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I like how some people are discussing if Dan really got high but in America, you have 11 year olds smoking smarties

look. when i was in eighth grade people snorted smarties dust lines right in front of the teachers and they never got in trouble wtf is wrong with people

ri reacts to the deh soundtrack for the first time without watching the musical irl (TW; SPOILERS)
  • Anybody Have A Map?: i lov this !!!! im connor tbfh love this so much ALSO THAT LIL BIT AT THE END WAS FUCKIN LIT I AM ALSO MAKING THIS UP AS I GO IM HYPED
  • Waving Through A Window: here comes the ugly ass 11 year olds thinkin they can sing ,,,, also,,,, gna be blasting this forever
  • Requiem: FUCK WHAT IS EVAN DEAD OR SOMETHING wait is connor dead????? what ????? im so lost ?????? also,,, girl singing needs to chill but IIIIIIIIIIIIII CANNOT PLAY THE GRIEVING GIRL AND LIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE also I WILL SING NO REQUIEM TONight
  • If I Could Tell Her: haha the old classic "i wanna tell you what i feel about you but i'm scared so i'll say he said it instead" i feel ya evan ,,,, also hEEEE THOUGHT THAT YOU LOOKED REALLY- UH IT WAS REALLY PRETTY LMAOOOOO SAME ALSO I LOVE YOOOOOOOOOOOOUUUUUUUUUUUU fuck that note ended me bYE
  • Disappear: "no one seems to care or seem to notice that we're there so we get lost" fuck same ???? i think im gonna cry ??? nobody deserves to be forgotten ??? could you not hit me the fuc k hard thanx ???!!! YOU STILL MATTER FUCK AH SHIT THAT WAVING THROUGH A WINDOW REPRISE IM GONE ??? THE CONNOR PROJECT OKAY SOO CONNORS DEAD AND IM SOBBING OKAY BYE
  • You Will Be Found: piano ??? will this be sad??? "have you ever felt forgotten" um yeah, "like you could fall and nobody could hear" "when you don't feel strong enough to stand...." oh why is there a tear in my eye ? "when you're broken on the ground, you will be found.....lift your head and look around" i really cant go on typin cause im sobbing cause ben platt's voice is a fucking blessing and this musical is heaven-sent and 200% of the time i really have this overwhelming desire to just end it all cause nobody cares abt me and im literally bein told i matter so yeah im fucki n in tears don't touch me bye
  • To Break In A Glove: "this glove's really cool wow" ben im in the middle of cryin and youre such a fuckin nerd i snorted,,,, are they talkin about how to break in a FUCKING BASEBALL GLOVE WHAT THE - oh now i get it,,, evan's still a nerd tho love ya ben,,, oh shit hes talkin about connor.... well okay now i know how to break in a baseball glove and feel sad @ the same time
  • Only Us: oh this is EVAN AND ZOE ,,,, zoe is connor's younger sister ,,,, are they in a relationship ??? nice + this is such a lovely love song AND THE REST OF THE WORLD FALLS AWAAAAAY WHADDYA SAY this is so Cute im here for evan/zoe ,,, laura dreyfuss' voice is givin me fuckn chills
  • Good For You: please let this be a cover of daveed & leslie's cover of good for you OH FUCK ITS NOT ALSO,, THIS IS REMINISCENT OF GIVES YOU HELL???? oh fuck she's pisseddddd that vibrato is giving me life sis !!!! YEEEEEAH I HOPE ITS ALL THAT YOU WANT AND MORE !!!! @ evan look at what you've done to your mom this isnt cool GOOD FOR YOUUU GOOD FOR YOU YOU YOU YOU!!!!! these layers fuck STOP IT STOP IT JUST LET ME OFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF BEN I LOVE YOU
  • Words Fail: im not even going to attempt because im crying so hard i can barely see the screen but this hit me H A R D
  • So Big / So Small: im emotional this is so sad whY omg evan's mum deserves better ???? i love her i love this motherly bonding the breaks in her voice are really killin me the development from complete obliviousness to evan in Anybody Have A Map? to this is killi ng me
change of heart - scott mccall

request: Scott McCall imagine where you’ve both disliked each other since you were children and you are constantly snapping at each other. But one night you get injured and you’re not healing quick enough ( you’re supernatural) so you go to the vets and Scott helps you and it’s ends with some fluff please!!

word count: 1762

note: this is really bad i am so sorry

                                                    11 years ago

Your family had just moved to Beacon Hills, which was your moms home town. She had gotten a call from a friend of hers saying that there was an opening at the hospital she works at. A month later, your stuff was packed away in a truck and you were on your way to Beacon Hills. The house your parents bought was conveniently right next to your mom’s friend.The first day you were in Beacon Hills your mom had let Melissa watch you while your parents unpacked.

Melissa had a son around your age, so your mom thought it was the perfect opportunity for you to make a new friend. She could not have been more wrong about that. Your six year old self tried to get along with Scott at first, but he seemed determined to be rude to you. He wouldn’t even share any of his toys with you.

