in my head since it dropped. I hope you guys like it 💖

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• jung hoseok x reader •

• fluff •

• 674 words •


11:51:36 PM, MARCH 1ST

The excitement from earlier in the night had slowly left your system, a sense of pride and contentment taking it’s place. You and the other boys had surprised Hoseok with a party commemorating the release of his first mixtape; Hope World, as it was so aptly named. All of his closest friends had shown up to show to celebrate him, and together they partied the evening away, dancing to Hoseok’s very own songs.

Currently, you were sat on Hoseok’s lap in his studio by his computer, waiting for midnight to hit. He was slowing twisting the both of you back and forth in his chair, drumming his fingers against where they rested on your thigh. Though he had put up a very confident front for everyone earlier, here with the two of you alone, bathed in the light coming from his computer screen, you could feel the nervousness rolling off of him in waves.

“Hoseok,” You said softly, twisting to look at him. His eyes were set on the screen; he was chewing at his bottom lip, tugging at a piece of skin. “Calm down.”

His eyes snapped to your face, and his eyebrows furrowed. You could see the internal battle he was waging with himself reflected in his eyes.

“What if they don’t like it?” He whispered, and it broke your heart.

Hoseok had put so much of his soul into this mixtape; countless hours spent writing lyrics, creating beats and in the studio perfecting it all. He poured all he had into it, and he still was worried people wouldn’t love it as much as he did.

“Jung Hoseok,” You began as you brought both hands up to his cheeks, commanding his full attention. “First of all, they are going to love it. It’s perfect; it’s you, through and through.”

You pressed a soft kiss to his forehead, and slid your hands down from his cheeks to link them behind his neck.

“Secondly, all that really matters is if you like it. Do you?” You waited for him to respond, and he did with a nod, a small smile playing on his lips. “You’ve worked so hard for this. Please, stop worrying. I know you want them to like it, but for right now, just focus on you. This is your moment. Don’t let fear or anxiety ruin this for you. Be proud of what you’ve created.”

Hoseok’s smile widen, and his hands, which had been resting on your hips, slid around your waist. He hugged you tightly to him, and you laid your head in the crook of his neck.

“I love you,” He whispered, and you felt him exhale deeply, like he had been holding his breath this whole time. By the time you both pulled back, he seemed much more at peace than before. “What would I do without you?”

“I don’t know,” You sighed, shrugging your shoulders and grinning. His eyes narrowed, and he gently pinched at your hips, making you yelp. He threw his head back, laughing at your reaction. Your face softened at the sight your boyfriend. “I love you so much.”

He pressed a quick, but passionate kiss to your lips, and then glanced back at his computer. You followed his eyes to the tiny clock he had going in on corner of the screen.

11:59:02 PM, MARCH 1ST

“It’s almost time,” You whispered, suddenly overcome with emotion. You were so very proud of your boyfriend. “Are you ready?”

He nodded, and slowly removed his hand from you waist, bringing it to rest on his computer mouse. You both watched as the clock ticked on, drawing closer and closer to midnight. He took his other hand from your waist, and grabbed your hand, squeezing it softly.

“I love you, Hoseok.” You said one final time. “I’m so proud of you.”

He pressed a kiss to your temple in return.

“I love you, baby.”

11:59:59 PM, MARCH 1ST

12:00:00 AM, MARCH 2ND


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Drabble #2: midnight

8:57 PM

“I’m determined to stay up this year!” 

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen you stay up past 11.” 

“I can do it, challenge accepted!” 

“We’ll see.”

9:15 PM

“I feel completely awake.” 

“You still have more than two hours to go.” 

“You’re no fun Todoroki, hmph.”

“Did you just stick your tongue out at me?” 

9:42 PM



“You are getting sleepy, very sleepy.” 

“Are you trying to hypnotize me…?”

“Is it working?”


“Then that is not what I was doing.” 

10:11 PM

“Look how soft this pillow is and how warm and comfortable this blanket feels.”

“Todoroki, are you trying to seduce me into sleeping?”

“Did you really just use the word seduce in a sentence?”

“N-no! Forget you heard anything!”

“I will if you go to sleep.” 

10:36 PM

“Are you sleepy yet?”

“Hmph, no.”

“It’s cute when you pout, Yaoyorozu.”

“I’m not pouting!”

11:02 PM

“It’s late.”

“But i’m not sleepy.”

“Was that a yawn just now? I knew it, you’re tired. Go. To. Sleep.”

11:37 PM

“Are you excited for tomorrow?”


“I got you strawberry cake.” 

“This is why you’re my favorite.”

“That’s just the sleep deprivation talking.”

11:45 PM

“It’s almost time.”



11:49 PM

Ah she’s asleep, I knew it.

11:51 PM

She’s snoring, pfft.

11:54 PM

I hope she likes my gift. 

11:56 PM

She looks cute when she sleeps.

11:57 PM



“i’m grateful that you’re alive.”


11:59 PM

One more minute.

12:00 AM

“Happy birthday Yaoyorozu.”

8:01 AM

“Oh no I missed it again!”

“It’s okay, we’ll try again next year.”


“There there, eat some cake.” 

SECRETS / jeon jungkook mafia au (part one)

prologue part two

summary: things between you and jungkook start getting serious, but the lifestyle he’s trying so desperately to hide from you and outside forces threaten to destroy your relationship.

pairing: jeon jungkook x male reader

tags/warning: violence, sex(?), mentions of murder, mentions of use of drugs/alcohol, boyxboy content

notes: here’s part one! i didn’t expect so many of you to like this series haha, but thank you for the support you guys have been showing for this fic so far. happy reading loves xx

“i’m going to fucking kill that piece of shit the next time i see him.” jungkook said through gritted teeth as he gripped the knife jutting out from his leg tightly. no matter how many times he got hurt, nothing prepared him for the searing pain that ripped through his body each time. he took a deep breath before pulling the knife out and immediately put pressure on the wound.


