11 year old daughter


26-year-old David Lee Gavitt and his wife, Angela, lived in Ionia, Michigan, with their two daughters, 3-year-old Katrina and 11-month-old Tracy. On the night of 9 March, 1985, David and Angela retreated for bed after watching television. David had lit some candles as they watched television and forgot to blow them out when they went to the bedroom. This would be an accident he would live to regret for the rest of his life. A couple of hours after the young couple went to bed, they were awoken by their dog scratching at the bedroom door. When David opened it to see what he wanted, he was aghast to see that the living room was up in flames. As Angela rushed to awaken the girls, David smashed open a back window so that the family could escape. Once the window was smashed, David attempted to reach the girls but by now, the fire was raging. He was unable to force his way to their bedroom. As he called out to Angela, he heard no reply.

Neighbours who see the the flames called the fire department while David kept attempting to re-enter the house. Unfortunately, it was much too late for Angela, Katrina and Tracy. As if losing his wife and children wasn’t enough, investigators announced that they believed that the fire was started intentionally and David was the main suspect. Following his discharge from the hospital, he was charged with their murders. Investigators at the trial had contended that the fire was started with a flammable liquid due to the fact that there was so-called “pour patterns” on the floor, indicating something had been poured. Despite the fact that several witnesses saw David relentlessly attempt to rescue his family combined with the fact that there was no motivation, he was found guilty and sentenced to life in prison without parole in 1986.

It wouldn’t be until 2010 that the case got a second look. After learning about the inconsistencies within the case, the Michigan Innocence Clinic at the University of Michigan Law School decided they would re-investigate. Several experts were called in to examine the evidence found within the home. They discovered that a flashover had occurred, as opposed to a liquid being used to ignite the fire. A flashover is a rare phenomenon in which a fire explodes and completely takes over a room, engulfing it in fire almost immediately.

In June of 2012, David’s charges were dismissed and he as released from prison. He later filed a lawsuit seeking compensation for his wrongful conviction. This lawsuit was dismissed.

okay, let’s just derail for a quick second.  I have a full meta I’m working on, but I need to rant.

Sansa Stark is 11 years old during AGOT, and Arya is 9 years old. Ned Stark brought his daughters into an ADVANCED political climate, a LION’S DEN, and his eldest daughter (WHO IS 11 YEARS OLD, NOT A TEENAGER, BARELY A PRETEEN) is betrothed to the crown prince of the 7 kingdoms.  Upon the political climate worsening and danger slowly bubbling up (especially concerning his daughter who is betrothed to the crown prince of the 7 kingdoms), Ned does have a very adult heart to heart with his younger daughter, Arya Stark.  Ned does not tell her every detail of what is happening, but he tells her he needs her to trust him and tries to make her see reason and understanding.  

Does Ned Stark have the same conversation with his eldest daughter, Sansa? No.  He does not have that conversation.  He leaves parenting of his eldest daughter to the household Septa, and he does not sit down to connect with Sansa (which I’ll get into when I post next week).  

he does. not. try. to. parent. Sansa.

he doesn’t have the same discussion with Sansa. He doesn’t try.  

If he had sat down with Sansa and explained to her that he needed her to trust him and that it was for her safety instead of telling Arya that she can go to her dancing lesson and that Sansa can’t see Joffrey ever again Sansa may have never gone to Cersei, never been pushed that far.  Ned Stark was a shitty parent to Sansa in King’s Landing and it helped to seal his own fate.

7th year Hufflepuffs

You just know that the Hufflepuff 7th years “adopt” a new 1st year (from any house) and protect them the whole year, because that child is not just some 11 year old witch or wizard, oh no- that child is the son/daughter of the graduating Hufflepuff year.


* 7th year and Hufflepuff prefect, Gabriel Truman sits down with the rest of Hufflepuff for dinner one October evening.

* Abby Bones, one of his closest friends, is in the seat next to him practically praying to the slice of cake she was devouring.

