11 x river*

The Doctor and River Song`s love story is the closest thing to a fairytale you`ll ever get in this universe.

I already said this before here but I`m going to reiterate it again. Their love is responsible, trusting, understanding and patient. It is a love that made sense against all odds.

It`s in contrast to the highly unpredictable, spur of the moment, thrill-seeking, and very dependent “romantic” relationship he had with Rose and Clara. The Doctor and Professor River Song– both have their own identity as an individual, they both can exist separate from each other and yet know and fully understand the special love they have for each other. 

There is no need for grand gestures of burning up the sun, or punching through a hardcore stone. There is no need because both can fight and survive as an individual. Yet, they know in the end there is always a River to the Doctor and a Doctor to a River. Always there looking out for each other. Both having an independent existence that chooses to intersect with one another. And that is enough. That is the closest thing to a love story the Universe can craft between the Time Lord and the daughter of Time.


He came when I called, just like he always does.

the Doctor and River + Messages


      ʽʽyou didn’t love him enough to die for himʼʼ       “i thought i did until it was put to the test. and you?”                                     ʽʽi died for him many times. y e s , a l w a y s.ʼʼ


River and Eleven having a splendid tropical holiday. Easter Island, remember?

Double Date (by Marc Ellerby, from the 11th Doctor Titan Comics #9) featuring the Ponds and 11/River
  • Rory: *out at dinner with Amy* Isn't it nice to get out of that TARDIS for one night? Leave all the timey-wimey hoo-ha behind and have a bit of alone time just the two of...
  • The Doctor: *walks in with River* HELLO PONDS!
  • Rory: *splurts drink*
  • The Doctor: *leaning over* What are you both doing here?
  • Amy: We're on a date.
  • The Doctor: What a coincidence--so are we! Scooch up, we'll join you.
  • River: Ummmmm.
  • The Doctor: Oh, it can be a double date! This will be fun!
  • River: Spoilers: it won't be.
  • Waiter: *to River* Miss, shall I take your coat?
  • River: *whispers* Oh, nooo. I'm not appropriately dressed for a night out with the parents.
  • The Doctor: Like you're ever appropriately dressed.
  • River: I've never heard you complain, Sweetie.
  • *laughing*
  • Rory: *looks mortified*
  • Rory: *to waiter* Excuse me, can I get another glass of wine please?
  • Amy: Best make it a bottle.
  • Rory: Two bottles.
  • The Doctor: *wraps arm around Rory* Ahh, come on Dad, lighten up, this will be great! You don't mind me calling you "Dad", do you?
  • Rory: *looks even more mortified*
  • Rory: *to waiter* I think we better make it three bottles.
I thought [River’s story] was properly over with The Name of the Doctor. I mean, I wasn’t sure, but I thought she had to have a farewell scene with Matt Smith, because they’ve had so many stories together, so I wrote that big ending for the two of them. But I knew we hadn’t done River’s real ending. It didn’t even bother me that we might never see it. There’s a whole load of stuff that the Doctor and River get up to that we never, ever see and never, ever should. There are adventures we’ve never seen, and there are rows in restaurants. They’re probably king and queen of some island somewhere. We’re not going to join all the dots, because it loses all the fun if you do. You’ve got to think, ‘That stuff’s been going on, but that’s their business.’ The Doctor hasn’t deigned to tell his BBC biographers any of that story because I think he’s faintly embarrassed by it.
—  Steven Moffat on River and the Doctor (DWM 494)