“what jimin?” jungkook threw the bloody knife somewhere on the floor and pressed down on his leg harder.

“correct me if i’m wrong, but weren’t you supposed to meet y/n tonight?”

“what are you— fuck.”

jungkook glanced at the time — 10:30 pm — and groaned. he had completely forgotten about the dinner date you two planned for tonight. he was more than two hours late and he knew that you had probably gone home already and that it was too late to even do anything.

“he’s been calling, too.” jungkook’s eyes widened at jimin’s words. he turned his phone on and sure enough, there were a few missed calls and texts from you.“shit, shit, shit,” he mumbled.“drive faster, jimin.”

“are you seriously going to his place like that?”

“what lie are you even going to make up this time?” it was taehyung who asked. jungkook groaned in frustration.“don’t worry about it. just fucking drive and keep your mouths shut, damn it” he said.


“you’re late, jungkook and i— what the hell happened to your leg?” you asked. the last thing you expected was to see your boyfriend show up at your door late at night with a bloody leg. jungkook pushed past you gently and made his way inside.“let me sit down first and then i’ll explain” he said. you shut the door and quietly made your way to the couch.

you glanced at his stitches and bloodied pant leg and shirt.“what happened?” you asked once more. jungkook sighed.“a guy at my dad’s place was acting crazy. i tried to stop him, but he ended up stabbing me” jungkook said. lies, lies, lies. your eyes widened and you hit his arm.

“jungkook! you have to be more careful than that! what if something else happened to you?” you asked in a worried tone. it was the first time jungkook had showed up to your place with a wound and you were beyond scared. jungkook shook his head and took your hand in his. he gripped in reassurance.

“it’s okay, jagi. i’m fine. dad took care of it.” more lies.

you nodded and squeezed his hand. suddenly, jungkook placed two fingers under your chin and pulled your face closer to his. his hot breath fanned your lips.“i love you, jagi” he mumbled.“i love you, too, jungkook” you mumbled. you quickly pecked his lips then got up from your spot next to him.“do you want something to drink? maybe some ice for your leg?” you asked.“yes, please. thanks, babe” your boyfriend said with a smile. you nodded before giving him a small smile and walked towards the kitchen area.

suddenly, jungkook’s phone buzzed. he looked around and made sure you were gone before he unlocked his phone.

from: tae [11:49 pm]

how are things at y/n’s?

to: tae [11:49 pm]

fine. said some guy at my dad’s stabbed me

from: tae [11:50 pm]

your “dad's” huh? you gotta stop lying to him, kooks. when are you going to tell him the truth? you’re being a bad boyfriend.

to: tae [11:51 pm]

i know. i’ll tell him soon, tae.

from: tae [11:52 pm]

you better. don’t hurt him, jungkook.

to: tae [11:52 pm]

i won’t.

DAY 3480

Jalsa, Mumbai                    Oct 6,  2017                  Fri 11:51 PM 

Birthday - EF Ami Trivedi , Naresh Dhokia       Sat, October 7 .. to them that celebrate their birth we send our love and wishes for a life filled with happiness and fulfilment  …

Mornings of Mumbai ; afternoons of Bhopal ; evenings of Lucknow and back to Mumbai  .. all done and travelled and crowd met and a billion selfies taken back to home ground and the Ef .. the most awaited moment ..

Spending time with the pilots of our craft and learning the intricacies of flight and flying - complicated beyond imagination and belief .. how ever do they manage to fly these machines is still a wonder to me .. and shall ever be, even though being in the pilots seat has never been one that has been undone, or not experienced .. those early years of flying at the Delhi Flying Club and the glider rides and ballast rides with friend pilots under training .. all to naught after seeing the complicated beyond belief, dash boards of these modern flying units .. simply incredible ..

For Jaya it is a trip from her ‘maike’ to her ‘sasural’ .. her ‘maike’ or Mother’s place Bhopal, and her ‘sasural’ her Mother in Laws place, Uttar Pradesh and Lucknow .. all in a day .. for me a travel from my ‘karmbhumi’ to my ‘jamai babu’ state and then to my ‘janm bhumi’ U.P  …. all in a day and all in the spirit of brand presence and the opening of stores of the client … a reassurance of the roots that we grew up in and the remnants of those days of yore ..

“हाथी घूमय गाँव गाँव , जेकर हाथी ओकर नाओ”

तो ये सच है की मैं इलाहबाद दिल्ली कलकत्ता रहा काम किया घूमा ; पर हमेशा कहलाया गया  ‘छोरा  गंगा किनारे वाला’  …

You can take away my ‘karmbhumi’ from me but how can you ever take away from me,  my ‘jamnbhumi’ .. a bit of the latter shall ever remain with me, much as the grace and attachment and love for my ‘karmbhumi’ remains in tact and flourishing ..

But it is the wonders of modern travel that makes it possible for me to conduct myself in these manners ..

…. and it is a delight to say that the country is fine and prospering and advancing in the right direction - crowds and personal grooming bless them all .. not withstanding .. !!!

An enchanted life for us .. a life filled with ‘diversity’ a word that has taken it upon itself that it would be present in any manner of presence in our lives … again and again .. discussed and done away with yet still alive  ..

Driven and domestically jet lagged .. I seek forgiveness for my early retreat and a promise to be early with all tomorrow ..

May the Lord bless you all ..

Amitabh Bachchan