* Gabriel, who is used to this behavior, notices a first year boy sitting at Gryffindor table. He is a little tall for his age and has dark brown hair, in his hands is a Remembrall.

* Gabriel smiles a little when he sees the wonder in the eyes of the kid who clearly has no idea what he’s forgotten.

* Then Gabriel’s happiness turns to confusion as a young Slytherin boy takes it from him and starts to mess with the kid Gabe is already so fond of.

* That’s when he (and the rest of the Hufflepuff 7th years) decided that Neville Longbottom would be their 1st year.

* Just before Christmas rolls around Neville revives a letter that says “you’re absolutely stellar Nev, and Hufflepuff is rooting for you!” -G+Co.

* Neville is of course more than surprised when he sees this but the Fat Friar later informs him about this Hufflepuff tradition and Neville is ecstatic!

* This time he was the special one and people were looking after him. It was all he could do to keep himself from telling all his new dorm mates.

* Not that is wasn’t super obvious, Hufflepuff had a blast watching over Neville. There were always at least two Hufflepuffs near Neville at anytime and every time Draco Malfoy tried to make fun of Neville Abby would just stare him down waving her wand in the air suggestively.

* Soon enough not only was Neville safe from harm he had friends, real friends. Like Ginny and Luna or Dean, Seamus, and Ron. He could even say he was friends with Harry Potter. The Harry Potter!

* Exam time was coming up for 1st years and some of his favorite times included studying for herbology with his favorite 7th years.

* One time Harry and Ron were sneaking out of the common room in the middle of the night and Neville tried to stop them. He stood up to his friends, by himself. He knew he would we okay with out his friends looking after him.

* Once they graduated things were different for Neville, but good different. He was a new Neville, a better Neville and it was thanks to their help.

* Being the loving Hufflepuffs they are many of them would still write Neville and he would reply as soon as humanly possible.

* By 6th year Neville barley had time to write to anyone. With DA and Voldemort’s return Neville’s life was different again, bad different.

* He wanted nothing more than to see his old Hufflepuff friends but now he could barley be with his friends that were in the same year as he was.

* By 7th year almost all of his friends were gone Dean, Ron, Hermione, Harry, Luna… the list goes on, but he knew he had to support the cause, fight the fight, so that good could win. And he could get revenge on Bellatrix Lestrange.

* He ended up leading Dumbledores Army that year and sent out letters to all his old friends that a war was rising and he needed help.

* He was nervous about the letters, what if they never got them, or had just ignored them; forgotten about Neville. Or worse, what if they weren’t even- no he couldn’t think that way, he had to stay confident.

* It was the battle of Hogwarts Neville was in the room of requirement standing on a chair in front of almost 60 Hogwarts students. They were ready.

* Suddenly a fourth year Gryffindor came running into the room, panting and yelling something about a bunch of adult witches and wizards all there to see Neville Longbottom.

* The room immediately broke into whispers and arguments about what to do. Neville had to keep his cool, he knew it was probably some ministry goons sent by Lucius Malfoy, to try and put a stop to D.A. But Neville made it very clear he would not let anyone stop them.

* They all cheered and yelled while Neville walked through the crowd to go see who it was.

* Nine Men and Women were all standing together talking in rushed whispers. Neville was confused, who were these people? He was too far away he couldn’t tell. He quickly sped up and that’s when he noticed.

* In their hands they weren’t clutching their wands, like most were, (because you never know when you may be attacked.) they were holding each other.

* He had only ever seen that kind of trust three times before. The first, in a picture of his parents, during the first war against Voldemort. Another time was between Harry, Ron, Hermione and the rest of the DA during 5th year. The other time was the unspoken trust every Hufflepuff had for one another. These were no death eaters.

* As soon as he realized his fast walk became a run and he yelled “Truman!”

