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A Concept

It’s after you’ve both eaten dinner and you’re beginning to decompress from your long day at the bureau, neither of you having the gumption to go out for the night so you find yourselves parked on the sofa in the middle of your living room.

Spencer is lounging at one end of the couch, his long legs propped up on the coffee table in front of him. You’re sat on the opposite end, your legs spread out against the length of the cushions and your feet resting in Spencer’s lap.

You’re mindlessly scrolling through your phone, clicking on the link to a Buzzfeed quiz that Penelope had sent you earlier that day. Spencer is tracing small geometric-esq shapes on the inside of your ankle, picking up the TV remote to change it from the ending credits of the show he had been watching.

Out of habit, he punches in the channel number for the History Channel, hoping to catch an episode of Modern Marvels that he had yet to see.

But rather, the opening theme of Ancient Aliens is what begins to play when the channel switches — and as if on cue, Spencer rolls his eyes. Yet, he does not change it off of the show that he has voiced distaste for multiple times and on multiple occasions.

Instead, he watches and can feel himself growing more and more infuriated with each passing minute. Making small noises of disagreement and mental comments on the so called ‘evidence’ that the theorists are presenting.

It isn’t until he mumbles out a rather loud “Bullshit” that you turn your attention away from discovering which F.R.I.E.N.D.S character you are and towards your husband. Irritation is clearly written on his face, and when you look towards where his eyes are locked on the television screen, the reason behind it is obvious.

“Really?” you can’t help but ask incredulously.

“What?” Spencer counter asks, the patterns he had been drawing on your skin ceasing as he turns his head to look at you.

“You’re watching this again?” you lock your phone and allow it to fall into your lap, folding your arms across your chest, “You despise this show.”

Spencer merely shrugs, turning back to the illustrated images of spacecraft that are flashing across the blue lit screen, “It was on.”

“Do you remember the last time it was on?” you smirk, thinking back to a few months ago and the reaction he towards a theorist suggesting that extraterrestrials were the cause of the Black Plague.

“That was one time,” he casts a glance at you through his peripheral vision, knowing exactly the high pitched and fast paced rants that you were referring to.

“And then there was the time before that, and then the one before that, and then that one time on the jet with Rossi…” your sentence getting cut short by the giggle that falls from your lips as a result of the glare you receive from Spencer.

“Well come on!” Spencer exclaims, jutting an arm out at the wild haired Giorgio Tsoukalos, “I can’t be the only one who finds it ridiculous that a bunch of “UFO-ologists”,” he emphasizes his point by curling his fingers into air quotes, “Are out here trying to say that dinosaurs went extinct because aliens wanted human beings to be Earth’s dominant species!

Slipping your feet off of Spencer’s lap and scooting closer to him until your crossed legs touched his thigh, you brushed a hand through his short curls, and smiled when he turned into your touch.

“You’re not the only one,” you assured him, pressing a small kiss to the middle of his forehead, “I mean, come one, everyone knows dinosaurs went extinct because the aliens got mad at them for always fucking up their crop circles.”

And in one quick movement, taking advantage of the gaping look of shock and confusion that Spencer wore, you snatched the TV remote off of the arm rest and began flipping through the stations for a less rage inducing program to watch.

However, there wasn’t much time for you to change the station to a rerun of Forensic Files as your back unexpectedly met the empty couch cushions behind you in a soft huff — immediately followed by the feeling of Spencer’s bony fingers digging into your sides and the sound of both of your unrestrained laughter mixing together.


Soul Mate AU: Heterochromatic eyes

Based on this post

“Soul Mate AU where everybody is born with heterochromia- your right eye is your own natural color but your left is the color of your soul mate’s. And it’s only once you meet and recognize your own eye staring back at you that your eyes change to match “

I saw this prompt weeks ago and I was supposed to draw it earlier but I kinda forgot so here ya go :))

EDIT: Cut the first strip into two. It got blurred when I posted it as a whole. ;u;

Lisa Oppenheim
A Handley Page Halifax of No. 4 Group flies over the suburbs of Caen, France, during a major daylight raid to assist the Normandy land battle. 467 aircraft took part in the attack, which was originally intended to have bombed German strongpoints north of Caen, but the bombing area was eventually shifted nearer the city because of the proximity of Allied troops to the original targets. The resulting bombing devastated the northern suburbs, 1944/2012
from the series Smoke, 2012
Gelatin silver print photogram from solarized handmade negative from Flickr
23 11/16 x 30 inches

Crightmoss angst for your soul

Prompt that I used.
Find other works http://archiveofourown.org/users/MewPower/works

Fff I highly doubt Nightmare is asexual but who am I kidding that would be 10/10-
Pre-apple stuff yo

Dreamtale belongs to @jokublog
Cross belongs to @jakei95

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I Won’t Say I’m in Love IS FINISHED! I went a little overboard with this one. I have not written anything in a few years. I think for being a little rusty 25 pages isn’t so bad. I will be editing it the rest of the night and tomorrow morning. 


Please be on the lookout for it. It is Rated M! I went crazy on the smut scene a bit. I might make it longer, I am not sure yet. I need to edit it to make it extra lovely for you all who have been encouraging me and helping me through this!

65,417 characters, 12,319 word and 25 pages later. 

Now to figure out how to post it with all my edits hehehe. Please remember to only critique artistically. If you are a person who does not like smut fanfictions then PLEASE DO NOT READ IT. Just move along.

If you find small mistakes I didn’t catch or phrases please let me know. My grammar isn’t the best and again, I haven’t written anything in a few years. I am a 20 something year old girl who had a bad experience and for some reason got writers block and was never able to remove it. I stopped writing all together. 

So please be understanding. Message me with any questions or comments. I may just slip a teaser or two before the big reveal tomorrow night.

Thank you lovelies!