“Scott, please let me play with Spider-man! He’s my favorite,” You begged to the brown haired boy in front of you.

“No, he’s my toy. Not yours,” He retorted as he continued to make his Power ranger and Hulk toys fight each other. “I don’t like you and I only give my toys to people I like.”

“Fine,” You pouted. You crossed your arms and, with a scowl on your face, went into the McCall’s backyard to play by yourself.

                                                    Present day

It’s been 11 years and you still do not get along with Scott McCall, despite you both being werewolves. You both had been unfortunately sat next to or partnered with each other in all four of the classes you had together. Every day you two would argue and every day you two would get in trouble for arguing. Everyone thought you both secretly liked each other. Scott was extremely attractive, but you thought you despised him too much to ever think of him like that.

Starting your day off with p.e. was definitely not something you ever wanted to do. Yet here you were, changing in the girls locker room. The other girls talked about the same thing every morning, which was how they didn’t want to ruin their make up. Have they never heard of setting spray? You usually were always the first girl dressed and out of the locker room since you hated listening to them.

“Good morning, Y/L/N,” Coach Finstock greeted with a huge smile. You were one of his favorite students, so he was always nice to you.

“Good morning, coach,” You smiled back. You went and sat down on one of the benches and waited for the class to actually start. Scott walked out of the locker room not too long after you sat down and you rolled your eyes. You already knew he was going to pick you to be his partner in everything that was a competition. After all, you were the only person that had a chance to beat him due to the supernatural abilities you both possessed.

Once everyone was out of the locker rooms., Coach yelled, “Okay everyone! After you’ve stretched, go out to the track!” Everyone spread out across the gym and started to do whatever stretches. Nearly fifteen minutes later, everyone was walking out to the track. You walked with the only person you deemed tolerable in that class and listened to her talk about a new book she was reading. You saw the boys all huddled in a circle, presumably picking their racing partners. 

“We already know McCall is going to choose Y/N,” One of the boys taunted with a smirk. “I mean, I don’t blame you. I would purposely lose just so I could watch her from behind. She’s hot.”

Scott clenched his fists and had to stop himself from getting too angry. “Stop talking,” He snapped at the boy. All the others became rigid at the sudden change of Scott’s attitude.

Coach walked up to the class, ceasing all conversations. “Pick your partners and get in two lines! And Greenberg, that does not mean get in line behind your partner. Get in the opposite line. Once you’ve raced, you can back to the locker rooms and change.”

You went to the front of the line and waited for Scott to stand next to you. A boy you hardly knew started to make his way towards you, but Scott ran ahead of him and beat him to the position. “I hope you’re ready to lose,” You said with a fake smile.

“The only thing I’ll be losing is the satisfaction of seeing your face whenever I beat you,” He spat back.

“Trust me, you won’t beat me. The only thing you’ll beat is-”

“Okay, that’s enough arguing for now. Get ready. Set. Go,” Coach yelled out unexpectedly. Neither of you were prepared yet, so you both had a delayed start. You made sure to stay at his pace until you reached the end and you knew he was doing the same. You neared the end and started to run as fast as you could. “That was the fastest 400 I have ever seen. You both crossed at the same time. It was a tie.”

“No! I beat him, Coach! You know I did,” You protested as you tried to catch your breath. Scott was hunched over next to you doing the same.

“Face it, Y/N. We tied,” He breathed out, looking up at you. You scoffed at the boy and walked off, going back to the gym to change. Scott waited a few moments before going back as well.

The rest of the day went by slowly and you wanted nothing more than to go home. When you finally did get home, you found your home empty. Your parents were presumably still at work. That wasn’t unusual since they both had hardworking jobs. You went up to your room and fell onto your bed, your face now shoved into the comforter. Not even five minutes later, you fell asleep in that uncomfortable position.

You woke up to the sound of a female scream nearly four hours later. You instantly flipped over and sat up; now on high alert. You heard the scream again and that’s when you jumped up and ran out of your house. You blindly entered the woods since you had no clue where the screams came from. You felt like you were running in circles. Each time you heard it, you ended up going in a different direction.

Once you were in an empty clearing, you knew what happened. Werewolf hunters had tricked you and they were waiting for you to reach them. You shifted and waited for them to show their faces. You were ready to fight if needed. “Teenage werewolves are always the easiest to catch. Especially idiotic teenage girl werewolves,” You heard a male voice say from somewhere in the trees.

“I forget how sexist old men are sometimes,” You growled, eyes searching for any sign of the hunters. “Let’s make this a fair fight. Show your faces.”

There were only two of them. Well, at least only two who emerged from behind a tree. One was armed with a gun and the other with a crossbow. You couldn’t hear any other heartbeats, so instead of fighting you turned around and ran. One of the guys fired their weapon and hit you in your upper arm. A stinging feeling immediately hit you, but you kept running. Another bullet hit your thigh, only slowing you down slightly.