* One tall wizard with black hair and round glasses turned to see Neville’s dirt covered, smiling face. Nevilles stopped in his tracks a few feet in front of them all.

* “No…” Gabriel whispered but a smile began to find its way onto his face and he looked at Neville. “Neville? Little Neville Longbottom.” Almost unable to believe that this tall strong confident man was the same little insecure kid they knew all those a years ago.

* Neville smiled and gave a sheepish “yeah” not sure what to do

* Then as if they could read his mind all of them went as quickly as they could to hug Neville and get a look at how much he had grown after 7 years.

* “Oh my god Neville!” Abby managed to say between laughs of happiness. “If we had known you were going to turn out to be this good looking we would chosen some other first year!” She joked and Neville laughed.

* “I couldn’t be here with out you” he said and one of them, Elise Hart, punched his shoulder playfully “Come off it!”

* “No really.” He said emotional but serious. “I wouldn’t be who I am today without the love and support you all showed me that first year.”

* “Neville” Gabriel started to say and another one, Josh Larnam, put a hand on Gabes shoulder. “It was our pleasure.”

* Neville grinned and then said “Well, are you guys gonna fight or not?”


(This sorta turned into like a little au but its real cute so I’ll go with it)

Arranged Love Pt.11 | Jungkook

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9 | Part 10 | Part 11 | Part 12 | Part 13 | Part 14 | Part 14.5 | Part 15 | Part 16 | Part 17 | Part 18 | Part 19 | Epilogue

Summary: Whatever happened to true love? To fairytale romance? Where was that magical spark, those lingering kisses, the butterflies in your stomach, the fireworks in your heart? Where was the romance and the honesty in a forced love? And, above all else, how did you and Jungkook even find yourself being forced into an arranged marriage simply for publicity?

Word Count: 3,329

Genre: Fluff/angst

A/N: I feel like this chapter wasn’t as good but I wanted to get it out!! Please be prepared for part 12 tho mwahahah ;) some of you might finally get your wish fulfilled 

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Ok so let me tell you about my daughter.

She is 11 years old, has never seen Wayne’s World (parenting fail, I know).

This kid sends me a gif of Wayne every time something is 👍

Cracks me up every time.

And now, she hit me with a dad joke ™

I don’t know what I’m going to do with this kid. 😂 😂 😂

Don’t You Dare.

Luke Alvez x Reader

“She’s my daughter, I can read her diary.”

“Actually, I couldn’t care less.”

“Doesn’t make a difference to me anyways.” (@milkandcookies528 requested.)

In which your husband suspects that your 11 year old daughter likes someone and wants to know who, so he does some lurking. You catch him and scold him, but he insists that he’s not doing anything wrong.

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(a ride on your d-)

You and your husband had suspected that your daughter had a crush on a boy in her class for a while now. Jessica, try as she might, couldn’t hide much from either of you. She was an open book. 

You would’ve loved to have known the details and more than just his name, but you weren’t going to push her if she felt weird talking about it. All she’d done was mentioned a boy named Michael in her class who was nice and cute, which was different for her since she’d never really expressed much of an interest in anyone. The way she spoke about him made it apparent that he was a crush and not just a friend.

While Jess had school today, it was one of those rare days that you and Luke had off with the house to yourselves. Luke went into Jess’ room to get her clothes out of the basket to do her laundry when he came across a pink book on her desk with a ‘J’ on the front.

“Babe?” Luke called out to you, curiously eyeing the journal. You appeared in the doorway seconds later, “Yeah?”

“What’s this?” He asked, holding it up. 

“It’s Jessie’s diary. I bought it for her so that she could write stuff down if she needed to get her feelings out,” you explained briefly.

Luke nodded, putting the book down. He gathered her laundry and left the room to throw them in the wash, but on his way back to the living room he passed her bedroom. Luke got an idea.

