11 teams

Gotta ask 'em all!
  • 1. What's your favorite Pokemon?
  • 2. What's your least favorite Pokemon?
  • 3. Which Pokemon was your first starter?
  • 4. Which Pokemon was your most recent starter?
  • 5. Which starter is your favorite?
  • 6. Which starter is your least favorite?
  • 7. How long have you been playing Pokemon?
  • 8. What was the first Pokemon game you played?
  • 9. Which Pokemon made up your first team?
  • 10. Which Pokemon made/make up your most recent team?
  • 11. Which Pokemon type is your favorite?
  • 12. Which Pokemon type is your least favorite?
  • 13. Which Pokemon professor is your favorite?
  • 14. Which Pokemon professor is your least favorite?
  • 15. Which gym leader is your favorite?
  • 16. Which gym leader is your least favorite?
  • 17. What's your favorite legendary Pokemon?
  • 18. What's your least favorite legendary Pokemon?
  • 19. Which generation of Pokemon is your favorite?
  • 20. Which Pokemon game is your favorite?
  • 21. Helix fossil or Dome fossil?
  • 22. Which Eeveelution is your favorite?
  • 23. What items do you generally place in your secret base?
  • 24. What's your opinion on mega evolution?
  • 25. Do you have any distinct Pokemon-related memories?
  • 26. Acro bike or Mach bike?
  • 27. Do you give nicknames to your Pokemon?
  • 28. What's the stupidest nickname you've ever given to a Pokemon?
  • 29. What was the first shiny Pokemon you ever caught?
  • 30. What's your favorite evolution?

The Team Skull grunts, and Guzma, for that matter, who happens to be very tall, should have just dealt with the protagonist themselves instead of challenging them to a Pokemon battle. Like: 

Step 1: see the protagonist approach you, ready to take your Pokemon down.

Step 2: pick the protagonist up when they are within range, and flip them over your shoulder to carry like a sack of potatoes.

Step 3: lock the protagonist in the pantry or another room so that the rest of Team Skull doesn’t have to deal with a brat’s overpowered Pokemon and as a result have even more self-esteem issues.

Step 4: Have Nanu escort the trainer out some time later.

Step 5: Rinse and repeat until the protagonist gives up or until Nanu is done playing this game.


You know what you’re doing. Yeah, that’s right. Sink into that cushion and eat your popcorn. Feel the feels like never before. Season 11….it’s here.

This is my family

I found it

All on my own

It’s little

And broken

But it’s still good

(Not mine credit to original artist)
*Runs to the Voltron Fandom*


So get this! For some reason my phone doesn’t let me take screenshots of netflix but you can check later for confirmation:

During Keith’s trials when hologram shiro shows up one of the things he says to Keith is “you’re just thinking of yourself as usual!” According to the galra dude (sorry forgot his name) the suit Keith wears during the trial shows the person’s “greatest hopes and fears” and based on Keith’s reaction to shiro’s words this is one of his fears/insecurities.

Go back to season 1 episode 11 when the team is deciding whether or not to get allura. Keith tells them they should should leave her and the others get uncomfortable. He defends himself by saying he’s “thinking like a paladin” but LANCE says: “no, You’re just thinking of yourself because you’re too scared to do what’s right!”

Soooooooo coincidence? I think not. Take this connection as you will (maybe Keith is very hurt by lance’s statement and this becomes a fear or it could already be a fear of his to which Lance’s words would have triggered it) but I just thought I’d let you all know.

Hiphop team as household pets
  • Scoups: You've never seen a hamster that works as hard as our leader. When he's not sleeping or eating, he's running on his wheel treadmill hoping to be the world's strongest hamster.
  • Wonwoo: This indifferent cat seems to gaze into your eyes for long periods at a time. Sometimes he disappears during the day but during the night he'll always be by your side, snuggled up against your thigh while you watch TV or work.
  • Mingyu: This dog LOVES YOU and sometimes you want to sue him for stalking you but you remember he's just an adorable little puppy who has grown faster than you expect. When you arrive home he immediately cuddles up to your legs and sleeps with you in your bed. You just think that soon he might not fit on your single bed.
  • Vernon: This might as well be the shyest bunny rabbit you've laid your eyes on. When you hold him in your arms, he seems a bit restless but he does enjoy your company. When he's wanting some time to himself, he'll do little fast hops like he's running away from you. Maybe he is?


There are literally so many characters in 11 Little Roosters but it just so happens that Michael and Gavins characters are paired up the entire time?!?! Like RT wants me DEAD!?!? Also Gavin calling Michael “Mikey” gives me LIFE!!!!