You ran until you hit the road, stopping only to look at the wounds. They were emitting a sort of purple-ish liquid. You could only think of one place to go, so that’s where you halfway ran and halfway hobbled to. You reached the vet and walked in, ignoring the closed sign. Scott started to go the front when he heard the bell and he said, “Sorry we’re clo- Oh my god. Are you okay?” He instantly ran over to your side.

You could barely stand anymore. Your head was throbbing and you could feel tears rolling down your cheek. You felt like you were on the brink of fainting. “A couple of hunters tricked me. I’m not healing, Scott. I need your help,” You pleaded with tears in your eyes. Scott didn’t hesitate to pick you up and carry you to the back room where Deaton was. You had just enough time to thank him before you finally blacked out.

You woke up and the pain hit you like a tidal wave. Your body ached, but you could feel someone’s hand around hours. You finally opened your eyes and you saw Scott standing next to you. You squeezed his hand, which made him look down at you. His eyes widened with relief. “You’re awake,” He stated the obvious.

“I am and you’re holding my hand,” You pointed out with a weak smile.

He let go and his cheeks reddened. “Can I tell you something? When you first moved here, I didn’t like you because I thought you were pretty. I was 7 years old and I figured that if I was mean to you, you would pay attention to me.7 year old logic you know? After that, us hating each other kind of became a thing. Once we grew up, I started to realize that I should apologize, but I thought you would never forgive me for all the horrible things I’ve said. What I’m trying to say is, I regret all of it and I’m sorry.”

You could tell that his apology was sincere. His words made you happier than you could have ever imagined. “I forgive you. I was only rude to you because you were rude to me,” You chuckled. You sat up on the cold metal table so you were closer to his height. “Let’s start over, okay? Hi, I’m Y/N and I’m a teenage werewolf.” Your eyes never left his brown ones.

“Hi, I’m Scott and I am also a teenage werewolf,” He laughed.

“Now, since we both had a change of heart, I think I should go home,” You declared as you hopped off the table. You wiped your dirty hands on your jeans and looked up so you were looking at Scott.

“Let me take you. I don’t think you should be walking home by yourself at this time.” He very well knew you could take care of yourself, but he just wanted to be near you. Now that you both apologized about “hating” each other, he could express how he really felt about you.

this is really bad??? also, im sorry i havent been on as much. i just have absolutely zero motivation to do anything anymore.

Just a mini introduction~! ^o^ My name/nickname (as you can probably tell from my bio) is Kate and I am a Year 11 student studying in Melbourne. I turn 17 soon (which is why I’ve already typed my age up as 17 rather than 16) and I am of filipino/chinese descent (ooh fa-ncy). Important fact! I also love love love animals and I really wish I had a pet ;;

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Interval Engineering

Day 7: AU Day
Shidge Fanfic
AO3 link

Summary: Pidge is a genius engineer assigned to build a prosthesis for a young soldier that recently lost his arm in the same war his father and brother were held prisoners. The fact that it would be wise to keep their relationship professional is the last thing that’s refraining them. He’s the lieutenant commander of her father. She’s his best friend’s little sister. He’s eleven years her senior.

Or, how I like to call this fanfic: The infernal 11 years age-gap that only would happen in a freaking AU.

The first time she saw him, he was just a photo. He was a file she’d been given as her first patient. Shirogane Takashi, male, 25 years old. She read about him and learned his story. She could only internally shudder with what she read. He was missing an arm after being held prisoner for a year in the hands of the enemy, just like her father and brother had.

He was in his father crew as the lieutenant commander of a mission gone wrong and she was pretty certain his arm wasn’t the only part of him the war had taken away.

The first time she really saw him, he was real and he needed her help. She was assigned to build a prosthesis for him that was going to be the first of its kind, one that could even go connected to his nerve system, allowing him to feel touch. He was going to be the test project, as if he hadn’t been damaged enough, so she made a promise to herself that this project would be successful, that it would return to him at least a little of what he had lost in the less painful way.

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You look like you're 11 years old lol

that’s the fun and cool thing about being a trans guy buddy

at least i’ll still be looking like a spring chicken WELL into my twenties

on a scale of snape to snicket, how well are you gonna treat the orphaned kids of the married woman you loved?

Day 2064 -  24 December 2016

2016 aka the year I drew the same catgirl for months

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“We’re Super Junior if we succeed. We’re Super Junior even if we fail. We’re Super Junior even if we fight. Even if we hate it, we’re still Super Junior. Even after marriage, we’re still Super Junior. We’re Super Junior if we have a lot of fans. We’re still Super Junior even if fans leave. We’ve already come to this stage where we’re stuck in the mud, you’ve stopped spouting nonsense right? What you’ve seen is getting better and better, let’s walk to the end together and you won’t be seeing a 2nd group like us. We were together at our most difficult time, we were also together at the time when we received our highest award. Fighting day and night for 10 over years and once we hug and encourage each other, we revive immediately. We’ve been acknowledged as King of Hallyu. No matter how difficult the road is, as long as we’re together, we will have everything.” - Heechul