“Baby..” Luke called out to you again. You heaved a sigh from your comfy place on the couch and appeared once more at the doorway of Jessica’s room. Luke was yet again holding the pink book, his eyes scanning over the cover. “What is it, Luke?” you asked.

“You think Jess mentions her boyfriend in here at all?” He asked curiously. The mischievous look was present in his eyes and his smile as he looked at you. 

“Don’t you dare..” you threatened, approaching him. You attempted to pull the book from his hands but he had a strong grip and it was not budging. You sighed in defeat, trying to think of how to convince him not to read it.

“She’s my daughter, I can read her diary.” Although you were 99% sure he wouldn’t invade her privacy like that, you weren’t sure how strong his desire to know what was going on in her life was and if it would override doing the right thing.

“No, hon, you can’t.” you muttered in response.

“I couldn’t care less.” Your husband jokingly rolled his eyes at you. He opened the front cover to reveal a first page with nothing but her name on it and the date it was written, but based on the bumpy pages it was evident that she wrote on the next sheet. 

“Come on, you really gonna do that?” you asked him, trying to guilt him out of doing it.

“Doesn’t make much of a difference to me anyways though, what she doesn’t know can’t hurt her.” 

Luke.” you said in your firmest voice. This caught his attention, “If you turn that page.. no sex for you.”

“What? Come on, babe, you can’t do that,” he whined, but closed the book nonetheless because he knew you were serious, plus he wasn’t really ever going to read it anyway. You laughed at his reaction and exited Jessica’s bedroom. “You listened, so maybe I’ll do what you want.”

You went to your own room instead, hoping that Luke would follow. You bent over to grab your phone off of the bed when you felt a pair of strong arms wrap around your middle, the familiar scent of Luke overwhelming your senses as you saw his mischievous smile in the corner of your eye. 

“Baby, I think you’re going to do what I want. Think we have time now?”


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run sweetheart run|| old man logan

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So, I’m hoping to finish the requests that I’ve been sent and then maybe post the Mark Sloan oneshot that I came up with last night! But please, considering I’m one of the few blogs that strictly does Old Man Logan, my requests are open for him and Young!Charles Xavier. If you haven’t seen yours yet, PLEASE inform me! They get lost very easily, especially if they’re on Anon!

Requested by Anon: You’ve been on the run from the government since the beginning of mutant extinction, which somehow puts you in the paths of none other then the Wolverine and his 11 year old daughter. Because of his cautiousness and lack of trust in people, Logan immediately assumes that you’ve come as a trap to get to him and Laura, but you prove him wrong. How? You may or may not have your own set of his adamantium claws.

Song lyrics come from Run Boy Run 

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“It is very difficult to uncover Elizabeth’s private feelings towards her father. Certainly, she paraded her filial descent with pride. A decade after Henry’s death, the Venetian ambassador noted that she “prides herself on her father and glories in him”. Later still, during her own coronation procession in January 1559, Elizabeth smiled on hearing one of the spectators refer to King Henry, and she claimed it was because “she rejoysed at his name whom this realme doth hold of so woorthy memorie: so in all her doinges she will resemble the same”. On the strength of such observations, biographers have commented on Elizabeth’s adulation of the king. However, given the allegations that she was not Henry’s daughter, Elizabeth had every motive for flaunting her affection and admiration for her royal father. Moreover, in view of Henry’s treatment of his wives and daughters, she had every reason to fear – rather than to love – the irascible, volatile, and merciless monarch. And, indeed, her calm reaction to the news of his death suggests that she experienced no great grief at his passing. Furthermore, her New Year’s gifts for both him and Queen Katherine in 1544 betray an unsettling ambivalence in her inward feeling towards the king.

On New Year’s Eve 1544, Elizabeth probably gave her father a handwritten French translation of Erasmus’ Dialogus fidei, though we cannot be certain, as the work is no longer extant. A matching gift to her stepmother has survived in the form of a handwritten twenty-seven-page English translation of a volume of meditations that had been composed by Margaret of Navarre, sister of King Francis I of France. Every aspect of this gift to Katherine was carefully thought out and redolent in meaning. Its title, The glasse of the synnefull soule, drew attention to Elizabeth’s royal lineage, as it alluded to her paternal great-grandmother Margaret Beaufort’s volume of translations entitled Miroure of golde for the sinful soul. The pages were bound together within a blue cover on which Elizabeth had embroidered pansies in each corner and knotwork pattern in silver thread surrounding Katherine’s initials in the centre. Pansies both punned with the French word for meditations, pensées, and, in the language of flowers, sent out the message “think of me” to Katherine, from whom she had just parted. The embroidered forget-me-nots on the spine of the book signified the “love” or “affection” she held for her stepmother. This was a gift, then, that not only displayed the young girl’s intellectual precociousness and feminine skills but also drew attention to her royal ancestry and signalled her devotion to the queen-consort and, by extension, the king. It can be read as a bid to retain their affections and receive in return a more permanent place at court.

Possibly too, although this is necessarily more speculative, Elizabeth’s gift reveals a deeper and darker psychological side to her feelings towards her father. Margaret’s original poem was a set of meditations on family relationships through which humans may understand God’s love. In fact, the work touched on adultery, bastardy, and incest, all sensitive subjects for the 11-year-old daughter of Anne Boleyn to handle. What is more, its presentation of God as a great king and judge who is kind to daughters and merciful to adulterous wives might have touched a raw nerve in Elizabeth. For this reason, some scholars have argued that her mistranslations and departures from the original text stem, not from a young girl’s carelessness, but from a deep-rooted, perhaps, subconscious, anxiety and anger about her own father’s lack of mercy towards his adulterous wife.”

Elizabeth I and Her Circle by Susan Doran

BonesXReader: Joanna’s first date

After your shift on the Enterprise you headed to the day care centre on an upper-deck to pick up your four-year-old son Noah before heading back to your shared family quarters. Your husband, the CMO was working late because of a recent contamination in the Botany labs where several crew members had been sprayed with a previously unknown pollen from one of the plants. It hadn’t had any negative or worrying effects yet, but the Captain felt it was better safe than sorry.

You gave Noah some cut up fruit and left him on a playmat with his toys in front of the couch so you could do paperwork on you PADD. The doors opened and Joanna, Leonard’s 11-year-old daughter arrived home from school. “Hey mom, dad working late again?” A year and a half into your marriage Joanna had woken you up on your birthday with two envelopes. One birthday card. And one set of adoption papers. You’d been so happy you’d cried. She’d called you ‘mom’ ever since.

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Best of SeaCon - Day 3

1) Got my photo taken with Jensen

2) @kayteonline and my tits smelled like Jensen for a while after and ran up to our friends shouting “SMELL OUR TITS!!” Poor @scorpiongirl1 walked out of her Jared Meet and Greet to me saying, “Yo, you have to smell our tits!!” And Kayte and I held @saxxxology against our boobs forcefully and she kept being like “Look guys, I already like tits!” Kayte: “Then this is your lucky day! Smell our tits!!”

3) Easily Accessible is my nickname on Sunday nights

4) Rich and his shaker dance, then Rob coming in to challenge him. Rich: “You’re fucking welcome!”

5) Rich likened it to “two ice dancers mating” and Rob called it a “One Handed Shake Off”

6) Rich: “You who dream and fantasize about meeting and marrying these men, and we’re gonna solidify that false relationship here today!”

7) Mark Sheppard not coming out on time and Rob and Rich improvising new lyrics to Mr. Crowley, taking about how Mark started out as a stripper and how he’s backstage in inside pants watching porn

8) Their song made Mark cry from laughter, especially because he was enjoying watching the ASL interpreter try to keep up

9) Mark: “SPN is a niche show, but, I mean…It has two pretty boys…Well, two and a half…And then there’s Misha.”

10) Mark: “We used to have to fight to be heard and now we’re being heard quite clearly, so we need to be articulate.”

11) Another kid was mean to Mark’s daughter and Mark’s 17 year old son offered to beat the kid up

12) Mark making fun of a fan’s asshole husband

13) Jensen’s fucking sweater

14) Jensen flipping the mic and chewing his gum at the same time

15) Surprise-ception

16) A fan asked Jared what conditioner he uses and Jensen gave her money

17) The entire question about the conditioner

18) Advice from Jensen on how to stop fucking up: “Stop.”

19) Actually, just look up this fucking panel, treat yo'self

20) Jared’s story from his meet and greet referenced @scorpiongirl1 and we were freaking the fuck out

21) J2 doing “Puttin’ on the Ritz”

22) J2 dancing

23) The UK promo

24) #DickChat

Someone I was arguing with said that we should sacrifice European lives in terrorist attacks if it means tens of thousands of other law abiding refugees get a better life.

“Sorry that your 11 year old daughter was crushed under the wheels of a truck by an Islamist, Sven, but it’s for a good cause” :^)


Mont Vernon Murder

Kimberly Cates (42) was a spirited, beloved nurse who became the victim of one of the most horrific home invasions in the last decade. The night of October 4, 2009, Kim’s husband Dave was away on a business trip and she was sharing her bed with her then 11 year old daughter Jaimie.

Sounds alerted Kim that someone was in the house, but it was already too late. Four teenagers had broken into the isolated home in the quiet town of Mont Vernon, New Hampshire. Steven Spader (17) was carrying a machete and Christopher Gribble (19) a knife, and they proceeded to attack the two women while their companions William Marks (18) and Quinn Glover (17) watched.

The gruesome details of the attack were told during trial. Kim was hacked to death, suffering at least 32 devastating wounds while trying to shield her daughter. She ended up dying of massive blood loss. Jaimie’s skull was cracked, her jaw bone broken and her foot almost severed, and feigned death while the blows came down. Somehow she managed to survive and call 911 once the killers left.

Spader and his group, who according to the prosecution called themselves Disciples of Destruction and were doing a thrill kill, were caught in less than a day. Both Spader and Gribble had visited a friend after the murders to brag about what they’d done, and the friend ended up calling the police. Marks and Glover agreed to testify against them in exchange for reduced sentences. Although Spader pleaded not guilty and his lawyer said there wasn’t physical evidence tying him to the crime, his own gloating was used against him. While awaiting trial, he had written letters to a fellow inmate describing the murder of Kim in specific and shocking detail, and had called himself “the most sick and twisted person you’ll ever meet.”

Spader was sentenced to life plus 76 years and later forbade his lawyers to appeal the sentence, claiming he chose to accept responsibility for his actions. He also chose not to be present in that hearing and his lawyer read a generic apology letter in his name, one that Dave Cates considered “insulting”, given the circumstances. Gribble was also sentenced to life in prison. Marks got 30-60 years and Glover 20-40 years. A friend of the group called Autumn Savoy got 5 to 12 years for helping them hide evidence.

All convicted young men came from solid backgrounds, and the community was shaken by the crime. It was later revealed that Spader, the mastermind of the attacks, had been diagnosed with bipolar disorder a year before the crimes, and that his parents, who adopted him when he was 5, had looked for professional help for him. Psychiatrists that evaluated him said he was obsessed with his own infamy, which also explains why he didn’t want a lower sentence. Prosecutor Jeffery Stelzin said about him: “This is a case of someone who made a conscious decision to go out and randomly attack and kill innocent people. He was not unintelligent; he was not abused. He had many opportunities and many of the luxuries of life that other people don’t have. He was well-equipped to make rational and certainly logical and legal decisions. And he chose not to.

Girlhood just can't be easy or happy or free, can it?

Got back from taking my 11-year-old daughter to see Wonder Woman, all of us happy and enjoying the empowerment vibes, only to find out police and protective services were waiting to talk to her.

She had to learn right then that a close male family member (one she has always loved and trusted) confessed to sexually assaulting another little girl in the family last weekend, and now all of the children he’s had regular access to are being interviewed to determine if they were also victims.

She is devastated that this man could have done what he did, betrayed that the adult she cared about could hurt a little girl her age, worried for the girl herself, and confused about whether anyone can ever be trusted.

I hate that she has to know this. I hate that she also has to suffer due to the evil actions of another grown man (the second one in her family on that side to have committed this same crime against a little girl).

“I wish we could just go live with the Amazons!” she sobbed to me.

I know, baby. So do I.

Theory: The Framework

The Framework is an alternate reality where our team lives in a world where their biggest regret is wiped off so it got me thinking after watching the revelation by the end of 4x15.

Starting with Coulson: His biggest regret was joining SHIELD and being in the center stage of everything that happened. So in this reality, Coulson became a professor instead of an Agent which meant he was not killed by Loki thus having the Bus Team wiped out as well. 

This would also mean that May never met with Coulson and having the possibility of being roped in Hydra as there is no one to keep her on her feet.

With the Bus Team never forming, this would also means that Skye remained as Skye, a hacker for The Rising Tide. At some point, she met the version of Grant Ward that Daisy Skye Johnson fell in love for : One that is loyal and brave. Probably not a Hydra Agent.

Without Coulson and the Bus Team, the fallout of Hydra was much much worse and amidst the chaos, Our dear Jemma Anne Simmons was ‘killed’ by an enhanced that Hydra released to takeover the Academy 

Scarred by abandonment, Fitz’s biggest regret was his Father and never being good enough in his eyes. So naturally in this reality, his father never left him and he became the intelligent son he has always hoped to become. Upon finishing his studies, he took over the company his father and business partner Holden Radcliffe started together and got engaged with Radcliffe’s Daughter, Agnes Kitsworth Radcliffe or better known as Dr Aida, her alias when working for Hydra.

Because losing your child pretty much beats every single shit that happened in your life, Mack is now in a world where he works as a mechanic and lives in a cozy farm house with his wife Nicole and his beautiful 11 years-old daughter Hope Mackenzie.

First time this has happened to me...

Just getting this out of the way now; I work in retail.

I had a customer today come up to me who I can only describe as “Hoot'n'holler'n”. I first became aware of her when she barked at her child. (one of those sharp yells that we all hated as kids) Standard “Don’t step in, you’re not the parent” reactions. Then she came over and asked for help from me.

She wanted a Straight Talk phone, but didn’t know where they were. Sadly I haven’t been trained in the electronics department yet, and even if I was, I didn’t have the keys to unlock the phones from their hooks. (Y'know, to keep people from stealing them.) So, I pointed her towards one of the red phones we have around the store for our customers to ask for help when no one is around that area.

She is currently on her cell phone, so she tells her daughter (around 11-13 years old) to get on the phone and ask to get a Straight Talk phone. (I now feel really bad about this, because one of my friends from high school is working in electronics today.)

Well, here’s the thing, while her daughter was asking for help finding a straight talk (we don’t actually sell them I later found out) I overhear the mother talking about why she wanted it…

She actually wanted the phone for her daughter, so that her daughter couldn’t talk to lesbians on the phone.

I repeat: she wanted the STRAIGHT Talk phone so her daughter couldn’t talk to Lesbians on the phone.

I… I just… this is the first time I’ve ever had to resist the urge to call a customer an idiot to their face with every fibre of my being.


Steven Spader was a month shy of his 18th birthday when he orchestrated the home invasion in Mont Vernon, New Hampshire on October 4, 2009, in which Kimberly Cates was killed and her 11-year-old daughter, Jaimie, was hacked and stabbed to near death.